One Wish Essay

In a little small town called “one wish” . It is a small town that everyone will be grant one want from the angel which could be anything. One adult male wishes ‘ I want to be a billionaire ‘ one adult females wishes ‘I wish I would be healthy and ne’er acquire badly until the remainder of my life’ and many more wants from every villager. Then all of the wants will be granted and will work for the remainder of their lives so I’m really lucky to born in this small town and today is my bend to do a wish. So I wish that ‘I could be the cleverest individual in the world’’ .

When the angel hears me she asks me once more that ‘Are you certain with your determination? ‘of class. everyone in my school want to be the cleverest individual in the world’ I answer so the angel grant my life long wish. And the first twenty-four hours in school. the wish came true! I become the cagey pupil in my room and acquire the highest mark in every semester. I am really happy and satisfied with this wish because I get a scholarship to America. I am in the best university in the universe. I win the first topographic point of every competitions. I get first category awards ( with aureate decorations ) from the university. I work at NASA. I am celebrated. I have a batch of money and I can purchase anything that I want but why profoundly inside of me still feels so alone and sad?

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One Wish Essay
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Dayss gone by. on and on I don’t experience aroused that I am clever or celebrated any longer. I merely want person to take attention of me when I get old. to keep each other until we fell asleep but no work forces like a adult female who is smarter. stronger and more successful than him. Now I to the full understand the solitariness that I feel profoundly indoors. The felicity I receive is merely short term felicity. It’s non the heat from being loved by person.

So I decide to travel back to ‘one wish’ small town once more. kneel down and implore the angel that ‘please. I don’t want to be the cleverest individual in the universe any longer. I want to be an ordinary individual that have warm family’ . The angel answers to me ‘No. because you have already used you wish. you can’t turn back clip or do another want because you have decided you own path’ so the angel vanished. I come back place with letdown and sorrow so I hear my cellular telephone ring. I rush to reply the phone and all I can hear is “congratulations on your promotion” .


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