Online banking has shot up Essay


In the recent old ages online banking has shot up where by doing 21.5 million clients satisfied in utilizing it easy, fast and most of all free services set up by Bankss in 2009 stated by the UK payments disposal. All high tech Bankss offer the online banking system and most bank do non hold subdivisions merely bing online. It is rather for a individual to alter to online banking, foremost the individuals has to open an history with a bank or if they already have an history so merely subscribe up for online banking with our current bing history. For security grounds the bank will supply we with a watchword which will enable us to trip our online banking system. These after they could log in any clip they want.

It is easy to open an on-line bank history and good worth the little sum of attempt required. Even when some people are non that familiar with on-line applications, it is deserving prevailing through the procedure. The advantages of utilizing on-line banking minutess include convenience, easier fiscal direction, and clip and cost nest eggs. Even the environment benefits because huge measures of paperwork does n’t necessitate to be generated.

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Online banking has shot up Essay
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Online banking minutess can simplify our life by cut downing the emphasis of pull offing our measures and nest eggs. They are easy to utilize and from the bank ‘s point of position, secure. We can hold our wage deposited straight into our history and pay out it online. The old manner of run alonging up in bank waiting lines and maintaining a path of paperwork is no longer necessary. All Bankss make it easier to pull off our look intoing history by leting our set up e-mail qui vives so our can be notified when cheques clear or when our balance slips below a certain degree. There is besides a elaborate listing of our off cheques.

Banks describe on-line banking as a powerful “ value added ” tool to pull and retain new clients while assisting to extinguish dearly-won paper handling, in an progressively competitory banking environment. Nowdays, most big Bankss, many regional Bankss and even smaller Bankss and recognition brotherhoods offer some signifier of online banking, diversely known as Personal computer banking, place banking, electronic banking or Internet banking.

Advantages On Online Banking

Online banking in this coevals is going more and more common. Customers can make enough of dealing merely through Internet. Online banking besides allows clients to maintain path of record on our histories. Customers can look into on it in everyplace and anytime they want. Online banking makes their life easier and faster. Below are a few advantages of utilizing on-line banking:

1. Pay Your Bills Online

For the past 5 old ages back, bank leting their clients to pay their measures online. By paying their measures online, clients are get downing to extinguish the method by station. It is faster and users are allowed to cognize did their payment made or non. Customers will merely hold to register one time and they are allowed to utilize it in everyplace. The Bankss may bear down them a little sum of involvement but it will be faster and instantly payment will be made. This will do their life much easier.

2. See Your Minutess

On-line banking does let clients to see or look into their history payment merely in seconds. By now, they do non necessitate to do phone calls to the bank and delay for the bank officer to look into for our history. This besides will be safer comparison to do phone calls or direct letters to look into their payment. If any doomed during the directing procedure by station, their watchword or ID will seen by aliens.

3. Transfer Money Between Accounts

Online banking allows them to reassign money from one history to another history more rapidly. Nowadays, many people are making concern and it may affect million 1000000s of dollars. It will be safer if they can do reassign merely from on-line banking. Online banking besides can automatize to the service Centre that they are utilizing illustration, phone measures, house loan, monthly buying newspaper and many others.

4. Download Banking Minutess

If they are utilizing ATM cards frequently this is a must to download their banking minutess to do certain the balances in their history are right. This will do certain they are ever on path with their history balances. They besides do non hold to worry about happening a topographic point to maintain all our grosss.

5. Protect Yourself Online

Using on-line banking there are a few things that they have to take it serious. It is of import that they have to protect their ain information ‘s. If they are downloading their history dealing from cyberspace, they must retrieve to unclutter up the cookies. Passwords and user ID will seen by other people if they are non cognizant of this. It is really of import to do certain they clear everything before they leave the web site.

Disadvantages Of Online Banking

There are besides disadvantages to online banking services. The biggest job is that most people lack of trust, many people have doubts about the dealing, how can people believe a machine, many things can travel incorrect during the procedure. How many times have you performed minutess online and wondered whether you did the right thing? Of class, we can get the better of the job by publishing the dealing reception. This reception will conform whether the dealing has gone through successfully.

Online banking can be hard to larn for a novice and a site could take clip to get down up. Some sites ask for exposure designation, which can be really inconvenient. Many people have hapless seeing.

Most on-line banking sites provide tutorials for online banking. Some sites provide unrecorded online client support to supply solutions for all the jobs. The instances of online banking frauds are well low so we do n’t hold to worry about the safety of our money.

For some people, on-line banking is really convenient and utile, there is besides people who afraid to manage the banking system. All these have been taken attention of now, most Bankss have now started offering online banking services and a manual dealing could be done besides.

Maybank Online Banking

Malayan Banking Berhad or Maybank is the biggest commercial bank in Malaysia. It holds many fiscal holders in Malaysia every bit good as internationally, including Indonesia and Singapore. It was founded by Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat in 1960. Maybank has grown to the competitory advantage over the old ages and has more thank 300 subdivisions in Malaysia entirely. Few ages ago, the client of Maybank had to at all times go to the Maybank Centre and delay for long waiting lines to make their dealing. Nowadays, Maybank is making to the top and has become the first commercial bank in Malaysia to run its ain online banking system. was created in early 2001. Not excessively long after that, many banking establishment now has followed Maybank ‘s measure to online dealing. offers outstanding services to its clients, such as cyberspace banking, online Islamic banking, every bit good as services for recognition and charge cards holders, and many more. Of the full services offer by Maybank2u busiest service is the online banking dealing. These consist of doing payments and reassigning financess by the cyberspace. runs their ain policy under the Maybank Berhad footings and ordinances to do certain the security of their service is dependable to the clients. Although the security policy is non publically stated, as it is confidential, the same security policy is being used in each and every Maybank subdivisions in the universe. This is to guarantee the safety of the clients ‘ information and their satisfaction.

It is clear that Maybank2u uses the Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) for their general information system. A Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) is a type of information system that helps to roll up, modifies shops and retrieves aggregation of informations dealing of an single entity every bit good as an endeavor. E-business, e-commerce or other commercial concerns depend on the informations dependability of their dealing processing system. This is to do certain that their client acquire what was asked for and payment are made on clip. With Maybank2u, any sort of dealing can be made there and so.

It is really clip efficient particularly for busy people. Transaction treating system involves the fiscal section. This is because most dealing occur within Maybank2u revolves around hard currency, recognition, charges and history balances. Financial section are responsible on cognizing what goes in and out of the bank and client ‘s history.

Transaction Processing System

The dealing processing system offers characteristics that could alleviate enterprise dealing system to treat informations minutess faster in order to pull off the whole endeavor informations. There are peculiar features to run dealing processing system. A TPS is a really fast manner to treating dealing virtually and is really dependable as it is designed with precautions to pull off catastrophe onslaught, so clients will non worry of informations loss during a sudden catastrophe. It can easy be retrieved utilizing the client ‘s Idaho and watchword at the peculiar service Centre. Not merely it is dependable, TPS is besides standardized by the Transaction Processing Performance Council, intending that the system will ever treat every dealing made by the user with the same manner every clip there is a dealing. This is to guarantee the security of the system. Restricted entree is implemented to TPS, so that it can merely be used by the employees authorized by the system to avoid system mistakes.

There are two types of dealing, which are batch clip processing and existent clip processing. Batch clip treating differs from existent clip processing because batch clip treating merely processes minutess one time a month automatically and shops the resources subsequently for future dealing. This is normally needed when treating recognition card dealing. Meanwhile, existent clip processing is the sort that will update every dealing made instantly. This is of import because when a backdown of money is being made, bank and client ‘s history demand to be updated instantly so that both parties can maintain path of their financess. Therefore, both types of dealing are being applied by Maybank2u to function the populace in giving what they need. Another TPS feature is its lastingness which means that when the dealing is successful, no farther alterations can be made. However, in any instance of failure of the system, a log will be created to hive away all the dealing that has been completed. These common feature of a Transaction Processing System will do certain that the system is run consistently and standardized.

Security System

However, security is a major precedence to every large endeavors, particularly successful commercial banking. There is a batch of security issues involved particularly with covering with online dealing such as buying points or paying for services online. One of the chief security menaces of cyberspace banking is identity fraud. Identity fraud is non a new menace, as it has been mentioned most of the clip. But, there are still people who refuse to follow regulations made out to avoid this type of menace. Some retail merchants and shops are missing the consciousness of individuality fraud. Most instances of individuality fraud are holding their pin codification or watchword duplicated. Purchases by recognition and charges card are made by other people but non by the echt proprietor or the history. This sort of behavior can go on anyplace at any clip, particularly when shopping on-line, buying air hose and film tickets.

Maybank2u is ready for this sort of state of affairs. For illustration, before treating a payment, it is shown above to the users on how to happen the charge history figure, so that the client will non by chance input the incorrect history figure. To avoid individuality stealer or any other sort of individuality mischievousness, Maybank2u requires a Transaction Authorisation Code ( TAC ) to undergo the payment procedure.Therefore, in each and every dealing made by the user, a TAC will be sent to the client ‘s cell phone figure, and one time received it should be input within 2 hours into the TAC box before finishing the procedure. The Transaction Authorisation Code will automatically run out every 2 hours to avoid any security breach to the history. When the dealing is processed is successful, it will be automatically saved into the dealing history for future user mention. Its payment reception can besides be printed for supports.

Maybank has introduced this system to be used in all Maybank Centres worldwide. requires merely easy set up in making a history. User can log in utilizing their bing Maybank history. However, user demands to make an online watchword and user name to entree their existing bank history. By logging into the system, intending that the user of the history is cognizant of the footings and status applied by, and is cognizant that the site is unafraid as shown on the top right of the web site. Once logged in, user can entree everything sing of their history information, such as history balance, dealing history, Maybank debit minutess and banking statements.

The most interesting thing about Maybank2u is that the client can entree their history from place, office or anyplace with an cyberspace connexion, without worrying about the bunco of waiting particularly on busy hours. Best portion is, the site offers charging payment services to all chief general services. About 300 major payees are now available including Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor ( SYABAS ) , Tenaga Nasional Berhad ( TNB ) , Telekom Malaysia Berhad, MAXIS and ASTRO. It is wise to state Maybank has chosen a great dealing processing system in order to carry through all its clients necessitate merely by one chink a manner.

Instruction manuals On How To Use Maybank2u

Measure 1.

For Maybank clients, merely merely make a Maybank2u username and watchword at the nearest ATM machine.

For Non Maybank clients, the first measure is to open up a Maybank bank history at the nearest Maybank service Centre before making the Maybank2u username and watchword.

Measure 2.

Travel to

Measure 3

At the top right manus side of the web site, there ‘s an entree to the login page. Click the login icon and it will direct the user to the login page. Log in as a first clip user utilizing the username and watchword created from Maybank ATM machine.

Measure 4.

Once logged in, clients can entree the full history. The client can now treat their minutess by following the instructions.

However, for clients that log in utilizing public or shared computing machines, daring to be reminded to log out decently to avoid another mischievousness of individuality fraud. Maybank2u besides add a logout sum-up to steer users of Maybank2u on how to safely logout from the site


Looking at the research done we can come to a decision that online banking has make everyone ‘s lives easy and convenient and largely salvaging a batch of their clip when it comes to banking. There are a few false in on-line banking but there are more advantages of utilizing on-line banking. In today ‘s universe engineering has improved immensely and many Bankss have taken the upper manus on it and made banking non merely banking paying measures, making minutess, look intoing history balances and even online shopping easy for their clients convenience.


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