Of Mice And Men Slim Questions Essay

Question A- How does the infusion better the reader’s apprehension of Slim?

The transition instantly introduces Slim as an authoritative and about imperial member of the spread: “He moved with a stateliness merely achieved by royalty and maestro craftsmen. ” Most of the work forces working on the spread are transeunt and hapless and. although Slim is no exclusion. he does non portion their careless and selfish attitudes. Slim besides accepts his authorization and duties. despite the fact that he would hold small respect outside of the spread. which. ironically. topographic points him in high standing on the spread. This is emphasized by the esteem and esteem given to him by the others: “…the prince of the ranch” .

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Of Mice And Men Slim Questions Essay
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He is awarded a rubric by the others due to the fact that they do non see him every bit equal to them ; they view him as an about fabulous individual of utmost benevolence and compassion. They therefore give him more attending and keep him higher regard than they do with anyone else on the spread. significance that Slim has. in the men’s sentiments ; go the unofficial leader of the spread. Furthermore. the transition describes Slim as something similar to a Godhead being: “His tomahawk face was ageless” . This suggests that. to the others. Slim is god-like and alone in his ability to ne’er neglect physically and accordingly ne’er to endure the hurting. humiliation and uselessness anyone else would be forced into. as demonstrated by Candy.

Despite all of the worship and regard environing Slim. it is clear to the reader that his hereafter is that of the other work forces. as shown in the statement: ‘Like the others he wore bluish denims and a short jean jacket. ’ Slim is like every other worker on the spread ; he is precisely as lonely and uncomplete as they are. symbolised by his vesture. and he has to get by with the same jobs. The reader is shown the world before the adored position. but it makes the build-up of his art and pre-eminence all the more astonishing. It becomes evident that despite all of the adoration and regard that surrounds Slim. he will finally yield to his destiny and become like Candy. useless and entirely.

Slim is displayed with an aura around him of intelligence and importance that is felt by everyone at the spread: “There was a gravitation in his mode and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke. ” Slim is invariably presented as a blunt difference to the other characters. person to idealize and appears as something unnatural yet desired by them all. He becomes the other character’s idol of flawlessness. everything they had wished to be.

Similarly. he is shown to be considered all-knowing by the others on the spread: “His ear heard more and was said to him. and his slow address had overtones non of idea. but of understanding beyond idea. ” Slim is revered by the others as person far beyond their comprehension every bit good as something they could merely wish to be. They are all lonely and so connect to Slim as person who they believe could protect them and could rede them without judging or feel foring them ; in his apprehension of them. he becomes their usher and defender.

Contrastingly. Steinbeck gives his character a really existent and human nature to him every bit good: “‘It’s brigther’n a bitch outside. ’ he said gently. ” It is easy for the reader to go swept up in the overdone. romanticised and dramatised version of Slim but the reader is shocked by the simpleness of Slim’s idiosyncrasies and behavior. but this daze is non unpleasant. The contradiction throws the reader. but besides portions with them the characters’ ability to befriend Slim despite his evident high quality and farther shows that despite his air of enigma and omniscience. he is similar to the other work forces.

How does Steinbeck utilize the character of Slim to convey thoughts and subjects in the novel?

Loneliness and isolation is despondently evident throughout the novel and Slim is used to foreground it: “Slim came straight to George and sat down beside him. sat really near. ” Steinbeck uses Slim as a defender of George and a life line to deliver him. to stress the fact the in the wake of Lennie’s executing ; George is so as wholly alone as everyone else on the spread and like the other transeunt workers during that clip period. Slim is used throughout the novel to demo the demand for hope during the Great Depression. as shown when he comforts George.

Slim is besides used to demo the inevitable loss of hope and the realization that many can non accomplish their ‘American dream’ : “You hadda. George. I swear you hadda. ” The address here is used as comfort to George after he shoots Lennie. but it besides an evasion and implies that George ne’er truly had an chance to accomplish his and Lennie’s ‘American dream’ . that none of the characters in the novel did and that they would ever stop up entirely. no affair how difficult they fight to alter this.

Furthermore. Slim’s character is used to expose the rough world of the universe and displays the efficient and tough-minded position of a spread: “Candy looked a really long clip at Slim to seek to happen some reversal. And Slim gave him none. ” The barbarous world of a universe where worth is decided by a individual party and accomplishments have no sway over events appears as a unusual construct to the reader and Slim is used to show that it is necessary for him to go through opinion over the other work forces on the spread and the events of the novel.

Slim is displayed as the incarnation of strength and accomplishment in the novel: “…capable of driving 10. 16. even 20 mules with a individual line to the leaders. ” This shows that he has value to the spread and that he is still capable of working for them successfully and while used to tout his abilities. this description of Slim is besides used to demo that characters in the novel and the transeunt workers of the clip needed to be utile in order to remain on for work and to maintain in high sentiments of their employers and colleagues. In this. Slim is shown to be utile. and hence have value because he is still immature and fit plenty to work.

Contrastingly. he is besides shown to be limited and allows a displacement in the good and evil balance: “You stay here with her so. Candy. The remainder of us better acquire goin’ . ” Even though Slim’s abilities and influence are exaggerated by the imaginativenesss of the work forces on the spread. they are still existent and if he had wished to halt Curley’s efforts to kill Lennie he likely would hold succeeded. Steinbeck uses him here in the important minute that decides Lennie’s destiny. to demo that all evil demands to win is for good people non to halt it.


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