Obesity in America Essay

Karnik, Sameera. “Childhood Obesity: A Global Public Health Crisis. ” EBSCOhost. Web. 13 May 2012 1 think this source can help me because it talks about several different factors that help to contribute to the obesity problem. It refers to the intake of higher calories. It also suggests that genetics can be a problem too. This article suggests interventions to help stop childhood obesity is a good step forward. The top intervention programs usually take place at school and works on having a lot of physical activity.

The main problem to these programs are having is finding funding nd having the obese children participate in them. This article believes that obesity can be tackled by education, prevention and physical activity. I could use his article to help talk about the problems that are causing obesity and what we have to do to help prevent and fix this problem. Valdes, Pizarro. “Prevalence of Childhood Obesity in Spain. ” Nutricion Hospitalaria. Esbcohost. Web. 21 May 2012. This source talks uses solid facts and uses great statistics to help prove my point. It also talks about how big of problem childhood obesity is worldwide.

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Obesity in America Essay
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I think this will be useful because I can hen relate the information I obtain on the United States to that of Spain and Europe’s obesity numbers. This shows how big of a problem this has become in the United States compared to other countries. This also helps to show that childhood obesity is in fact a worldwide epidemic that has to be solved. I think that this information can help relate not only to the United States but it helps to compare obesity numbers worldwide to prove a point. Putnam, Cheryl. “Childhood Overweight and Obesity. ” Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet (2012). Ebscohost. Web. 21 May 2012.

This source can help me a lot if gives different ways to prevent or combat childhood obesity. I also can use this source to show how measures are being taken worldwide to help prevent this from continuing. This source helps to explain how obesity can be thought of as a disease and how important it is to treat childhood obesity as if it were a sickness. If more people used this approach and took care of their body for fear of getting “sick” then society would be a lot better off. Svensson, Viktoria. “Associations between Severity of Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence, Obesity Onset and Parental BMI: A

Longitudinal Cohort Study. “lnternational Journal of Obesity (2011). Ebscohost. Web. 21 May 2012. The purpose of this article is to explore the relationship between severity of obesity at age 7 and age 15, age at onset of obesity and parental body mass index (BMI) in obese children and adolescents. This source can be helpful because it focuses mainly on childhood obesity. This source also talks about the negatives that come with being an obese child. I believe I can use this source in a number of ways, because of its use of facts and statistics that back up their opinions.

This source does a great Job of explaining all of the negatives associated with being obese. Kuehnen, Peter. “An Alu Element–Associated Hypermethylation Variant of the POMC Gene Is Associated with Childhood Obesity. ” PLOS Genetics (2012). Ebscohost. Web. 21 May 2012. I believe that this source will be very important to my paper especially due to the fact that it has up to date information concerning my topic. This not always the child’s fault. This gene deficiency increases the risk of your child being overweight. This shows that sometimes its beyond the parents and child’s control and sometimes there is no easy fix to obesity.

Proposal Imagine the future where there are flying cars, all new forms of technology but the whole world is fat. The more technology develops the lazier people are getting and the easier it is for people to Just sit around and do nothing. Obesity is a problem now and needs to be dealt with immediately, the only problem is that Americans are lazy and it’s hard for the government to help fix that. A majority of American parents help contribute to obesity because of their lack of motivating their kids. Adults are content to sit by and watch as their children sit around and watch TV instead of being active.

Some parents also help to contribute to this problem by not feeding their kids a healthy nutritious meal. Parents are continuing to feed their children more and more fast food. The thing that interests me about this problem is that if we don’t attempt to fix this problem it’s Just going to continue to grow and America will be the most overweight country in the world. I want to explore the obesity in America compared to the rest of the world. I also want to explore more possible solutions to obesity besides Just better parenting. We can overcome obesity and make sure that this is no longer a problem in America and globally.


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