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Operation management 2 2. 0 Finding… 2 2. 1 Questionl ??” 2. 2 Question 2. 3 Question 4 2. 4 Question 4……………………………………… 3. 0 Conclusion…. ??” By Chee-Yang Table Content Executive summary………………………………………………. 1 1. 0 Introduction 7 Executive summary Penang Mutiara Hotel is a famous luxurious hotel in the South-East Asia. This report is regarding to finding about the operation function strategy of the Peanag Mutiara Hotel to achieve success of strategy.

The operation strategic decision it helps to identify what are the operation functions of Penang Mutiara hotel and what are the arket requirement of the hotel. Besides, it also using the Hayes & Wheelwright model to analyze what is the hotel suitable for. By using the Hayes & Wheelwright model, the model which compromise with four stages the stages which are the internally neutral, externally neutral, internally supportive, and the externally supportive. Furthermore, according to this case it also explaining what is the operation contribution to achieve by applying it to the general manager.

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After describing the operation contribution what to apply and it may explain what are the five operational performance objectives of it hotel. In the end of the case which is to finding the importance key contribution of operation activities. The Penang Mutiara Hotel is one of the luxurious hotel in the South-East Asia which owned by the Pernas-OUE of Malaysia and managed by the Singapore Mandarian International hotel. Hence Penang Mutiara gives to its customers with the quality of service and also wants to give everything what it guests wants and needs. . 0 Finding 2. 1 Question 1 In this case, the customer of the Penang Mutiara which would like to return back to the hotel because of the hotel serving the customer or it guests with high potential uality service. For example, fast response to its customer, some of the customer which might request something else that is important from a staff and the staff of its hotel quickly sorted out immediately, while this will bring benefits to it hotel because the staff are doing thing fast.

Next to keep promise to be of service to the customer, for example the hotel staff which would ready the accounts when the guests depart and this will influence the guests expects a dependable service. Last, most of it staff is multi skilled employee. For example to avoid the irritating delays, when a guests ave been to the hotel before so the staff of its hotel try to avoid having to repeat the information back to the customer. Besides and also the reception staff would simply check weather if the customer has stayed before, retrieve the information and straight take its customer to their room.

In order to achieve the competitive advantage and satisfy the customer needs the Penang Mutiara hotel by serving it customer with impeccable service. For example, the hotels staff must be courteous at all time and also keep friendly to its customers. The hotel of it staff also have the knowledge to answer the customer question when they asked. Besides, to improve with satisfying the customer needs and wants, the customer. However, the customer had requested for some food that the hotel restaurant don’t have and the staff of t hotel to make sure they can go to the supermarket and try to get it what the customer of its hotel require.

Hence this is also a very important to maintain the motivation of the staff side effect. 2. 2 Question (Hayes & Wheelwright. , 1985) had described the four generic roles of that manufacturing can play within a company from a strategic perspective. In stage one, internal neutrality, this is something that are the poorest level of operation function ontribution. In this stage, the operation contribution it also lacking in flair and competitive drives. The operation functions of this stage are inward looking and at best reactive.

The vision of this stage is to be internally neutral a position it attempts to achieve not by anything positive but it is the best contribution to avoid big mistake. For example in this stage which is to focus the internally neutral, which focus with the daily issue of its hotel is like is the toilet clean enough. When comes to stage two, stage two is the externally neutral which is a stage that the operation function has to e compare itself with other competitors performance.

While comparing itself with the competitors performance which might also need to adopting the “best practice” that which may take the best idea and norms of performance from the competitors. By filtering the best practice performance from the competitors, the Penang Mutiara Hotel is well prepared for the market competition. For example, the Peanang Mutiara hotel must build a staff training team which to provide more good service to the hotel customers, hence as most of the competitors are also doing the same. Stage three, internally supportive.

Base on this stage the internally supportive which focus on improving an organization operation and to achieve the first class companies in the market. At this stage, operation function of the hotel staff it must supposed to be assisting the hotel service to perform better than the competitors in some perceptions. Besides, the operation function of this stage is to require to achieving one of the best hotel in the competitors market itself. Hence by this judgment, a clear view is supposed to brought by the operations, which the hotel staff service develop an excellent operation resources, and finally it will excels in arket.

For example, the quality of the hotel service is better than other competitor in the market, so the staff of it hotel it will perform better than the rest of competitor. The final stage externally supportive which is to sees the operation function as providing one of bases for its competitive success. In this stage the operation which are creative and proactive, likely to organize its resources in ways which are capable of adaption and innovative as markets change. Last, in this stage it is also a long term driver of strategy which the operation are not only developing an appropriate esources and also implementing the competitive strategy.

Meanwhile for the Penang Mutiara Hotel, the hotel itself also can provide some event which can let the guests of the hotel to participate, and the winner can get some offer and so on. Besides, it also can provide more facilities which might be able to add value to its guests. 2. 3 Question 3 According to the case study of Penang Mutiara Hotel, the General Manager of the competitors. Firstly, expand the business in other place to gain more market share and to compete with other strong competitors in the South-East Asia.

Besides that, he manager which should also diversifying its service to fulfil the demands of customers, for example such as offering the customer with difference holiday traveling package and also to diversifying types of food. Last, the manager also can form a membership card to gain more loyalty customer which to be can offer more special service and good prices. Be appropriate, for the Penang Mutiara Hotel to get more success it has to using an appropriate strategy to enhance the customer satisfaction, for example offer high class quality, standard hotel services and a comfortable environment for the customers.

Meanwhile, the manager of the Penang Mutiara Hotel must be innovative. By having innovation the hotel it might fulfil its customer satisfaction, for example, the hotel of its promotion must be innovative such as certain period have certain special prices which to attract the customer. The manager of its hotel also needs to develop an operation which to drives long term capabilities to the hotel. For example, by upgrading the technology such as available free Wi-Fi internet access in the hotel hall, providing traffic map at the reception counter, promotion information at the internet website, and the hotel quality service.

Last, the hotel it staff need to improve their quality service such as foreign language, while improving in this situation it might be communicate well with the customer at the end it bring long term of capabilities to the hotel. 2. 4 Question 4 Slack et al. (2007) explain that five operations performance objectives which can allow the organization to measure its operation performance by using the five basic performance which are the quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost.

Quality Quality it means “do thing right”. Doing thing right it may give out or providing error goods and services to satisfy the customer. According to the case study of Penang Mutiara Hotel, the hotel wishes to provide the best service by producing impeccable service to the customer. The staff of it hotel are courteous, helpful and friendly enough to the customer. Besides that the hotel of if staffs it has the quality of knowledge to answer the customer if anything requested or be asked.

Other than that, for the Penang Mutiara Hotel, the hardware of the whole building which to support the hotel atmosphere to let the customer look luxurious of it, and also using the top class durable material to create the right impression and environment too. Speed Speed it mean “do something fast”. While doing something fast it might minimize the time which to give advantage the customer. For the Penang Mutiara Hotel, the time between the customer requesting are not allow to let them wait too long instead of the staff response it as immediately and this is considered as speed adds flexibility.

Besides that, the hotel also minimizing the time when the customer call room service to request a meal instead of going out restaurant to eat. Last, speed adds delivering for the new customer entrance and also the available room information. Dependability In this stage performance, dependability which it means “do something on time”. While doing something in time for the customer in order to receive their goods and services when are promised. For the Penang Mutiara Hotel, they are making sure that the room are having been ready and the accounts bill is ready present on time for the customer when they depart.

Last, when there is a banquet, they also make sure that the food, drinks and entertainment has to be everything on time. Flexibility In this performance mean a clear result responding to the environment is that an rganization to change their product and services and also changes of the way they do business. (Peter, T, 1998) argues that changes and develops flexible and responsive of organization to cope with dynamics business environment. For the Penang Mutiara Hotel, flexibility adds quality, they had the ability to adjust the number of customer treated.

For example, the customer of it hotel require something that does not exists in the hotel restaurant and the staff will go to the supermarket and try to get it. Other than that, the hotel also it has the ability to adjust the number of customer served with insufficient of staff working. Cost In this stage cost it means “do things cheaply’, one major operation objective is that the company compete with prices is “cost”. Low price is an attractive objective to luring the customer, and also which can be achieved by producing goods at lower costs.

For the Penang Mutiara Hotel, mostly all of the other objectives are affect costs. For example, the Penang Mutiara Hotel treated their customer as good quality so the customer it might return back to the hotel, hence in the end the more guests they have which keeps cost per guest down and profitability reasonable, and it’s the uality of the service which keep their volume high and cost low. 3. 0 Conclusion The Penang Mutiara Hotel is a luxurious hotel in the South-East Asia.

The hotel are managed to maintain it competitiveness with their current existing strategy, but however, their current strategy are still insufficient to compete with the competitors itself. Hence Penang Mutiara Hotel in order to keep their competitiveness with competes with the competitors by strengthening in their own operation strategy with innovation and creativity. In the end, the Penang Mutiara Hotel it will be success to gain its brand image and loyal customer too.


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