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Abstract –With the development of Internet. online banking has become a development tendency of Bank. It besides provides more chance for the net incomes. The advantages of the online banking draw attendings from each bank. Its convenience is helpful to develop the bank markets. but besides can better the bank’s fiscal service degree. So each bank searches for more advanced fiscal merchandises to prosecute the market portion. The SWOT analysis-based method on the internal and external environment provided the theoretical footing for online banking. The strategic analysis shows the research value and has certain practical significance. Keywords –SWOT analysis ; Internet banking ; Strategic research

1. Introduction
The first cyberspace bank in the universe is the United States of “security first web Bank” ( SFNB ) . is founded on October 18. 1995. The bank has no subdivisions and the banking is operated through the Internet. after that the cyberspace bank starts to be followed by national Bankss. Internet banking on the banking industry is really farreaching. It’s non merely for bing Bankss to open up a new gross revenues channel for supplying its merchandises and services. and copying the bing banking. But significantly It changes the traditional banking concern theoretical account and concern constructs. It promotes a new signifier for the bank industry and reflects the alteration of societal system originating from the information engineering revolution. Compared with the foreign cyberspace banking China Merchants Bank ( CMB ) carries out the first cyberspace bank in China in 1997. At present CMB has online concern banking. on-line personal banking. on-line payment systems. Internet security systems and full systems included the above.

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After that The Bank of China. The Industrial and Commercial Bank ( ICBC ) and China Construction Bank ( CCB ) follow the cyberspace banking. The rapid development of cyberspace banking attracts attending other Bankss. With the gait of the E-commerce the cyberspace banking becomes cosmopolitan. After 15 old ages of development. Internet users increase quickly in China and China’s turning impulse in the online banking user is rendered. The information from 2010-2011 China online banking one-year monitoring study through the IResearch indicates that China online banking dealing size reaches 549. 5 trillion kwais and additions of 49 % in 2010. In peculiar the on-line personal banking is the fastest developed portion. has a sustained growing tendency. The cyberspace banking challenges the traditional banking. It takes advantages in the cost and convenience

compared with the traditional banking. If the bank services the users through cyberspace. it will busy the market portion quickly. This theoretical account on cyberspace draws the attending of the bank. The chief cause is that it has two chief advantages. One is that can open a new channel for the gross revenues of the bank merchandises. The other is that it serves the clients friendly. Meanwhile. the entryway of the foreign internet Bankss gets attendings of the domestic bank. After the mature development the foreign cyberspace banking it has shaped a perfect system. It systematically innovates in the engineering and bank merchandises. and impacts the extension of the domestic cyberspace bank. So the survey for the strategic ways shows the importance of the competition between the internet Bankss. On the background through the SWOT analysis it will happen the manners to vie other internet Bankss and promotes the services on the cyberspace banking.

2. SWOT Analysis on Internet Banking
SWOT analysis is a manner for cognizing the endeavor scheme. It analyses the inner and fixed conditions of the endeavor. The finish is to happen the nucleus competitory power. Among the analysis S is for Strength. W is for Weakness. O is for Opportunity and T is for Threat. Internet bank is besides an endeavor for prosecuting the net incomes. Its opposite numbers are fiscal establishments. for illustration the Bankss. including the non-financial establishments which provide the cyberspace banking. At the same clip the foreign internet Bankss enter China. Sing the geographical range they decide to utilize the cyberspace banking for the competency. As a consequence the cyberspace banking becomes more critically. The Bankss have better happen the effectual ways. Through SWOT analysis we can cognize the strength and failing in the interior conditions. Furthermore we can happen the chance and menace. So long as the cyberspace banking sees the nucleus power it will hold on the planetary state of affairss and derive the success.

2. 1. Strength Analysis
Internet banking can merchandise between Bankss and non see bounds about the clip and sphere in contrast of the traditional banking. Internet banking supports many bank maps including history enquiries. transportations and automatic payment. It provides the comprehensive and diverse services. In add-on. it reduces the cost of the Bankss and clients. This high-technology achieves a winwin state of affairs. Internet banking portions the information between Bankss and clients. Bank direction becomes more scientific and modern. 2. 1. 1 Competitive advantage for economic systems of graduated table With the rapid development of the Internet and ecommerce. Internet bank’s competitory advantage is progressively outstanding. in peculiar the economic systems of graduated table. Internet banking has been popular in China. More Internet users are willing to follow on-line banking. Banks besides break the geographical limitations and can supply banking services at the planetary degree to ease client demands. Through Bank operations. such as the enlargement of the figure of forces to cut down unit costs. Bankss can accomplish economic systems of graduated table.

The outgrowth of Internet Banking can back up more competitory advantages of economic systems of graduated table. First of all. compared with the traditional bank subdivisions. enlargement of Internet banking would lend to lower bank costs. Banks do non hold to utilize land resources. And this theoretical account can diminish the figure of staffs. salvage costs on direction. cut down its concern hazards. Second. in the instance that computing machine engineering development matures. Internet banking consolidates a complex concern and reduces dealing costs for both parties. More front desk concern can besides be placed in the background operation. Efficient informations managing plans and rapid online service features non merely rush up the efficiency of bank operations. but cut down costs and achieve economic systems of graduated table. 2. 1. 2. Rich client resources Internet banking in China is non a pure Internet Bankss on the whole.

It’s based on traditional bank. Some clients come from clients who are from the original extension of traditional bank. So it’s convenient for Bankss to choose the high quality clients. In add-on to this audit and direction for the clients will besides be more convenient. At the same clip. cyberspace banking has small barriers to entry for smaller Bankss. The cyberspace promotes the exchange between Bankss and their clients easy. It will be much easier to happen and develop possible clients. It will be an advantage for cyberspace banking. Harmonizing to China 2011Q3 cyberspace banking markets quarterly supervising study ( iResearch ) the market turnover of China cyberspace banking was 212. 2 trillion kwais in the 3rd one-fourth. the consecutive rate increased by 6 % . year-on-year growing rate grow by 43. 7 % ( 2011 ) . Internet banking has more than 400 million registered users in the 3rd one-fourth. up by 42. 3 % . Above information shows that China’s Bankss have abundant clients’ resources. So it provides greater benefits for the development of Internet banking.

2. 2 Weakness Analysis
2. 2. 1 Compound endowment deficit Under the background of rapid development in the epoch of the Internet. endeavors tend to accomplish efficient direction through the Internet. So the debut of endowments for endeavors is critical. The operation of Internet banking can’t lose the forces direction. In footings of endowment. cyberspace banking has entree to better from the handiness of talent position. Different from the traditional Bankss. internet Bankss need endowments who are familiar with both banking concern and a good web. At present the Bankss lack those compound endowments. Many of them have merely a small cognition about the cyberspace. although they may be adept to the bank concern. Meanwhile. referred to the enlisting of bank staff. there is no enlargement to the conditions of profession. 2. 2. 2. Poor CRM CRM is referred to the Customer Relationship Management. It’s based on information engineerings as a agency of client information for the aggregation. analysis and information processing. smart system to supply clients with a comprehensive service. At the mentioned of CRM in China. “customer-centric” direction is still missing.

The concern doctrine of Internet banking remains in product-centered. instead than customer-centric. The promotional thought is more embedded in merchandise characteristics. but does non stress the customer’s single demands. Besides internet banking lacks the CRM package development capablenesss. And the domestic package makers have a difficult measure to supply Bankss with a easy understanding CRM package. which leads to inefficiency in Internet banking for information direction and act upon the farther development of Internet banking. 2. 2. 3. Lack of security Stand on the client position. the issue of security is one of the of import factors that affect clients utilizing internet banking. And from the bank’s point of position. Internet Bankss besides need to presume parts of the hazard. Those sectors will impact the usage of the cyberspace banking. Some Bankss have adopted many ways to increase the security ( see Table 1 ) . It is showed there are some inquiries. particularly security. to be solved. Larceny of history information such as virus onslaughts and condemnable activities. failed to reassure clients that use internet banking. Inadequate bar in security engineerings has besides affected use of cyberspace banking.

Table 1.Safety rating of strengths and failings on cyberspace banking Bank Advantages High frequence watchword card utilizing ; SMS enfranchisement ; humanist security inside informations ; procure official web site ; more subdivisions ; timely operation. Simple operation ; more secondary safety ; secure official column. Many sorts of the U-key ; free antivirus package on web site. Disadvantages Troubled initial U-key utilizing ; comparatively expensive fees. Less dynamic watchword card ; high demand for OS on computing machine. Shortage about the debut ; crabbed grip on the counter based on cyberspace banking

2. 3. Opportunity Analysis
2. 3. 2. Increased demand for fiscal merchandises 2. 3. 1. Loan endeavors

solution for little and medium

The job about SMEs loan has been pulling attendings. The loan crisis in Wenzhou that has happened in 2011 gets a greater response. By May 2012 the Wenzhou Office sample study informations show that Wenzhou private loaning graduated table in August last twelvemonth shrank around 30 % . This phenomenon is even more damaging to the development of SMEs. If SMEs can non raise more money. it will hinder concern enlargement and economic publicity. On this circumstance cyberspace banking could prehend this chance to loan to SMEs. On one manus. bank supports the enlargement of SMEs. On the other manus cyberspace banking reaches a higher degree.

In the aftermath of the domestic economic system there is turning involvement to prosecute more wealth for people. So demand for banking fiscal merchandises besides shows unprecedented degrees of efficiency ( see Table 2 ) . Internet banking demands provide equal service for clients. Customers can take any merchandise harmonizing to their fiscal demands in line with their ain conditions. If the client is a riskaverse. he can take fiscal merchandises such as bonds. But if the client is a hazard penchant. he can choose bad. high-reward fiscal merchandises such as stocks. Opening this funding channel on the cyberspace. bank can contract the distance of the client and the bank. It is a favourable pick to pass on between Bankss and their clients. Internet banking will supply better services.

Table 2: Comparison for service maps between Bankss Banks Financial Stock Fund Bond Insurance merchandises ICBC CBC CCB ABC BC

2. 4. Menace Analysis
2. 4. 1. Law is comparatively non sufficient Internet banking involves a batch of legal issues. Its rapid development besides calls for legal updates seasonably. In the practical application of cyberspace banking in China still deficiency of back uping Torahs. The comparative jurisprudence is non complete. Compared with procedure of cyberspace banking such a jurisprudence is dawdling behind and it will impact the enlargement of Internet banking. On the procedure of utilizing on-line payment if client fiscal losingss occurs who will counterbalance for amendss. But the jurisprudence has non govern the mortician. In pattern due to the information dissymmetry prone to leaks and client information. this province will impact the customer’s normal life. While the jurisprudence does non believe steps associating to administration. The entree to internet banking in China is through system of scrutiny and blessing. There is deficiency of follow-up supervising. still non a complete supervising system.

2. 4. 2. Foreign Bankss hit With the development of economic globalisation. more foreign Bankss will be concentrating on other states across geographical limitations and supplying planetary finance services to people. Foreign banks’ entree to domestic fiscal markets has inevitable menaces to domestic Bankss. particularly in the footings of cyberspace banking. First. on the proficient degree foreign Bankss have a more robust operating system and a full scope of security characteristics. Although hazards remain. but foreign Bankss in turn toing web hazards are more complete. Second. at the direction degree. foreign Bankss aim to the cultivation of compound endowments with its generous wage and more show infinite to pull more fiscal professionals. Therefore they have created a encephalon drain of cyberspace banking in China and endanger domestic cyberspace banking endowment. Finally. at the service degree. foreign Bankss are concentrating on merchandise invention based on Internet banking harmonizing to the customer’s demands. They can supply more attractive merchandises and individualized services. adding to menaces to internet banking in China.

3. Strategic Research
Internet banking for more in-depth SWOT analysis in the development of internal and external environments provides theoretical footing for strategic analysis of cyberspace banking in China. But how to break take advantage of the characteristics of the Internet banking and more efficaciously advance the stableness of fiscal markets is particularly of import. Internet banking should happen the advantages to service. place the nucleus competence. Bank could vouch the full usage of the advantages of internet Bankss to prehend the cyberspace banking market. Internet banking had better actively accelerate procedure from traditional banking. The preponderance of cyberspace banking. such as low-cost. should be used to the full. Economies of graduated table can widen the competitory advantage of cyberspace banking. And bank can maximise the economic systems of graduated table. Last Bankss should do full usage of client resources. guaranting clients in close communicating with the bank. Towards the failing the bank should non cover negatively. Since the failing may impact the cyberspace banking in short-run. Bank should suppress the failing. In footings of the endowments internet banking can concentrate on the cultivation of compound endowments to guarantee sound human and do them be militias of bank. In facet of CRM Internet banking should be taking to customer-centric.

Then bank nowadayss clear concern aims combined with clients and supply more merchandises near to client service. For security issues. bank should supply more security merchandises. better proficient capacity. Bank has the positive attitude to work out the failing. Opportunity analysis besides adds to the net incomes of cyberspace banking. Internet banking demands quickly detect chances to develop merchandises and services. It should supply the opportunity for Internet banking inventions. Internet banking should analyse our domestic economic environment and have a comprehensive analysis of the economic state of affairs. Owing to the big ingestion cyberspace banking could unite the bank merchandises with the demands of the ingestions.

Merely when it provides the best services the bank can obtain more net incomes. For illustration cyberspace banking could back up SMEs with capital under the deficit circumstance. Another manner is that bank prefers to analyze the resources of the clients. Menace analysis can allow internet banking recognizes that it has non merely an inauspicious status. but doing the competition for cyberspace banking clearly. Being of such a menace can increase the crisis sense of Internet banking in China. It will necessitate domestic Internet banking inventions. do up for the lacks compared to foreign Bankss. and better the fight of Internet banking. Therefore above steps can speed up development of Internet banking in China.

In general Internet banking is a extremely efficient development theoretical account. It has become the inevitable tendency of the hereafter development of Bankss in China. On the circumstance of a high and increasing competency Bankss have to be faced. how to develop in competition and occupies a dominant place must be considered. China’s large four State-owned commercial Bankss. every bit good as little and average joint-stock commercial Bankss. have been increasing importance to online banking. Internet banking non merely extends the bank’s concern theoretical account. but combined with the rich characteristics of online banking fiscal services for China’s fiscal market. Consequently internet banking promotes the stableness of fiscal markets in China.

This research is supported by Shanghai alumnus pupil Innovation Fund undertakings invention undertaking ( Project No. JWCXSL1202 ) .


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