Ocean Floor

Term Definition
Continental Shelf * edges the slope down from the shore into the ocean
* underwater
* width varies around edges
Is not the deepest part of the ocean
* where the Continental Shelf slopes down and drops to the bottom of the ocean floor
* water increases here
Continental Slope
Mid- Ocean Ridge * bottom of the ocean
* mountain range that divides the ocean into 2 parts
* underwater volcanoes
* seamounts are volcanoes that aren't in the Mid- Ocean Ridge
* center of the highest part of the mid- Ocean Ridge
* underwater Volcanic activity occurs
* narrows trench
Rift Zone
Trenches * steep- side, deep, canyon
* narrow valley at the bottom of the ocean
* deepest part of the ocean
* deeper than any valley found on land
* begins where the Continental Slope flattens
* flatter gental slope
Smoothe area of ocean floor
Abyssal Plains

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