”Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck Sample Essay

=Curley’s married woman is a important character in “Of Mice and Men” because she is both a victimiser and victim. and symbolizes the objectification of adult females. Curley’s married woman is the lone adult female in the secret plan. She is defined by her portion in the narrative. Curley’s married woman or ownership. She is depicted. like the adult females in Weed. as a prevaricator and operator of work forces. Steinbeck’s initial portraiture of Curley’s married woman shows her to be attractive. unkind. and seductive. She is much like the other characters. lonely and slightly powerless with few picks and unrealized dreams. She is a hapless character. isolated from everyone else. The work forces are fearful of her because she is the married woman of their foreman. The power she embodies creates fear among the spread workers and is based on her place and her despairing demand for attending.

The description of Curley’s married woman. suggest that she overdresses for her clip on the spread. George says. “ She had. rouged lips and wide-spread eyes. to a great extent made up. Her fingernails were ruddy. Her hair hung in small involute sausages. ” ( 31 ) He besides says. “she wore ruddy mules. on the insteps of which were small corsages of ruddy ostrich plumes. ” ( ? ) The return of the ruddy implies danger. This could be a prevising about problem in the hereafter. The at hand Danger creates a fright in the workers on the spread. For illustration when George tell Lennie. “ Don’t you … She is the boss’s married woman and has the power to fire them from their occupations or even hold them lynched. For illustration when she threatens to hold Crooks lynched. ( another illustration spread out more ) In this instance she is a victimiser.

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”Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck Sample Essay
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But there are besides no other adult females on the farm. she has no friends. is mistreated by Curley. and has got herself a ( ? ) position by giving work forces “the eye” on many occasions. ( quotation mark ) For illustration she gets annoyed when the work forces become dismissive because they. “don’t want no trouble” ( 84 ) . Curley’s married woman doesn’t want to be entirely. She says. “I ne’er acquire to speak to cipher. I get atrocious lonely. ” ( ? ) Curley’s married woman is hungering for attending and when she doesn’t get it she feels she has the right to hold it. She says. “What’s the affair with me? Ain’t I got a right to speak to cipher? ” ( ? ) Curley’s married woman is perfectly secluded on the spread. and Curley has seen to it that no 1 will speak to her without fearing a whipping.

Curley’s married woman shows throughout the class of the narrative that she is unhappy in her matrimony because her hubby seems to care small for her. and is truly more interested in speaking about himself than anything else. and Curley’s married woman likes to speak about her lost chances. She speaks of a going histrion who told her she could fall in their show. without cognizing that this is a pretty standard pick-up line. besides with the offer to travel to Hollywood. Curley’s married woman has convinced herself that her female parent stole the missive. instead than recognize the work forces weren’t truly interested in her for any existent endowment.


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