Office automation systems Essay

Office mechanization systems are computing machine based information systems that collect, procedure, shop and transmit electronic messages, paperss and other signifiers of communications among persons, work groups and organisations. Such systems can increase the productiveness of managerial terminal users and other professional and staff forces by significantly cut downing the clip and attempt needed to bring forth, entree and receive concern communications.

An overview of office mechanization systems are given below:

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Office automation systems Essay
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1 ) Office printing systems are word processing and desktop publication systems.

2 ) Image treating systems are image processing, optical scanning and storage, document direction and synergistic picture systems.

3 ) Electronic communicating systems are electronic meeting, tele-conferencing and telecommunicating systems.

Office support systems are electronic calendar, ticket file, notebook, directory system, work programming and undertaking direction systems. The above are described in brief:

Office Printing Systems

Word processing – It is the usage of computing machine systems to automatize the transmutation of thoughts into a clear signifier of communicating. It involves pull stringsing text informations to bring forth information merchandises in the signifier of paperss ( letters, memos, signifiers and studies ) .

Desktop publication – Administrations can utilize and develop printing systems to bring forth their ain printed stuffs. They can plan and publish their ain newssheets, manuals, booklets and books with several types of manners and artworks and colorss on each page.

Voice shop and frontward systems – It is besides known as voice mail or structured verbal-response exchanges. It has the capableness of hive awaying verbal informations and/or pass oning it to another location. It is one of the latest systems and found utile to corporate houses and the society at big.

Electronic Meeting systems – If electronic meeting systems are used, people may non appreciate passing money on travel to go to meetings off from their normal work location. It involves the usage of picture and audio communications to let conferences and meetings to be held with participants who may be scattered across a room, a edifice or a state.

Teleconferencing – Participants at remote sites key in their presentation and responses whenever convenient for their online terminuss or workstations which are connected to a cardinal conference computing machine. Since all participants do n’t hold to make this at the same clip, this signifier of EMS is called computing machine ‘s conferencing. Sessions are held in existent clip with major participants at distant site who take portion with voice input of inquiries and responses.

Telecommuting – It is the usage of telecommunications by workers to replace transposing enabling them to work from their places. It is besides used to depict the usage of telecommunication to transport on work activities from impermanent locations other than offices and places. Some people consider telecommuting as the creative activity of practical offices.

Multimedia – Another germinating set of engineerings for consistently pull offing artworks, drawings and exposure in add-on to text and informations are multimedia datamanagement systems. Some of these are called hypermedia systems.

Image Processing Systems

Image treating systems, besides known as electronic image direction system, let users to electronically capture, shop, procedure and retrieve images of paperss. Image databasemanagement systems are going more various. The LAN-based image processing systems are besides being common, which include several waiters each dedicated to a specific map.

Document Management Systems

These systems are sophisticated image treating systems. These frequently interface with other office systems such as word processing, desktop publication, electronic mail, voice mail etc.

These systems allow digitized & amp ; lsquo ; voice notes ‘ to be attached to specific papers images and may hold other particular characteristics every bit good as the ability to hive away motley paperss and color exposure.

The Automated Office

Office mechanization is defined as a separate sub-system or included within information processing. It includes a broad scope of support installations for cognition work and activities.


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