Question Answer
_______ is the study of the physical characteristics, chemical composition, and life forms. Oceanography
The______ was the vessel credited with beginning modern ocean exploration. H.M.S. Challenger
The ocean basin is made of the _____ and the _ that ____________. continental; oceanic; lie beneath the ocean waters
What is a basin? sink or bowl
What is a submersible? underwater research vessel
What year were the Titanic remains found? 1985
One type of submersible is the ____ which stays connected to aship by cables. bathysphere
Another submersible is the _ which is free-moving and requires a pilot. bathyscaph
Name the seeing-eye robot used to locate the Titanic. Alvin Jr.
Which year did the Titanic sink? 1912
Name the maneuverable camera which filmed the inside of the Titanic. Jason Jr.
Sonar is an acronym standing for… Sound Navigation And Ranging
Sonar consists of a ____ and a __________. transmitter; receiver
The __ transmitter sends out sound waves which bounce back to the receiver The time it takes to receive the response determines the depth of the ocean floor. This was used to map the ocean floor. transmitter
Sound travels ________ meter per second through water. 1500
Oceans cover _ percent of the earth's surface. 71%
Oceans contain _ percent of all water on earth. 97%
Average of the ocean is _. 2.3 miles
Tides change _ times daily. 2
Currents flow like ______. rivers
Warm currents flow _ the equator. away from
Cold currents flow _ the warm currents and _ the equator. under; towards
Coral reefs are equal to _. tropical rain forests with the greatest variety of marine plant and animal life
_% of all volcanic activity occurs in the oceans 90
longest mountain range in the oceans Mid-Ocean Ridge
Mid- Ocean Ridge is ____x longer than the Himalayans, Andes, and Rockies combined. 4
Average temperature in the deep ocean is _ or _ degrees Fahrenheit. 3.5 degrees Celcius; 39 which is slightly above freezing
The average pressure of the ocean is _. 8 tons per square inch which is equal to one person supporting 50 jumbo jets
has the longest coast line Canada
__ is the highest point on Earth in the ocean which is _ measured from the ocean floor, which rivals Mt. Everest at _. Mauna Kea, a volcanic island in Hawaii, is 33, 465 ft.; 29,028 ft.
__________ is the lowest point on Earth. Marianas Trench
If you put Mt. Everest at the bottom of the Marianas Trench how would it fit? About 1 mile would be left.
In 2000, scientists renamed the oceans ____ degrees south the __________ ocean but it is actually part of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean , not a distinct Ocean. 60 degrees; Southern
4 Distinct Oceans: Pacific, Atlantic,Indian, Arctic
The largest and deepest ocean. Pacific
The Pacific Ocean's surface area covers __ of the earth's surface, _ square miles. more than 1/3; 180 million
The Pacific was named by ________ in _____________ who was impressed by its peacefullness. Magellan; 1520
The Pacific hold the lowest point on the Earth which is ________. Marianas Trench
The number of islands in the Pacific. 25,000
___________ dramatically affects the world's climate. El Nino
The most important waterway in the Pacific. Panama Canal
Seas in the Pacific: Japan, Yellow, East China, South China
Largest Rivers to empty : Colombia in NA, Yangtze in China
Second largest ocean Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic covers __ of the earth's surface which is ________ square miles. 1/5; 82 million
The Atlantic was named by the _____ after the ____ in North Africa. Romans; Atlas Mountains
Lowest point in the Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico Trench
Highest point in the Atlantic Ocean. Mid Atlantic Ridge
The Mid Atlantic Ridge splits the earth in _ causing the ocean to widen ____cm/ year. half; 2-4
Seas in the Atlantic Ocean: Meditteranean, Carribean, Baltic, Black, and North
important waterways in the Atlantic Ocean: Bosporous Strait(Turkey), Strait of Gilbraitar(Morrocco-Spain)
Largest river in the Atlantic: St. Lawrence
Tropical cyclones form at the ___ near ______ coast and are blown __ by the _____ winds. equator; Africa's; westward; trade
The third largest ocean is… Indian
The Indian Ocean covers __________ miles. 28 million
_________ % of the world's off shore drilling takes place in Indian Ocean. 40
________ ________ has become an enviromental problem. Oil pollution
____________ is a major fishing industry for bordering countries. Fishing
The lowest point in the Indian Ocean is __________. Java Trench in Indonesia
Name an Island in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar
Name an important waterway in the Indian Ocean. Suez Canal
_______________ brings seasonal monsoon winds which bring a rainy season and dry season. Monsoon Drift
Typhoon season in the Indian Ocean is _____ and _______. May and June
Name 2 seas in the Indian Ocean. Arabian, Red, Persian Gulf
The __________ ocean is the smallest and shallowest. Artic
The Arctic Ocean is ___________ square miles. 8.5 million
The Arctic Ocean is almost completely landlocked by _________ + ___________. North America and Eurasia
Name the winter temperture of the Artic Ocean. – 30 degrees Fahrenheit
The Artic ice sheet is ______ times larger than Texas. 4
The Artic ice sheet is _ meters thick. 3
Ice sheet is a home to _. seals, artic fox, and polar bears
The artic ocean is virtually landlocked from ___________ to _________. October – June
The Artic is the only place in the world for __________. polar bears
More fish live in the ______ Ocean than in the world. Artic
Winter has continuous _______. Summer has continuous ______. darkness, daylight
Name the important waterways in the Artic Ocean. Northwest Passage(North America), and Northern Sea Route(Eurasia)

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