Operation Management Etisalat Services Essay

“ We enable people to make each other, concerns to happen new markets and everyone to carry through their possible. Across the UAE, we provide telephone, Television and Internet services for everyone, and much more for concerns. We are progressively present in international markets.

Our clients enjoy the latest services and engineerings, every bit good as a pick of great amusement. ”

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Operation Management Etisalat Services Essay
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Table of Contentss
Table of Contentss 2

1. Abstract 2

2. Introduction 3

3. Strategic Context 4

4. Procedure design and layout 8

5. Capacity and demand 13

6. Decision 16

7. Mentions 18

8. Appendixs 19

1. Abstract
The undertaking deals with the operation direction of Etisalat telecommunication. Under the undertaking, the history and accomplishments of the company are analyzed maintaining in position the service and operation done in the company. The undertakings at first analyzes the Input Process Output Model in Etisalat, followed by some jobs associated the company and public presentation aim of the company. Procedure function in Etisalat has besides been discussed with work order procedure as the chief subject. Finally, at the terminal of the undertaking, capacity of the company and demand of the clients are discussed which leads to a higher demand and higher capacity in the company.

2. Introduction
2.1 Etisalat: History and accomplishments
Etisalat, besides known as Emirates Telecommunication Corporation is one of the most population telecommunication services in Middle East. This is a UAE based company which performs its maps in 18 states of the universe including states from Asia, Africa and Middle East. Harmonizing to the statistics of November 2009, Etisalat has come to the degree where it has reached the thirteenth place among all the telecommunication companies of the universe. At that clip the company had a entire base of more than 100 million clients.

Etisalat is considered to be one of the biggest cyberspace hubs in Middle East. It is known as AS8966 and it provides linking services to other nomadic operators in the part every bit good. It ha the largest web of international voice naming traffic in Middle East. Etisalat provides many other services in different parts of the universe like it provides POP ( Points of Presences ) services in the metropoliss like London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Amsterdam.

Harmonizing to the statistics of January 2010, the company has reached net gross of $ 8.4 Billion which is tantamount to AED 30.831 Billion achieving the net net income of 42.407 Billion.

Some of the international accomplishments of Etisalat count Mobily in Saudi, PTCL in Pakistan, Canar in Sudan, EMTS in Nigeria, etc. The company has reached a raking of A 1 + in keeping strong balance sheet ( Global evaluation portal, 2010 )

3. Strategic Context
3.1 Input- Process- Output theoretical account
Etisalat deals its information handling with a theoretical account called Input Process Output Model in which the three footings has a immense important. The information in the company is taken into attention by these three procedures. The first measure of the theoretical account is input which means that the information sing any issue in the telecommunication services is fed into the company. These the several information is procedures. Along with the processing of the information, storage is besides associated. The information which are solved by the company instantly gives an end product but the information which are hard to undertake gets stored in the storage chamber and once more thee are processed taking to a right end product.

Input Process Output theoretical account is by and large used in the company in order to cover with the client ailments and other issues. This theoretical account in Etisalat explains the issue of importance of clients in the organisation and how of import is for the company to keep good dealingss with them. It is necessary for the company to work out the jobs and Input Process Output theoretical accounts suits all the necessary demands.

Input Process Output model in the company suggests a additive patterned advance which helps the company to continue from one class to the following. It besides helps in developing the believing degree o the employees working in the company.

There are three chief features of Input Process Output Model which are Trust, planning and structuring which come under the forming measure of the theoretical account. Functioning measure of the theoretical account contains some features like Bonding, accommodating, larning and eventually coating is the stairss. These are three stairss in which company enrolls the full Input Process Output Model ( Daniel R. Ilgen, 2005 ) .

The followers is the diagram screening Input Process Output Model in the company:

Fig 3.1 Input Process Output Model in Etisalat
3.2 4- VS
4- VS base for four chief points which are against the company. There are some of import points on which the company needs to better in order to acquire the best from the industry. Four of the chief jobs in Etisalat are as follows:

There are some GSM issues in the company which is considered to be one of the biggest jobs of Etisalat in UAE. Recently, it has been found that some serious jobs in GSM services of the company have come.

Another job is the internet connectivity in the web of Etisalat particularly in th BlackBerry phone. There is some job with the company to acquire the codification for unlocking the phone

I Phone is another issue in Etisalat web. The company is non able to give good support in the I Phone

E- Support of the company is non that effectual as comparison to the other companies. Customers are non satisfied with the electronic support of the company and its merchandises. There are some regular jobs happening.

3.3 5- Performance Objective
The chief public presentation aims for Etisalat are quality, cost, clip, flexibleness and dependableness.

These aims of the company may be summarized as follows:

Etisalat chiefly work in order to acquire to more and more people to widen the range of the company continuously in order to turn more as the clip goes

Company aims for the people to populate in a universe where the distance between them does non count. This means that company need to execute in such a manner that through telecommunication engineering, it can govern out the distance among the people

Company ‘s nonsubjective includes full openness towards the client so that any client can make to the company if he or she has nay job

Company aims to open up the chances for each and every person and loves to assist the people in order to acquire the best end product and give the best public presentation to the industry

One of the chief public presentation aims of the company is to achieve a high degree of energy among the employees and other staff of the company in order to foster the people with the best telecommunication services possible.

3.4 Polar diagram
There are several features of the services provided by Etisalat. These features are associated with the public presentation of the company. These are some of the of import characteristics associating to public presentation aim of the company. Features for public presentation aim for Etisalat are quality, cost efficiency, clip, and flexibleness in work and dependableness in production. We can hold a polar representation of above described features of public presentation aims.


Technical services

Speed dependableness

Production services

Quality Flexibility

Fig 3.2 Polar diagram for Performance Objective of Etisalat
4. Procedure design and layout
4.1 Process Type
The chief procedure which comes under consideration in Etisalat services is Work order procedure. Work Order processing is one of the finest solutions for the companies which provide services with fix and fresh new merchandises. This procedure chiefly deals with the full processing unit of the company which helps in tracking the work order of the company which means that procedures which are implemented will be managed under this. There are some of the of import characteristics of work order procedure of any company like:

Work order entry in a logically designed manner

It is easy to do the precedences in the occupation map harmonizing to clip, quality and cost

Inquires sing bore down in the company can be done

Out of stock points can b easy identified

Easier to bring forth contracts of work order for the client

It facilitates the back order for the procedure which help the procedure T be re writable

There are different types of list associated with the work order procedure which are as follows:

Work order study

Report for the technician

Report for unfastened work order

Report for work stage

Tools for work stage

4.2 Procedure Function
Procedure function in the company ‘s work burden procedure goes harmonizing to a proper programming work. Process function is besides known as charting of the procedure. This method is used chiefly for the work to be stream lined. In Etisalat, the function of the procedure is done in order to picture the exact sequence of the fabricating the telecommunication services and acquire the coveted result.

There are chiefly six stairss used in Process function in Etisalat:

Follow one merchandise or service and the group of that merchandise or service: In such a instance, Etisalat clearly follows the telecommunication services and the industry which it belongs to is the telecommunication service

Placement of the constituents at the right place is the following measure in procedure function. In Etisalat, it is necessary to organize a group among the clients sing the market potency and market gaining control

Showing the constituents is the following measure in which the determination is taken among the sorted market scenario. Under this, all the schemes are made harmonizing to market placement of the company and the clients

Describing the events is an indispensable measure a before taking the concluding determination, it gets necessary to cognize about all the groups which have been taken into consideration

All the extra information are added in the procedure function in order to do it clear that nil gets left under the full execution of the procedure

Finally unifying is done in order to unite the bomber services or sub merchandises to do the merchandise or services complete. Like in order to do a SIM, company demands to make assorted stand in services like adding telecommunication installation in it, cyberspace, GPS, etc. These all are combined and presented

Fig 4.1 Process function
4.3 Through out efficiency
Etisalat has got a through out efficiency for the past few old ages as over the past several old ages, the company has attained a really good acknowledgment in the international market and has got awards in the sub continent of Africa and Middle East. The company provides the client services through out which is of the highest degree. The success in the state has continuously increasing every bit at the recent yesteryear client base of he company has reached more than 94 Million which means that there are around 100 million clients of the company ( Etisalat ‘s Global Customer Base Reaches 94 Million, 2009 ) . Through out success of the company is chiefly because of the three corner rocks of the company i.e. bettering quality, services to the clients and invention in the merchandises ( Quality Counts ) .

4.4 Layout and flux
Fig 4.2 Work order procedure Layout/ Flow chart
Above flow chart shows the work order procedure which takes topographic point in Etisalat. There are some of import stairss which are followed in the layout. At the initial phase the clients visits the company Centre of concern and make full the application for high velocity cyberspace which gets updated in the IT system of the company as per the demand. Then work order gets transferred to the quality squad for review intent. Then work order from the company gets released. Automatic port is allocated to each procedure. After all this work order gets printed with the name of the squad of client services which is further sorted by the supervisor and distributed every bit among the technicians of the company. These records are maintained by supervisors.

Now the function of the technician in the company starts as clients are called by him for the theoretical account to acquire installed in the computing machine of the client. If the work is proper so work orders will be signed by the clients who are returned to the chief office and are checked by supervisor once more for shuting ad eventually measures are made for the client. This is how the full procedure goes on.

4.5 Long- thin compared to short fat
Etisalat believes in the policy of long thin concern as compared to the short fat concern which means that company believes in the long term net income instead than short term net income in the company. Even if the net income is coming lesser so besides company goes for a long term relationship with the clients. Main ground behind penchant of long thin on short fat is that company wants to do better relationships with the clients and in order to make so, company is ready to counterbalance for the immense net income but it is non possible for the company that it travel for immense net income but really short term relationship with the clients. This will non give good concern to the company and will come to an terminal really shortly ; hence the attack followed by Etisalat is perfectly all right every bit far as concern context is seen.

5. Capacity and demand
5.1 Capacity Plans
Etisalat has a immense capacity to supply assorted services to the clients. This is the ground that the company is one of the biggest in the capacity planning in full UAE. Capacity of the company is like it has purchased 155 Mbps broadband overseas telegram between UAE ad Japan which has a really high capacity and will give really crisp aid to the company ( ETISALAT Purchases STM-1 -155Mbps- Broadband Capacity On Flag Europe-Asia Cable Between UAE and Japan. ) .

The company has a immense capacity of six concern centres like:

Main Business Center in Etisalat Tower

Khaledia Business Center

Salem Business Center

Mussafah Business centre

Samha Business Center

Mafraq Business Center

The above described are the concern centres for the company which means that these are the six chief topographic points from where the concern of the company is running. The fabrication, production, fiscal and operational map for the company takes topographic point from these concern centres merely.

There are six chief mercantile establishments of the company in UAE from where the merchandising of the services of Etisalat takes topographic point. These mercantile establishments are as follows:

Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall

Al wahda Mall

Khaledia Mall

Raha Mall

Madinat Zayed Malls

The above are the mercantile establishments of the company which means that these are the topographic point where the company sells the merchandise and services to make it to the normal public.

There is a really close relationship between the capacity of the company and the demand of the clients. The capacity of the company harmonizing the figure of orders which have been created by the company is given in following tabular array. The tabular array besides given the value which shows the how many orders were utilised which means that what precisely was the demand of the clients. The tabular array is as follows:

















Table 5.1 Number of service orders created and closed during 2nd one-fourth of 2010
The above tabular array shows that there is a spread between the demand of the clients and the capacity of the company. This is true that demand of the clients are really high which shows that the company has a immense value but the processing system of the company is so superb that it has a capacity much higher than it is required by the clients. But, from the above tabular array we can see that the spread between demand and capacity continuously lessening.

Fig 5.1 Service orders of Etisalat
Equally far as the capacity of the company harmonizing to the employees it has is concerned, the company has 140 field technician and 80 gross revenues staff of the company. Capacities of technicians are higher than the gross revenues staff. The mean public presentation of the staff is higher in instance of the gross revenues staff ; the chief ground could be the higher productiveness in the company by the gross revenues section. Fig 5.1 shows the full service order capacity of the company

Number of Staff
Avg. Performance of staff
Monthly end product
Field Technicians



Gross saless Staff



Table 5.2 Number of staff involved in making and shutting service orders
5.2 Demand Management Option
Demand direction is one of the most of import functions which is played by the company. We have seen in the old subdivision that demand of the clients and the capacity of the company are closely related. It may be possible that both have a really short spread and it may be possible that both have a really long spread. Etisalat ever want to shorten the spread between the capacity of the company and the demand of the clients.

Etisalat supports in head the fact that capacity of the company should be higher than the demand and it should be much high but in instance of the merchandise or the services created should hold a really short spread with regard to the demand of the clients of the company.

Demand direction option gives Etisalat an exact figure about how much such the company produces in order to carry through the demands of the clients. It is non necessary that company should be 100 percent efficient i.e. it should make 100 per centum of its capacity. The services should be created maintaining in head the demand of the clients in order to bring forth the maximal net income and in order to get away from the inordinate storage. Demand is something which is perfectly in the custodies of the company as higher demand is created with high degree of committedness of the company with improved quality and nice services provided by the company. So, in order to increase the demand and do it harmonizing to the capacity of the company, Etisalat should more believe about the quality prospective.

6. Decision
Etisalat is one of the taking telecommunication services in the universe and in UAE, it is the best. This study includes operational direction prospective of the company and has shown how the services provided by the company are generated. Company uses Input Process Output theoretical account in order to make up one’s mind the work order procedure in the company which is maintained by the procedure mapping done in order to streamline the things traveling on in the company as per the operations perspective. High growing and high public presentation of the company neglects some of the disadvantages.

Etisalat has a fantastic capacity to bring forth more and more services and it has a immense demand every bit good but still the capacity of the company is so high that even the services created go much higher than the demand of the clients. It is required by the company to carry through the spread between the services produced and the demand of the clients in order to win in the concern. Large capacity with demand direction option with the company makes it easier for Etisalat to further earn net income in the industry. With impressive accomplishments made by the company, Etisalat stands among the top three companies with highest market gaining control in Middle East.


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