Odysseus and Guest Host Relationship Essay

The Greek idea of community starts from the beginning of the Story. When Penelope was giving birth of Telemachus, everybody in the town gathered around Eumaeus hut. The joy cherished among the people in Ithaca; however there was distressing news about king Odysseus leaving to war against the troy. This journey to troy could take 10 years or may be more. Odysseus Left for troy right after the birth of Telemachus. Odysseus was forced to leave his kingdom not knowing whether he will be able to see his wife or child again. He also makes a promise to Penelope that he will be alive like the tree of life in his house.

If so he doesn’t return until his son (Telemachus) gets beard in his chin, she shall marry again. This was the brief setting of Ithaca when he leaves to the war against troy. The community of women in Ithaca helps queen extract Olive Oil, and also help the queen in the household work. The role of Men in Ithaca is to hunt and gather for food in the forest. After few years, Telemachus learns to live without his father. Eurycleia who is the aged and loyal servant nursed Telemachus and kept a secret from Penelope about Telemachus journey to find Odysseus.

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Odysseus and Guest Host Relationship Essay
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The community stayed together and helped Ithaca to survive until the king returns. There is an idea of guest host relationship in Greek culture. Citizens of Ithaca greet their guest and provide them food and place to stay. This idea is however misused by suitors who come in Ithaca after few years. They bring sheep’s and goats to Ithaca and greet the queen by giving gifts to her. They do not leave Ithaca until Penelope doesn’t choose one of the suitors and marry. Suitors violate the idea of guest host relationship by seducing women’s and drinking liquor in Ithaca.

The community of Ithaca could not take any decision until the king returns and were not able to throw the suitors from Ithaca. Suitors also ordered Eurycleia to serve them every time to make food for them. Eurcyleia does complain to the Queen about their behavior but she ignores her. Melantho is a maidservant in Odysseus’s palace. Melantho abuses the beggar in the palace, not knowing that the man is Odysseus. She is having an affair with Eurymachus. The role of women in the community of Ithaca is good and bad at the same time.

In addition, the role of community in Ithaca helps Telemachus to seek for his father. At first he is denied to leave, however Eurymachus tends to advise Telemachus by giving him a ship to seek for his father. The older community head denies in the very first and doesn’t grant him to leave to find Odysseus. The loyal shepherd (Eumaeus) also helps the king Odysseus when he returns to Ithaca. He gives him food and shelter. Eumaeus also helps Odysseus reclaim his throne after his return to Ithaca. The community of Ithaca has faith towards the goddess Athena.

She helps Telemachus to leave for the quest of Odysseus. Athena also transforms Odysseus in to a beggar, so he could see his kingdom situation. In Conclusion, the community of Ithaca does follow the guest host relationship and greet their guest. However, one had to come to throw suitors out of Ithaca who were misusing the guest host relationship. The community was helped and dependent on suitors for food. They were obeying the rules of Penelope. Penelope announces to suitors to take the bow and arrow test. The test could only be done by Odysseus when he ties the Bow. He completes the test and


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