Occupational Health Manager Report Construction Essay

As an Occupational Health Manager, it is my duty to guarantee the fulfillment with duties imposed by wellness and safety statute law, at the same clip as advancing the wellness of all employees, every bit good as cut downing the hazard of instances of occupational ailment wellness developing. The ground of the study is to give elaborate information about the job that concern about the safety criterions of the mill. As a consequence of the study of the entire figure of hurt and unwellness of the worker in the mill addition by 7.85 % in the mid of the twelvemonth 2012, Occupational Health Department has conducted a thorough review to the mill installations and equipment. Based on the review that had been done, several serious safety jobs have been considered can impact the mill operation. Most of this safety job happened in the Material and Handling section. So after taking several points of position, I want to urge steps to better safety criterions of this company.

The first safety job that I saw in the Material and Handling section that needed immediate action is the usage of protective cogwheel. As a mill processing electronic device it is necessary for the worker to have on the protective cogwheel. Equally far as I concerned the worker have oning the protective baseball mitts without the mask or safety suits. Protective cogwheels given to workers are average to care for the merchandises and the production from taint by workers. However it is non designed to protect workers from the side effects of the procedure, merchandises, and the chemicals. As we all know the safety standard process, every operator must cognize that the electronic fabrication procedure involves many toxic chemicals. The usage of the many types of toxic chemicals in electronic fabrication makes it hard to measure or place the possibilities of taint. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of Malaysia set certain criterions for workers protective cogwheels. Every worker demand to have on the right dress for their type of work, such as employees managing chemical residues must have on enclosed suits with gas mask to protect their respiration. A director must be cognizant of the signifier of dangers on at the work site and ordered their workers to have on the right safety vesture. So, as a safety safeguard, protective cogwheel must be worn every clip during the on the job hours. An employer must be cognizant of the type of dangers of the work site to hold their workers wear the right safety dress. In order to work out the job, the jeopardy in the workplace must foremost be assessed because our machinery and equipment is ever altering. Once the exact hazards are known, suited Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) can be selected. Another thing is that PPE needs to be looked after and is decently kept when non in usage. For case, in a storage room specifically for the PPE storage. This is to do certain the PPE is in good status for the workers to utilize. Factory ‘s supervisors need to do certain no workers exempt themselves from have oning the equipment merely because their plants merely they work merely necessitate a small clip. It is necessary to have on suited equipment all the clip, for even short periods. The loss or harm of PPE should be reported to the supervisor or director at the clip. The plants should be stopped if the protective equipment is if the equipment is damaged or does non follow with the criterions. Deteriorating status of equipment should besides be noted by the director or supervisors. The supervisor on responsibility at the clip should be notified about the job. Damage equipment must be repaired every bit shortly as possible and in the interim, the standby equipment should be used.

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Occupational Health Manager Report Construction Essay
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The following job that I saw is the handling of flammable and combustible stuffs. Harmonizing Guidelines on Storage of Hazardous Chemicals,

“ ‘Flammables ‘ are those chemicals, which have low flash points and they are easy to catch fire. “ Hazardous chemical ” means any chemical which possess any of the belongingss categorised in Schedule I of the Occupational Safety and Health ( Classification, Packaging and Labelling of Hazardous chemicals ) Regulations 1997, and any chemicals which is specified in agenda 1 or agenda 2 ( Part 1 ) of the Occupational Safety and Health ( Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards ) Regulations 1996, or for which relevant information exists to bespeak that the chemical is risky. ”

In the chemical storage of the section I saw that stuffs are being arranged non harmonizing to type. You can even happen 3 types of chemical liquid solution in one rack. This is really unsafe for the worker and besides to the disposal. These latent safety jeopardies can be avoided by transporting out control steps during operation of the mill. From what I see, I think there are no regular reviews of the storage. Some of the stuffs are under fire safety ordinance. For fire safety safeguards, every flammable and combustible stuff must be kept harmonizing to their fire traits and features. Flammable liquids, for illustration, must be split from other chemicals by a concrete firewall. In add-on, other combustible chemicals must be kept in an country where smoke and utilizing an unfastened fire or tools that generate flickers is banned. Different chemicals that are risky when they come into contact with each other must be stored individually. If something bad happened such as short circuit, everyone from the direction until the operators will confront major jobs. This will take to the harm of company repute and besides stock diminution. Furthermore, if the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia make a sudden review of the installations, our mill can be charged under Occupational Safety and Health ( Classification, Packaging and Labelling of Hazardous Chemical ) Regulations 1996. Before something bad happened, I suggest Pull offing Director to take action against this peculiar issue. Several actions that can be done are the monitoring of chemical safety informations sheet, categorization and tagging and a chemical registry. The label will besides place any jeopardies associated with the usage of that chemical. The labelling should be in standard signifier like the sample below.

These labels include:

1. The name of the chemical

2. The concentration ( strength ) of the chemical

3. Information about jeopardies associated with the chemical

4. Emergency information ( “ If by chance entered the eyes… ” )

5. The name of the shaper

6. The day of the month of point green goods.

Next, the managing section has to supply informations, preparation and supervising to do certain the safety and wellness of the workers at work.

The following job is the operating and maintaining powered industrial trucks. There are 4 types of industrial trucks that are presently being used by our mill, and each type is suited for usage in certain locations and under specific conditions. In the Material and Handling Department there are 6 types of truck are being used such as walk platform truck and turret trucks. From my observation most operators did non cognize that this truck can non be operated if a certain status happened. Workers must non utilize powered industrial trucks in environments incorporating harmful concentrations of the chemical substance such as Acetylene, Butadiene and Hydrogen ( or gases or bluess tantamount in jeopardy to H ) . In add-on, workers may non utilize these trucks in an environment incorporating unsafe elements of metal dust, every bit good as aluminum, K, Mg, and other metals of every bit harmful features. In air incorporating C black, coal, or coke dust, workers may utilize merely approved powered industrial trucks designated as EX. In an ambiance where dusts of Mg, Fe, or Cu might be present, fuses, transistor, motor parts, and circuit surfs of trucks must hold enclosures peculiarly for such locations. All tools and equipment should be at recent criterion. It needs to be inspected from clip to clip for safety affairs such as non working or broken. Workers might modify the machinery safety equipment such as modifying the safety bars, protective spectacless and shields believing that this thought might do their work easier or quicker. This will take to a serious job in the hereafter. So, in order to get the better of this job, every industrial truck must be sent to look into and services if it is suited to utilize in our mill or non. In add-on, the related workers or the truck drivers must be given a class about the process of utilizing the truck.

Another job that seems to me so serious is the status of the floor. As our mill making its 20 old ages of production, the floors in the mill besides aged of course. When we talk about industrial environment, the floor is the chief storage room for the soil and dust that of course happen as an result of industrial work and human traffic. After being spoiled by many chemical substances and besides engine oil trickle for a period of clip, from the industrial truck or machine escape, the floor become so slippy for walking and making work. For illustration, after wipe uping if you walk on the floor you can experience the floor feels so oily and you like walking on an ice. Most of the slippery consequence you can see really clearly after the worker wipe uping the floor. This state of affairs is really serious because some of the workers are non industrial standardised places which I mention early in the protective gear issue. This state of affairs will increase the hazard of the worker to steal, trip or autumn over. There are already 3 incidents that cause our worker being hospitalised because of falling over. If this keeps go oning, the company has to pay immense sum of personal hurt claims. To clean a mill floor is a time-consuming undertaking and can non be done good without the support of the machine. In order to get the better of this state of affairs, there are several solutions. First is the utilizing of automatic scrubbers. Although there are suggestions to utilize this equipment few old ages ago, but the execution of still has n’t materialized. There are many grounds our company should put in an automatic scrubber. From my research, I found that the right equipment with the right size machine and the right characteristics can salvage 1000s of Ringgits each twelvemonth in labor cost. An automatic scrubber map is to scour, Polish, and dries the floor. All can be done in one measure, leting the worker to finish the occupation rapidly and expeditiously. One advantage of the scrubber is that it reduces the clip taken and power taken for cleaning the floor. It is working like sweepers where it can be prosaic or thrust. It comes in a assortment of sizes depending upon the demands of the mill. It is of import to regularly clean and keep the exterior and interior presentation of our mill. Factory floor cleansing is an indispensable undertaking for any mill because it is an of import process which can better the safety of the merchandise fabrication procedure.

The last but non least job is merchandise agreement. As the division that handle most all of the production end product. The Materials and Handling Department are occupied by an tremendous heap of merchandise. Sometimes when the bringing of the merchandises delayed, the tonss of merchandise and boxes become so high. At times, it overloads the benches, streetcars or palettes. This can do workers acquiring crushed by the falling merchandises. They besides acquiring the hazard of abrasion, bruising, twisted and strains to the portion of the organic structure that is suppressed or trapped. Workers could finally endure hurt and amputation. There are several factors that cause these jobs. First is the little on the job country. As our mill production becomes higher, the size of the working country has been the same since the gap of the mill. This causes a limited infinite to topographic point for our finished merchandises. Next is the distribution logistics. The finished merchandise should be delivered to the clients harmonizing to its agenda. This is to do certain that the merchandises will non stack up. So the Distribution Department should take this affair to their concerns. The proposal to widen the mill country should be considered earnestly. The impermanent actions that can be done are to do certain the worker does n’t stack the merchandises and non overloading the stack racks.

In deepness, the safety criterions of our company should be ever at its best. After doing analysis of the jobs that arise in the Material and Handling Department, there several tax write-offs and accounts can be made. First, we should non put the incrimination for the job wholly on Material and Handling Department. The safety job happened in the section is the consequence of concatenation errors and carelessness accumulate from other sections. Second, most of the jobs are caused by the status of the mill. Our mill has been already old and the infinites in there can non suit the production capacity. So, above all, I recommend the Managing Director take this issue to the higher degree which is The Board of Director. The mill redevelopment is necessary to get by with the higher merchandise demand from the clients. Following, as the measure to increase our occupational and safety standard our company, Managing Department should take several enterprises. First is measuring the safety and wellness hazards can non be avoided. Everyday review should be done on a regular basis in order to do certain we understand the changing state of affairss and have clip to take anticipatory and safety steps. Then we must do certain that the review must be followed up with the record of informations. Each equipment demand to be checked and labelled decently and the accurate record should be maintained. Every section must hold records of the hazard rating and the list of accidents at work. As the status of the mill maintain changing, the direction should inform workers and their representatives about possible hazards and precautional steps that can be taken by them. The direction demand to let the workers confer withing the Occupational Health Department on all wellness and safety affairs and guaranting their engagement. The direction must ever give reminder to the worker about the wellness and safety direction and the manner to describe any possible danger in the mill. To reason, workers in this business can confront with many types of jeopardies in the mill. Occupational wellness and safety grips assorted scopes of workplace dangers from accident bar to the most unsafe jeopardies including toxic fume, soil, noise, heat, and anxiousness. Stoping work-related unwellnesss and accidents must be the aim of the direction ‘s action, alternatively than trying to work out jobs after it already developed. Management duty for wellness and safety and strong worker engagement are two necessary factors of any first-class workplace wellness and safety criterion. The most efficient accident and illness bar must be done when work procedures are still in the early stage. As the Occupational Health Manager, it is my function to work proactively by promoting in taking action before jeopardies become a job and to forestall workers from being exposed and harm by the occupational jeopardies. We as the direction can make this by extinguishing jeopardies or maintain them under supervising when they can non be eliminated.


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