of mice and men curleys wife notes Essay

Of mice and men Notes curlers wife 0 She is never given a name. 0 She is given no real identity. 0 She has only been married to Curley for a few weeks. 0 She is lonely. There are no other women to talk to on the ranch. 0 The men on the ranch like to think that she is after them. She is married to the sons of the owner of the ranch so why would she be after the workers who have nothing. 0 When whit is playing cards he comments to George about Curleys wife . “ain’t she a loo 100? ” he also comments that’s she gives men eye. “George asks if she has caused any trouble.

Whit comments on Curlers worries about her attitude to men She spends time on her appearance because she has nothing better to do 0 Page 32 she has a long paragraph about her appearance 0 When she appears in the doorway she blocks out the light. in Steinbeck warning us on how she will cast a shadow over the lives of all the men who lives on the ranch. She always seems to be “looking for Curley. ” and Curley is often checking up on her. 2you seen a girl around here? ” 0 George speaks rudely about Curley and his “glove fulla Vaseline. ” He makes remarks about Curleys lack of sexual prowess as maybe a eason that his wife is dissatisfied. She takes care over her appearance because she dreams of being “discovered” as a movie star 0 She dreams of seeing her name up in the lights but John Steinbeck, the author of the novel, does not even given her a name in the story. Very ironic. 0 She had two disappointments recently 0 “l met one of the actors. He said I could go with the show. But my 01′ lady wouldn’t let me go’ 0″Next time I met a guy an’ he was in pictures. He say he was gonna put me in the movies. “(page 87) We lose patience with her situation when she is so rude to candy, Lennie and crooks.

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of mice and men curleys wife notes Essay
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She calls the “bindle bums” and says the only people left behind to talk to are a “dummy, a “nigger” and a “sheep. ” She threatens to make up lies about crooks which would result in him being hung from a tree by the men on the ranch. This demonstrates a horrible side to her. We lose any sympathy we might have had for her and her situation 0 Her dream never comes true as she dies and when she dies the dream of Lennie and George what was shared with candy also dies. 0 Steinbeck uses the imagery of light and dark to betray curlers wife in some parts of the story like: 0 of mice and men curleys wife notes By skittlecrafst


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