Opening Education Sector to Foreign Universities in India Essay

Peeing education to foreign universities can prove to be a milestone In Indian Education and e a solution to various types of faced problems simultaneously. There are many reasons for being optimistic about this decision. Kappa Isabel in his short span of time really brought a lot of change In Indian Education system. Today we see that many graduate students are migrating to foreign universities for Masters. Once a student drift to foreign country for higher education then later on to earn their money back that they have invested for higher education, they settle over there.

In this way the country loses many precious graduates. By collaborating foreign universities the dents don’t migrate and they can have the same quality education in their home country and thus can Impart a better service to the nation. Secondly, there are many universities in India which are outstanding at bachelors rule but not so good at Masters level except the prestigious It’s and NIT’s. The reason for this is that at masters level, a lot of research work needs to be done and unfortunately our country is unable to produce such labs.

There is another main reason for the students migrating to foreign countries thereby resulting to nearly $4 billion being drained out f the country. This decision helps In stopping students to stay In foreign for higher studies. As we are studying in Foreign Universities here itself in India then why students need to move foreign for the same thud prevailing “brain drain”. Moreover It will lower the chances of frauds to student as the foreign universities will be collaborated with Indian government directly.

So chances of the fraud will be less and student can gain interest without having a brain drain which is also accompanied by “money drain”. As the topic of money comes, It should be noticed hat once we have universities coming in India, they will come offering jobs not only in India but also abroad. This will result in huge savings as cost of living in India is very less. When a student goes abroad, he spends nearly RSI 15 to 20 lacks overall, out of which only 30% is his tuition fees. Most of the universities have tuition fees of 3 to 7 lacks per annum.

Now if he gets same education and opportunities, there is no compromise with the quality and our nation money does not go outside the country. This will increase the competition from foreign universities which will wake public educational institutions to improve their standards and quality of education. In turn public and private Institution will have to raise their bar due to competition. It will take Indian education to a next level. Above that there will be plenty of choices available to students consequently they won’t need to go abroad for the same course.

IANAL would open Its Coors Tort people all over ten world n nonce ten variety would De highlighted. There would be flow of foreign lecturers, foreign investments, foreign curriculum and foreign infrastructure. You may be aware that in foreign universities here is often a varied choice of subjects which may not even be related. You can, for example, study for a Master’s Degree in English Literature and, simultaneously, study for a Master’s Degree in Music. Which Indian University actually offers such a varied choice?

Here, you will have to do both these subjects separately, perhaps one after the other, which means more years spent in education than you would like. With India opening its doors to foreign Universities, students would certainly welcome the chance to study in more than one field. It is quite possible that the entry of foreign universities will create more career opportunities. From an acquaintance I came to know of an educated Professor with many years teaching experience being denied a chance to teach in a top Institute here only because his Ph. D. Was not of a foreign university!

Of course, that’s totally ridiculous and unfair. Maybe the entry of a foreign university offering a Ph. D. Could land that Professor the much-coveted teaching Job. Many people have the opinion that students are more attracted to western lifestyle than the quality of education over there and as most of them are attracted by their ultra and even though these universities if established in India serve no real use. This might be true in case of around 10 10th % of the students but the remaining 85% of the students aim mainly for studying and earning their Jobs.

So if foreign universities are collaborated with Indian universities these 85% of the students are going to stay back in India and can be turned out as a useful fruit to our country. Some people also have an opinion that gap between demand and supply intake capacity for higher education is so large that even if foreign universities do set up their shops, this gap is unlikely to be filled. But it should be understood that the demand of quality education is more and the bill can only help to bridge the gap, maybe not much but within certain amount of time, it will not remain such a big factor.

Now regarding the impression that as soon as the bill gets through . The foreign universities will line up in front of Kappa Sibyl with initial investment of 50 scores. However we all know that this is not at all what is going to happen but still we cannot lose our hopes by assuming that only B grades universities will offer . Moreover why will a foreign university invest scores of rupees to set up infrastructure in India if it is already substandard?

If not Yale and Oxford then Georgia, Imperial , Tech , Duke have already set up plans and are in talking terms with Mr. Kappa Sibyl. Thus I would like to conclude that opening education sector to foreign universities is in most of the aspects can prove to be a milestone as it not only beneficial to the nation but for the betterment of international relations as well. Thus it is not only a boon to the education sector but can also help UN to promote healthy relations among countries still under hostile conditions after all our aim is to make this world a better place to live in.

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