Only in America Essay

“Only in America” was written by Leiber. Stoller. Weill. and Mann ( 1963 ) as a vocal to propagate the American dream. After more than four decennaries of American dream to have a house. a auto. and to hold a good-paying occupation one can see that it is non adequate any longer for many ‘new’ Americans. Hard work and finding possibly were good plenty tools to “take a elephantine measure and range right up and touch the stars…” four decennaries ago ( that is if you were the right tegument colour ) but non any longer.

It does take a mastermind of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to go affluent utilizing their ain endowments as purchase. Or it takes a sheer fortune and some intuition to take part in existent estate guesss at precisely the right clip. Either. that precludes honest working folks who work their given hours a hebdomad and acquire adequate to pay the measures. More ( 2003 ) compared such to a drug “first prescribed to us as kids in the signifier of a fairy narrative. ” Surely. it happens for some. for a really few.

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Only in America Essay
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It does look that those really few knew precisely what they were making – either puting into the right stock. purchasing belongingss when they still cost in low 100s in California. or acquire on the tip of the moving ridge of advancement. like Bill Gates did. Well. for the few it worked but non for the bulk of us. It is non hard to calculate out the grounds. A rational idea would propose that American authorities is able to render every citizen rich – non needfully with the money distribution but with the commanding the purchase power of an mean citizen.

If to extinguish the political docket and alter the position quo to people-centered market. it is non hard to see that one transporting President of the state can make so by a ) extinguishing unneeded authorities bureaus and sections and B ) taking political and fiscal restrictions to the free endeavor. The latter action by itself can be really powerful for concern proprietors non holding a demand to counterbalance for the high rents and other costs to run a concern will maintain their merchandises of low cost.

Everything. from energy to communicating services. to the substructure will be less. much less as the consequence. Any concern proprietor understands that selling merchandises by the measure will convey more fiscal consequence than making so by higher cost and merchandising by the lesser Numberss. As the consequence. people. even those with meager incomes. will hold more purchase power by being able to afford much more than they can make today. That would raise the day-to-day comfort of people. They would go content for their heads would non be preoccupied with the sheer necessities needed by their households.

Material things and services. like houses. autos. nutrient. apparels. instruction demands. wellness demands should non be so much of a luck that people must acquire into the life-time debt to be able to afford it. If the necessities are met and people do non hold a hard clip to happen an appropriate for them occupation. the content should go widespread. As of now. most people live in fright. in fright of fring their occupations. in fright non being able to pay the mortgage and the auto notes. for fright non being able to run into their duty to their households.

Peoples who live by such fright can non see content. I one time knew a household. good solid 1. He was a instructor working in the same territory for over a decennary. She worked at the bank. They had a nice house. two autos. fine-looking furniture. but could non salvage plenty to pay their fiscal duties Oklahoman. They lived a nice life. but in debt. And so. the calamity shot. He lost the intent. feeling stagnated he left to his place state that he came from originally. Looking for felicity. he left his married woman and kids.

To avoid chitchat and speak in their community. she moved to another province with 50K dollars that came from his retirement program. Because she could non afford to go on paying for the house. the house was foreclosed. The same happened with one of the autos. Her recognition was in ruin. and now she had to get down anew. She was afraid to touch the money. whatever left from traveling and initial disbursals. After three months. she found a occupation at the bank. The income was merely plenty to cover rent and monthly measures.

What did go on to such a strong household who used to hold everything: each other. nice house. autos. two fantastic childs. and ability to purchase things they wanted… ? One could state they lived American Dream. but did they? Does material things constitute the Dream most people strive to in their lives? It is evident to me. that people who do non hold stuff comfort around them. whose life is hard because they have to cipher whether they have adequate money to buy oranges or grapes but can non afford both. they would believe that the terminal to their agencies would be populating like that twosome lived.

And yet. my friend. being a nice and nice adult male felt trapped and non content. Once people obtain the stuff means around them they shortly realize that their American Dream was non fancy autos or bigger places – it is the chance to make what their bosom desires: self-expression in the least sum. That would non go on if he had an chance to alter a occupation that he was making for 26 old ages. or at least to take a twelvemonth of sabbatical. That would non go on if they were non in debt paying $ 2500 for the house and $ 1000 a month for their two autos.

That would non go on if fiscal duties did non overload him conflicting with his inner desires. Here. I believe I came to the root of the inquiry whether this great state can give a feeling of being at place. Obviously. holding adequate income is non plenty. Extinguishing the demand to obtain debts to lift economically possibly would make for some. To my sentiment. nevertheless. the construct of American Dream was neither of that: it had nil to make with the fiscal portion of it.

If one looks deeper possibly it can be seen that the fulfilment of personal dreams through the structure’s support to each family’s felicity can render people happier. and if happy they feel the more at place they would see the state they live in. When people have to fight believing about their household economic sciences and cognizing that they can non alter their businesss because the discontinuance of income would convey their household to the fiscal ruin. they can non believe of their personal development through the alteration of way in their life.

They grow more and more discontent and discontented people are acrimonious people. people who can at the threshold of a move quit their state and travel looking for the felicity elsewhere. In decision. more and more people understand that described is non adequate to be happy in life. that making the occupation for the lone intent to acquire the money to purchase the house and a nice auto causes stagnancy. and as the consequence sadness and discontent. An chance that was promised as a portion of all American dream is declining and harder to hold on.

That is because people understand more and more that to be called Home. the society must offer something else: as in the promise to personal fulfilment – whatever it be. The thought of a place can be different from different positions. Surely. populating in a house with the backyard. driving a trade name new auto. and holding a respectable income can do features of a place for many people who had ne’er had such earlier. Yet. for others these are non plenty for they seek something else. possibly certain features of the society that increase the grade of their satisfaction from populating this life.

Yet for others the dream is to go affluent merely to detect ( in instance if they achieve it ) that even that was an semblance. The thought of a place can non be objectified for it is alone to the subjective perceptual experience of every individual who lives within the society. Mentions More. M. ( 2003 ) . Dude. where’s my state? ( publishing house? ) Jay and the Americans ( 1963 ) . Merely in America. Song written by Leiber. J. . Stoller. M. . Weill. C. . and Mann. B.


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