Online Friends Making Essay

Is It Wise to Make Friends Online? In the past few years, profiting from the widely spread and use of computers and cyberspace, making friends online has been ever-increasingly popular. As a consequence, the issue of building friendship with cyber friends has aroused people’s interest and doubt. A majority of young people, especially college students, are in favor of making friends online. While a good many parents and educational experts show their great anxieties and worries.

Making e-friends, in my opinion, is an ideal alternative to learn and to share. For one thing, making cyber friends provides a shortcut to acquire a knowledge of different cultures and customs. Nowadays, people are able to access to many worldwide websites, chat with people from afar and learn their distinctive civilization and thereby have a better and deeper understanding of our changing world. For example, facebook has become a best choice for young netizens to make foreign friends and appreciate their uniqueness.

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Online Friends Making Essay
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For another, building friendship in the virtual world frees us from embarrassment and awkwardness when we release personal emotions and share secrets with others. We talk to e-friends who are not our acquaintances in the real life. Therefore, it is easier for us to let out our anger or complaints from work or study, which is fairly conducive to mental health in this stressful age. To sum up, it is sound and wise for us to take advantage of the modern technology and make friends online.


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