Operating in the Current Organizational Environment Essay

In order to do an efficient concerns, before we start our program, we must analysis the organisational environment. This is a really of import factor to each company or organisation. Organizational environment means the forces that can do an impact towards an organisation. We must analysis good because it can do the company whether earn the net income or loss the money. There are two types of organisational environment that are internal environment and external environment.

Internal environment refers the elements that are strength or failings inside the organisation itself. For illustration, it can be our resources or fiscal job. Before start the concern, we have to guarantee that financess are available for the organisation to develop. If our financess is positive, it can be calculate as a strength of organisation. In opposite manner, if the financess are low or organisation are in high debts, that is the failings of an organisation itself.

Following, internal environment besides include the human resources of an organisation. This is refer to the people that are being employed by the organisation. Make these people have the right making, explenius attitude that fit into their occupation regulations? This all factors will be consecutive influence the operation of the organisation.

Other than that, the behaviour of the employees that whether they behaved good or non besides make an consequence toward the public presentation of the organisation. The organisation ‘s mission statement, leading manners, and its organisational civilization besides are the factors that are often considered as a portion of the internal environment. We largely called the internal environment as a micro factors as it merely act upon the organisation internally, and that are governable and mutable.

Second, the external environment refer to factors that are unable control by ourself. It usually link with chance and besides menaces outside towards the organisation that ‘s PEST analysis and competition. P refer to political factors. E refer to economical factors. S refer to societal factors. T refer to technological factors. These factors will be influenced the determination devising of the house. The factors will present either an chance or menace as reference above. We largely called external environment as a macro factors because that are beyond the control of the organisation.

Political Factor

Political factors refers to the grade of authorities intercession such as authorities Torahs, statute law, policies, stableness, corruptness degree and others. Let ‘s take the organisation that provide instruction such as colleges or university. Government forbid that a foreign pupils are non able to work in our state but they have to use VISA every twelvemonth. So, in this, can be calculated as a menace for the instruction organisation. Next, if offense rate in our state are increasing and addition, it ‘s a serious of political jobs, so it ‘s a menace to us besides.


Economies factors refers to the public presentation of economic systems of the state itself. Different states may be categorized into developed and developing states and the economic activity of each state may be run under different economic system. The influencing factors include economic growing, unemployment rate, involvement rate, exchange rates and the rising prices rates. Other than that, rates of import and export besides influence the economical job. Import refer to outflow of place currency to other states. Export refer to inflow of money from other state to place state.


Social factors refer to lifestyle, civilization, pattern, believes of the people and associated demographic tendencies that are characteristic of a given geographic country. The act uponing factors have for illustration, today more adult female are working, late matrimonies, high divorce rates that might do to kids with societal jobs such as high bead on in school, low birthrate rates and all that. These all factors affect the value and clients credence of the merchandises, clients penchants, employees attitudes on their plants, and ethical issues.

Technological FACTORS

Technological factors refer to new invention of proficient or devices, production methods or new research findings. If the market supply the new engineering that aid in concern production, possibly we can see that accept more order or even do with a new thought or assorted types of picks to make a good gross revenues public presentation.


Following, rival is one of the factor in external environment. New rival in the market that is same industry with my organisation is consider as a menace for us. They will come out a new merchandise that will pull out client to them at that place. So, to get the better of this, we have to set some our method before to maintain on traveling our concerns.


SWOT analysis is a strategic planning that organisation used to specify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a undertaking or in a concern joint venture. It is much used to garner information on the current state of affairs of an organisation.

Strength and failings are the internal environment. Opportunity and menaces are external environments. Strengths refer to features in an organisation itself that give it an advantage over others in the industry. Failings defined as the Characteristics of the endeavor at a disadvantage relation to other. Opportunities is extra opportunities to us do greater gross revenues or net incomes in the market. Menaces refer to extra elements in the environment that could convey and do problem for the concern.


The concerns that I interviewed is a letter paper shops that located nearby with my populating countries here. The letter paper shops name ‘s EVERJOY STATIONERY STORES.

It set up at twelvemonth 2001 boulder clay now 2011. It has the history of 10 of its concerns.

The company sells a batch of letter paper that are needed by pupils or working individual. There have swayer pen, pencil, alteration book, dictionary, casts, A4 paper, and all the things that are needed in authorship or drawing. The proprietor of the letter paper shops name ‘s CHONG KIM HOCK. It shops provide a really good service to their client that ever with smile faces. It besides provide extra services like adhering a paper or photocopier. The proprietor of this store have accepted my interview and reply a few of my inquiry.


The strength of this letter paper shops is its location topographic point. It located at the Taman houses which nearby with many abodes about. Another of its advantages is out Taman there merely has this one letter paper shops which provides complete letter paper. So, concerns of proprietor is good all the yearss. Apart from that, the monetary value of selling besides cheaper than other outside letter paper store. Not merely this, although the monetary value is lower, but non because of that doing the quality become no good. Photocopier machine of there besides is good in engineering, its has picks for us whether is black or coloring material.

The failings EVERJOY STATIONERY STORES is because of his store are excessively specific, and besides of letter paper, nil is selling at that place. So, got besides client of they will kick. The proprietor explained that, because of the countries of his store non large plenty for him to sell other things, so he merely can sell the same things all the clip. This is a failings for his store. Another failings of this letter paper store is excessively late of opening clip and excessively early of shutting clip. The store opens at every 11.00 forenoon and stopping point at 08.00 dark. The clients encourage the foreman unfastened earlier and near more late for adequate clip to them who are merely back from work to travel at that place and purchase thing.

I merely acquire informed by the proprietor of the store that chances of EVERJOY STATIONERY STORE is he will open another of subdivisions that are non so far with our Taman here and topographic point are large plenty for him to sell many thing like a mini markets because is excessively much of demand in this life countries. The new store besides name ‘s EVERJOY MINI MARKETS.

The menaces of EVERJOY STATIONERY STORES is a few of food market shops that near with the store got sells a few types of letter paper besides such as pencil, eraser. Although that are non excessively much, but it besides has a small influenced.


In order to get the better of the job of menaces and failings. In the failings, I suggest that maintain on provide all the stationery things. But I recovered that, the topographic point is non large plenty for the foreman to sell other things is because of some little corner of the stores has been filled with dust. I believed that if set up them justly, there still have a little topographic point that are plenty for the foreman to sell other related things. For the concern hours, the proprietor can open earlier at 09.30 am in the forenoon because this clip are good plenty for him to fix all the things and shut the store at 10.00pm at the dark.

As for the menaces, the company have to come out with a batch of new things that can pull a positions of clients and will maintain them wanted. For illustration, they can put their mark to childs, come out with a new image or endearing sketch onto the eraser. This will pull the childs and purchase from them.


In my ain sentiment, my personal findings throughout this undertaking is no affair which industry we are in, before we get downing or the concern is still traveling on, we still have to detect all the factor that are strength, failings, chances and menaces for our company. If we are non to make so, we will shortly travel to a incorrect way and will stop up a concern shuting down. All things are altering every twenty-four hours and every clip, so we need to set it harmonizing the clip in order to do efficient concern in all the clip.


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