One Direction Essay

Any real fan can tell who they are when they talk since they are all from different parts of The United Kingdom they have different accents. One Direction seems to be caring people unless it is Just the media that makes hem do nice things but I think it is out of their will. Instead of having a video that probably cost thousands of dollars they made one on their own and with the money they saved they donated it to a charity called “Comic Relief”.

They also care about their fans they always say, “Without our fans we wouldn’t be where we are now’. Of what IVe heard, read, and seen they never turn down autographs or pictures unless they are in a hurry or want their privacy. When someone says One Direction everyone will be like why do you like them they are ugly and gay’, but how do they know they are gay they don’t even know hem but I Just say mieah they are gay. They are very HAPPY with their lives”.

One Direction aren’t ugly either yeah people have different taste in guys but they are like gods. In my opinion I don’t want them to change who they are because they are perfect Just the way they are. Even though One Direction is amaZAYN, phenomiNlALL, brilLIAM, fabuLOUIS, and extroardinHARRY they are still more. They will get somewhere bigger where their accents and voices will be heard louder, their niceness and kindness can be shown more, and their good looks can be seen more.

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One Direction Essay
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