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DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY-DASMARINAS COLLEGE OF SCIENCE COMPUTER STUDIES DEPARTMENT Online Sales and Inventory System for Noliboy General Enterprises Jan Michael C. Bobadilla Wilfred Agustin P. Palermo Kenneth C. Cadano Frederick Russel C. Ducay 1. 0 Introduction 1. 1 Background of the Study The problem of the study is about the company’s inventory and sales system. Due to its current method of inventory system, the company has encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and stocks checking.

With these problems currently being encountered by the company, the motivation to create and implement an online sale and inventory system is high. To provide simple but accurate sales and inventory system in this company can have a big difference with their sales and eventually in their company’s reputation as one of the trusted hardware stores in its community. Noliboy General Enterprises is a hardware store located at Block 15 Lot 22 Phase2, Gold Street, Mary Homes Subdivision, Molino IV, Bacoor, Cavite. The company was founded by Mr. And Mrs. Nonelon B. Ogot.

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The company started as a small scale business selling elastomeric paints, cements, door knobs, fluorescent lamps, grass cutters, piping and light bulbs. The couple went on to build its first store at Molino IV, Bacoor, Cavite. Having a clear vision to become a premier construction products provider in Cavite and along with its trusted employees, the company started to be known in its community by their quality products and good service. The company started with a capital of Php600,000, not that big for a hardware business. But with the company’s dedication for hardwork and determination to rise amongst others, the small ardware store became one of those who are trusted when it comes to supplying construction materials within their community. Today, Noliboy General Enterprises boasts its tag as one of its community’s premier general merchandise store. 1. 2 Statement of the Research Problem The company is currently using manual system for checking and monitoring their stocks. Employees monitor the stocks with a six-hour interval manual tallying of their product’s current number. The company has stick to this process since its foundation and still implementing it through all of the products.

Due to its current way of monitoring its stocks, several problems have been triggering the company and by having a computerized system, these problems can be prevented. Listed below are some of the problems encountered by Noliboy General Enterprises. Product Monitoring. The company has experienced trouble in monitoring its stocks because of its manual tallying method. The proposed system will try to incorporate all the products into one inventory system that will check whether the stocks are still available or not. Faulty/Damaged Products.

Using a manual type of system brought problems in the company in determining whether a product is bought or rejected. The proposed system will tally the number of products bought, replaced, and rejected. Through that, the company can determine the real number of sales that it has made through a specific period of time. Product Evaluation. To have a system that will evaluate the company’s bestselling products is one that Noliboy General Enterprises is looking forward to have. Through that process, the company can determine what products must have a larger number than the others thus preventing product shortage.

The proposed system will be able to tally each and every product and will be able to determine what products are still numerous, scanty and zero in quantity The problems mentioned were the company’s concerns that lead them to try and apply the proposed computerized sales and inventory system. Hopefully by implementing the new system, work will be easier for the employees of the company and monitoring the stocks will be more accurate than before. 1. 3 Statement of Objectives 1. 3. 1 General Objective To develop an Online Sales and Inventory System for Noliboy General Enterprises 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives 1.

To identify the causes of the problems of the company by interviewing random employees and evaluating their statements 2. To implement the software through employee training, inventory management, and system conversion 1. 4 Significance of the Study The study will be a significant endeavour in promoting better work performance for the employees of an institution. The study will also be beneficial to the students taking up computer related courses and instructors in system analysis and design when employing an effective learning in classroom setting particularly in different concepts related to online sales and inventory management system.

Moreover, the study will be helpful for companies that need effective management of its products that it offers. The study can also be a future reference for researchers and systems analyst that need to incorporate a decent system with regards to sales and inventory. 1. 5 Scope and Limitations of the Study The study will concentrate on sales and inventory section of the company focusing on product monitoring and distribution. Thus, it will be limited only to the information gathered from the respondents that will come from the random interviews that will be taken throughout the course of the study.

Other systems not related to sales and inventory will not be included to the scope of the study. 1. 6 Methodology of the Study In order to have a better understanding of the study, V-Model Method is used in order to have a clear view of how the system will be developed throughout the course of the study. Instead of using the typical linear way that moves downwards, the process steps are bent upwards after the coding phase, to form a V shape. With this method, every phase will be reviewed carefully before proceeding to the next. The figure is shown below. See figure 1. 1 Figure 1. 1 the V-Model 2. Review of Related Literature The purpose of the study is to develop an online sale and inventory system for Noliboy General Enterprises. This chapter will tackle about the related research of online sale and inventory management and will briefly discuss its importance in a company and how it is related to some of the literatures stated below. Online Sales and Inventory System for Best Home General Merchandise (Illustrisimo,Macedonio,Sumaya,2009) Best Home General Merchandise’s sales and inventory system handles all the transactions of the company such as sales order, payment of the customers and delivery of products.

The inventory focuses on the products in stock, system security, maintenance and also returning of damaged products. For a more secured transaction, there would be an e-mail notification that will be sent to the customer’s e-mail for validation. The proposed system also holds the database of all the necessary information regarding the company. The proponents developed the system for the company to have an edge over their competitors and for faster transactions with their customer. The system has a user-friendly interface so that the users will not have a hard time navigating data in the company.

Online Sales and Inventory System for Furniture City, Bacoor (De Dios, Gomez, Leanillo,2009) Furniture City, Bacoor uses a web-based system that will handle their sales and inventory. Different transactions happening inside and out of the company such as sales order, payment of the customers and delivery of the products are also included in the system. The customers can easily view the company’s products online by visiting their website. The system also allows online ordering but requires the user to register for a more secured transaction.

The proponents developed the system for betterment and growth of the company. With the proposed system using web-based platform, it is easier for the customers to browse their products via internet and can easily order them and be delivered straight to their house. Why Study Inventory Management? www. supplychainacademy. com/… /Why_Study_Inventory_Management. doc In the study conducted by Professors David Pyke and M. Eric Johnson, it shows that inventory management yields significant improvements both in inventory cost and customer service levels.

Benefits from having an inventory system includes planning ahead based on actual customer demand, provides the supplier with visibility to the customers’ demands and saving inventory investment and improving service at the same time. The study can be applied to the proposed system mainly because it can reduce certain errors that will come up during the development of the system. Having a concrete background about inventory management will definitely be a big help in creating the system. Best Practices in Inventory Management http://forumcentral. sify. om/athena/login/casestudyinventory. pdf Conducted by K. Ravichandran and Debjyoti Paul, the study focused on inventory-related issues such as inventory holding, tracking goods and accuracy of inventory records. The organization achieved an inventory record accuracy by having an inventory system. The company also had a better management of damaged and unsealable stocks and selling them at a discounted price. Having a good inventory system can definitely change a company’s future. This was shown at the study where improvements in the company increased dramatically.


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