Odyssey: Hospitality Sample Essay

The Greek put a big accent on the importance of traditions. One of import illustration of a tradition is to demo cordial reception and regard aliens every bit good as to hosts. If this tradition was broken. penalties were to be dealt out. Normally. the penalties were non specific. What happened after the God’s traditions were disobeyed. a series of bad events normally occurred. After the God’s traditions were followed. a series of positive events normally occurred. There were multiple illustrations of this in the heroic poem poem The Odyssey. The suers and Polyphemus have highly bad fortune after disgracing the God’s traditions. whereas Penelope awards the God’s and demonstrates how good cordial reception is rewarded. To get down. at the start of the heroic poem verse form. the suers respond greatly to the cordial reception given to them by Penelope. The suers continue to be treated kindly throughout Odysseus’ many old ages off from place. but towards the terminal of their stay in Odysseus’ place. they begin to go disrespectful. They refuse to go forth when asked upon. they plot to kill Telemachus in order to free of the lone adult male left in the house. they disrespect Penelope. Telemachus. and there place. etc.

“Then the haughty suers came in. and all of them straightway took their topographic points in order on chairs and along the benches. and their trumpeters poured H2O over their custodies for them to rinse with. and the helping amahs brought them staff of life heaped up in the baskets. and the immature work forces filled the commixture bowls with vino for their imbibing. They put their custodies to the good things that lay ready before them. But when they had put away their desire for feeding and imbibing. the suers found their attending turned to other affairs. the vocal and the dance ; for these things come at the terminal of the banqueting. ” Telemachus shows the proper manner to move. the suers show merely the antonym. The suitors’ actions are non acceptable. and it is practically destined for them to endure the effects. Not merely do they lose their lives in the terminal. but they besides lose all opportunities with Penelope. This is besides because none of them were able to go through her many trials. The consequences of these trials were to find who Penelope was to get married. Next. Polyphemus besides suffered due to his hapless wonts of cordial reception. Odysseus and his work forces were in great danger while stranded on the Cyclops’ island. Polyphemus trapped Odysseus and his work forces in a cave.

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The entryway was being blocked by a immense bowlder. In the beginning. the Cyclops was incognizant Odysseus and his work forces were in the cave. but after seeing the one-eyed giant and gasping in daze. they gave away their hiding topographic point. Polyphemus so began to eat Odysseus’ work forces along with imbibing an inordinate sum of intoxicant given to him by Odysseus. “Drunk. hiccuping. he dribbled watercourses of spirits and spots of work forces. ” Being every bit clever as he is. Odysseus thought up a program. This program non merely resulted in his flight. but it besides punished the Cyclops for his hapless Acts of the Apostless of cordial reception. After acquiring the Cyclops rummy. Odysseus blinded. and told him his name was “nobody” . When asked who had hurt Polyphemus. he would answer with “nobody” . and that led the other Cyclopes to believe he was O.K. . Without his vision. Polyphemus was wholly unmindful as to what was traveling on. When he went to allow out his cowss. he was incognizant Odysseus and his work forces tied themselves under them. Polyphemus released his cowss along with Odysseus and all of his work forces. and this is how they escaped.

Polyphemus’ deficiency of cordial reception led to his loss of vision and work forces. Last. the traditions of cordial reception were non ever disobeyed. For illustration. Penelope continues to honour the God’s tradition. and is rewarded in the terminal. By go oning to house. provender. and clothe the suers for Odysseus’ many old ages of absence. Penelope shows a great sense of cordial reception. non needfully merely with the suers. “‘But semen. servants. give him a wash and spread a sofa for him here. with bedclothes and coverlets and with reflecting covers. so that he can maintain warm as he waits for morning of the aureate throne. and early tomorrow you shall give him a bath. anoint him. so that he can sit in the hall beside Telemachus and anticipate to dine at that place ; and it will be the worse for any of those work forces who inflicts heart-wasting irritation on him ; he will carry through nil here for all his awful spite …” This illustration shows the readers Penelope’s reaction when happening out a mendicant ( truly Odysseus disguised ) was traveling to be in her place. Penelope was about ever treated severely by the suers. but she chose to maintain a healthy guest-host relationship.

On the impudent side. when Odysseus was treated severely by the Cyclops. his reaction merely costed him more complications and clip stuck on Polyphemus’ island. Although both Penelope and Odysseus deserved to respond in a hapless mode. Penelope had it much easier because of how she dealt with the state of affairs. In the terminal. by Penelope honouring the God’s tradition of cordial reception. Odysseus came back to her. and her household was one time once more reunited. In decision. the suers and Polyphemus have highly bad fortune after disgracing the God’s traditions. whereas Penelope awards the God’s and demonstrates how good cordial reception is rewarded. The suers lost their lives. and Polyphemus lost his seeing all because they made the determination to disobey the God’s wants. By following the tradition. Penelope and her household were reunited. and she was eventually able to be rid of the suers. The importance of the tradition of cordial reception is great and should ever be followed. even if you have to confront adversities along the manner.


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