Online Grading System Essay


Rating System is an exercising in professional judgement on thepart of the instructors. It involves the aggregation and rating of grounds on students’ accomplishment or public presentation over a specified period of clip. Through this procedure assorted types of descriptive information and steps of students’ public presentation are converted into classs that summarize students’ achievements. Online Grading System is a web-based application that can be used to make study cards. category grade list and roll sheet attending study. It posts the classs of the pupils online. The pupils have an history to entree their study card. Parents can see and be updated on the public presentation of their kids. While instructors work burden can be lessen through calculating the classs automatically.

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Online Grading System Essay
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Background of the Study

Teachers all over the state have discovered that when they utilize an online scaling system. they are able to rapidly and easy update. path. and grade pupil public presentation in much less clip than they of all time thought possible. Parents and pupils besides enjoy being able to take portion in an online scaling system. This is because pupils and parents can entree an online rating system with a watchword and can track classs and assignments whenever they need to.

This helps pupils go more cognizant of their classs and besides helps parents get involved in their child’s schooling. And as any instructor will state you. when parents and instructors can work together to assist a kid win. that kid has a much better opportunity of acquiring the most out of his or her schooling. The other great thing about an online scaling system is that it can besides be used to make study cards. assignment studies. category class lists. pupil GPA. seating charts. axial rotation sheets. attending studies. and more.


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