Online Grading System Sample Essay

Rating is a complex subject that involves philosophical. pedagogical. and matter-of-fact issues for all pupils. We all have our ain thoughts of how classs should be assigned. and what they should state us about the student’s public presentation. Since the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – SMB Campus. the Rating system of this University has gone under qualitative and quantitative alterations. Equally far as quantitative alterations are concerned. this proposal provides an overview of the PUPIANS scaling system. A critical appraisal of the strengths and failings of the PUPIANS scaling system requires an in-depth analysis of its construction. which goes beyond the range of this proposal. This proposal. however. seeks to supply basic information about the scaling system in PUP for those who are interested in going familiar with this system.

The chief aim of this paper is to suggest an effectual and friendly used rating system in PUPSMB. It shows the concluding classs of a pupil and the calculation of the class both midterm and finals. This proposal helps the pupil to be cognizant to their class if he/she is failed or go through the particular topic.

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Online Grading System Sample Essay
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Incomplete inside informations of rating system from the professor on how calculating the classs of the pupils in PUPSMBC.

Specific PROBLEM
1. Hardware
2. Beginning Code
3. Work Duration
4. Undertaking Cost
5. System Execution

To develop an electronic and advanced system that will let the pupils of PUPSMBC to demo their classs and how calculating it.


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