Operational Activities of Tesco and Coca Cola Essay

Executive Summary

Operationss direction plays a cardinal function in accomplishing the public presentation aims at Tesco and Coca Cola. The implicit in purpose is to gait in such a manner that the focal point lays on the client demands and wants while the organisation stays profitable. Significant facts have been established with exclusive focal point on use of resources by both the companies in an efficient mode.

Organizational difference between the two companies has been highlighted under the visible radiation of operations direction. And an rating mix based on both the organisations ‘ operational model is elaborated picturing assorted factors involved. A critical analysis on the construction of both the organisations is provided which chiefly entails the similarities and differences on their several procedures and operations.

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Operational Activities of Tesco and Coca Cola Essay
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Section A

In the undermentioned subdivision, debut to the selected companies is provided in which a deep penetration into the designation of current clients is discussed and what current schemes are applied to them. Along with that, it has besides been explained that how the operations are aligned to the client demands.

Introduction to TESCO

Tesco is the largest retail merchant concatenation in the UK and the 3rd largest in the universe. To be exact, as stated in Tesco About Us, ( 2010 ), it has operations in 2,362 shops in Britain entirely. Tesco started off by merchandising merely food markets but now it merchandizes about every consumer merchandise runing from a needle to consumer electronics and fiscal serves. It has grown through assorted acquisitions of concerns. As Tesco has grown and so hold its employees. Tesco presently employs 286,394 staff in the UK and over 460,000 worldwide ( The Times 100, 2009 ). To function bigger markets it needs well-trained staff. The UK is the company ‘s largest market, where it operates under four streamers of Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. The company sells about 40,000 nutrient merchandises, including vesture and other non-food lines. The company ‘s own-label merchandises ( 50 per centum of gross revenues ) are at three degrees, value, normal and finest. It knows that better staff cognition, accomplishments and occupation satisfaction is all critical to its farther growing. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //ivoryresearch.com/sample5.php )

2.1 Customers

Current tendencies indicate that British clients have moved towards ‘one-stop ‘ and ‘bulk ‘ shopping, which is due to a assortment of societal alterations. Tesco have, hence, increased the sum of non-food points available for sale. Tesco is strictly a consumer centred organisation. It invariably strives to offer new services, merchandises and ways to shop. It besides makes certain that the bringing is executed on clip and is hassle free with no strings attached. Its clients include two entities which comprise of B2C and B2B ; domestic or regular purchasers and little concerns that buy in majority for farther retail, severally. Harmonizing to Baba, ( 2009 ), Tesco has an sum market portion of 30.5 % with ASDA following it with about half the slowdown.

2.2 Alliance

All the shops are linked to a database and stock list control is ensured in order to run into the consumer demands. It keeps on giving price reductions on goods that are in demand and client focussed. Particularly during seasonal events, Tesco has the policy of take downing the monetary values while keeping the quality of merchandises as good services offered. Tesco makes usage of progress engineering in its modus operandi every bit good as specialised jobs. It has innovated and deployed cameras to cut down waiting lines on self-service boulder claies. This is considered as a discovery in mechanised retail concern.

Introduction to Coca Cola

Coca Cola started it operations from Atlanta in 1886 as a drug to alleviate from concern by a druggist Dr. John S Pemberton. Later it became popular and was put into production as a carbonated Cola drink. Presently, The Coca Cola Company is the universe ‘s prima maker, seller and distributer of non-alcoholic drink dressed ores and sirups, and produces about 400 trade names. Its winning squad comprises of over 92,800 employees globally. It has operations in more than 200 states. Coca Cola Great Britain ( CCGB ) offers 21 trade names and over a 100 merchandises to the consumers in the UK. Its regional central offices are situated in west London.

3.1 Customers

Coca Cola is a refreshing and invigorating trade name and caters to the same market as such. Customers include the young person and immature grownups but childs and grownups have besides shown frequent ingestion forms over clip. Harmonizing to Coca Cola, ( 2010 ), it offers about 1.6 billion helpings of its merchandises to the consumers per twenty-four hours. This represents that it has a immense client base and is really popular among many.

3.2 Alliance

Coca Cola ‘s huge operations system is responsible of providing to variable demand of its consumers. With a client base this big, it has concentrated on its supply concatenation system to guarantee ready handiness of Coca Cola merchandises to its consumers. It has marketed itself at the right topographic point and at the right clip to guarantee its presence among its valued clients. It has catered to the regional values and blended itself into the civilization of its consumers such that it keeps the client relationship bond intact.


4.1 Entire Quality Management ( TQM )

As mentioned by Oakland, ( 1995 ), Entire Quality Management is a mix of entire quality and entire direction. It specifies quality, defines service and quality of service. Following are a few of the TQM rules adopted by both the selected companies.

4.1.1 Employee Training

Employee preparation and forces development is an built-in portion of any organisation. Be it the top direction or the field staff, preparation is really of import. ( Pulat, 1994 ) Tesco ‘s huge operations and client handling requires a subtly good trained staff. For this they conduct regular cheques and public presentation measurings to place cardinal lacks in the system and seek to deracinate them through proper preparation. Similarly, debut of new merchandises or services in the trade name portfolio requires development of employees. Coca Cola relies on developing its valuable staff sporadically. Be it the advanced engineering betterment in production or new stock list direction package, Coca Cola strives to supply their work force with preparations runing from basic degree to the advanced.

4.1.2 Continuous Improvement

Continuous betterment is a really basic construct of TQM and must be a portion of every organisation. Tesco patterns committedness towards closed cringle feedback for system rectification. It focuses on the communicating procedure and obtains feedback both from its employees and from the clients to speed up the betterment procedure. Coca Cola, on the other manus, patterns continuous betterment which means that the procedures should be made so efficient that no faulty article reaches the market place. Hence, unbending the procedures such that they are aligned to the client demands.

4.1.3 Teamwork

In the current scenario of cut pharynx competition in the market, houses need to be equipped with multi-dimensional, flexible and competitory work force to be effectual. Coca Cola develop its staff in order to make transverse functional squads which, in return, give the company harmonized systems of control till the lowest degree of hierarchy. Tesco creates chances for its workers to hone their teamwork abilities by delegating them a assortment of undertakings. It, therefore, synergizes its employees in chase of a common end – client satisfaction.

4.2 Selling schemes

Harmonizing to Etzel, ( 2008 ), selling scheme is a procedure which involves use of limited resources to achieve chances and finally, client satisfaction. Following are some growing schemes designed to place and concentrate on the client.

4.2.1 Cost Support System

Cost support system signifies that the organisation is taking the concern due to its low cost of production. Tesco being a market leader in retail shop concern has managed to cut its costs in many ways. It has implanted automated boulder claies where clients are basking self-service. Through this it has managed to cut some of its human resource employment cost. Additionally, the execution of equal stock list control system has slashed Tesco ‘s over or under make fulling jobs which has, in return, saved fringy disbursals. Coca Cola has adopted new ways of bottling and through proper research, managed to cut down any wastage cost. Besides, they have their ain filtration and recycling workss which have condensed H2O use by 21 % ( Coca Cola, 2010 ).

4.2.2 Market Subdivision

Market subdivision is done in order to place the persons who portion one or more characteristic that distinguishes them with regard to demand of similar merchandises based on qualities and monetary values etc. Coca Cola has segmented its merchandise to the immature coevals which is energetic and dynamic. It has positioned itself in the same manner as it mark market is. It is available everyplace in the signifier of bottles and peddling machines placed in offices, canteens, bars etc. On the other manus, Tesco targets the shopping community like homemakers and grownups. They have an entree to self-earned money and do purchasing determinations themselves.

4.2.3 Product Differentiation

Product differentiation is all about making a differentiating factor that make the merchandise stand out of crowd. Tesco has differentiated itself by monetary value cut downing phenomenon. It offers astonishing price reductions and gives off bundle offers. Furthermore, handiness of about every point that a consumer wants is ensured which makes it a ‘one store halt ‘ for everybody. Coca Cola ‘s greatest differentiating factor is its bottle form and its alone gustatory sensation. The form of the bottle communicates glamors and quality and the gustatory sensation has a sense of polish in it.

Section B

Operations Management Framework

As described by Render, ( 2001 ), operations direction is a procedure concerned with efficient and effectual production of goods and services while run intoing client penchants.

5.1 Process Planning and Design

Procedure planing involves understanding the two terminals that is where to get down and where to complete maintaining in position the assorted demands and restrictions during the method performed. Process planning and design refers to the fact of transmutation the procedure that can present factors like low cost, high quality, enhanced functionality and velocity etc. to the production procedure of goods or services. Coca Cola has production in many states and is responsible of bring forthing extremely standardized merchandises in big volumes. Coca Cola has become a trade good and a necessity to the consumers. The production normally runs 24 hours a twenty-four hours and seven yearss a hebdomad. This all has been achieved through planning and planing the procedure of production.

Tesco, on the other manus, follows a lesser mechanised channel of attack. It does n’t hold to travel through the boring production procedure but it does box goods to be placed in the shops. Planning and design is an ongoing procedure so Tesco has been continuously be aftering to distribute its fixed cost over the volume. It offers a generalised flow store operation ( See Appendix ) which allows the clients an easiness of entree to all the subdivisions without herding out and making bottle cervixs.

5.2 Procedure Function

Business procedure function comprises of the activities that define a route map about what the concern really does, the criterion and where does the duty concatenation go to. Coca Cola has adopted this construct of making value concatenation and set uping the links in the value concatenation that where the value needs to be added continuously. Meaningful flow charts, work flow diagrams and value watercourse maps have been designed in order to pre map any latent ambiguities or confusions sing the procedures. Its production procedure has been made more efficient and it has found and fixed the armed robberies in the procedure through this. Tesco Management uses procedure function to revise bing services and add more services into its operations. However, due to a different nature of concern, it uses procedure function less often.

5.3 Layout Planning

The end of layout planning is to let workers, equipment ( and where applicable, clients ) to run at extremum effectivity, efficiency and involves finding the most executable locations of the installations in order to increase efficiency and minimise cost of operations. Layout planning is a really built-in and normally practiced phenomenon in both the organisations. Layout be aftering affect the best locations where a merchandise can be displayed and where it would derive the most consumer attending.

Tesco, being a retail shop, exhibits assorted layouts for clients to acquire attracted. The merchandises offered are good placed and ordered in symmetricalness. Particular offers are positioned normally at the entryway of the marketplace and at the oculus degree of aisle. Tesco evaluates the trade name presence by demand and positive traits to put it on the shelves as a convenience factor. Like new publicities are advertised within the shop through print media and are placed within the range of common client.

Coca Cola keenly places it merchandises harmonizing to the shop size. In little retail mercantile establishments, it focuses on trade name visibleness every bit good as merchandise handiness. Merchandise and ice chests are placed in such a manner that they are the first thing to be noticed by the client who enters the shop. Whereas in big retail ironss, a proper subdivision is allotted for the Coca Cola ware. The aisle is decorated with Coca Cola print advertizements and best-selling and new merchandises are placed at oculus degree of the consumer to make trade name acknowledgment.

5.4 Supply Chain Management

As mentioned by Blanchard, ( 2007 ), supply concatenation direction is an ongoing procedure which aims to harmonise the motion, storage, use and the whole value concatenation which include the procedure from buying to postponing.

Tesco has adopted the rules of supply concatenation direction and has reduced its costs by around 45 %. As a consequence, it has been able to take down its stock list as good ( Tesco, 2010 ). As it deals in consumer electronics and basic trade goods with standard benefits like nutrient, place supplies, standard vesture etc. its chief map here is cost decrease aligned with client satisfaction. With the manner goods, timeline is focussed more due to quickly altering tendencies. Tesco trades with both the domestic clients every bit good as to concern clients i.e. B2C and B2B severally. So, it has aligned itself good to provide to both the markets ( Brock, 2010 ).

By implementing supply concatenation direction construct, Coca Cola has reduced its stock list costs and production functionality. This has besides enabled the company to guarantee a rapid bringing of their merchandises to the mercantile establishments and finally the consumers. One more facet that urges Coca Cola to invariably better its supply concatenation system is its belonging to the fast moving consumer goods ( FMCG ) sector.

5.5 Schedule Management

Schedule direction is all about guaranting that the right undertakings are conducted at the right clip and on the right points. Following are some of the factors that the companies keep in their heads while pull offing operations.

5.5.1 Demand Forecast

Coca Cola schedules itself by executing a demand prognosis to back up the whole operations direction procedure. It plans its capacity beforehand to guarantee a steady flow for the future gross revenues. For illustration, Coca Cola foresees its gross revenues to travel up in summers or societal events so it schedules the production of merchandises in such a manner that it caters to the increased demand of the consumers. Similarly, Tesco follows the demand calculating techniques to remain profitable and be able to react to demand during the times of societal events and festivals. For illustration, clients would desire costumes and Cucurbita pepos during Halloween and Christmas trees during Christmas.

5.5.2 Master Scheduling

Key participants in maestro programming are gross revenues and operations. Coca Cola has disaggregated its work flow into different major balls. Through this a synergism is created which has a greater and better consequence on the overall production procedure. This means that production procedure is divided into assorted sections and a amount of all would ensue into a whole. Coca-Cola alters the maestro agenda and as a consequence, stock lists, lead times and capacity demands are altered in favor.

Tesco, on the other manus, manages the stock lists and supply lines in conformity to the trade good demand. For illustration, perishable goods like frozen nutrient are kept till the mentioned expiry period. To do certain nil goes wasted, appropriate measures are taken and under storage capacity.

5.6 Thin Management

Thin direction, harmonizing to Plenert, ( 2007 ), refers to the procedure of riddance of costs every bit good as wastes during production procedure.

Coca Cola is one of the leaders in waste direction system. It has laid a three factor phenomenon i.e. cut down, reuse and recycle the packaging. It has introduced a new bottle design which is 20 % lighter and it has slashed C emanations by 2,200 metric tons ( Coca-Cola, 2010 ). The company has established recycle zones at certain topographic points to promote recycling of waste. The glass bottles presently contain about 37 % recycled glass, while half of the aluminum used in the tins is recycled. Using the metal in this manner saves 95 per cent of the energy needed to fabricate it from its natural signifier. Hence, new ways have helped slice costs attached.

Tesco patterns employee authorization. It has a squad of multi-cultural persons working under one roof. They have been delegated certain governments that help profit both themselves and the clients. They ‘ve been able to stipulate value in footings of competitory pricing. Furthermore, it has cut costs by developing the staff therefore cut downing the mishandling and waste of perishable goods and delicate points. It pursues flawlessness by making client pull value through value watercourse.

5.7 Inventory Management System

An intelligent stock list direction system is what about every organisation needs today. Tesco was one of the first 1s to follow the RFID system in pattern. What intent does it function is that conventional saloon codifications are replaced with computing machine french friess or smart tickets. And this makes usage of radio engineering to track stock list. It goes through two phases i.e. foremost ; the providers tag the stock list and direct it to the several mercantile establishments. To do certain it reaches at the right mercantile establishment, they are monitored wirelessly. Second, the already reached stock list is unpacked and further allotted with a different RFID and sent to shelves. One of the cardinal benefits it offers is that it prevents from shoplifting.

However, Coca Cola patterns a spot simpler stock list direction system. It gathers the needed natural stuffs like dressed ore etc. from assorted defines beginnings harmonizing to the demands and shops them for operations. Particular natural stuff is selected and sent to the work in procedure. Therefore easing the full production procedure.

Critical Analysis on Differences between Organizations

Although both the companies have client focused in their heads, the chief difference between both Tesco and Coca Cola is their nature of production. Coca Cola serves in the fabrication sector and produced high quality goods for ingestion whereas, Tesco maps in the service sector and is involved in the production of services. It besides acts as a in-between adult male for assorted trades.

Coca Cola is a soft drink drinks retail concern that serves both the markets i.e. concern to consumer and concern to concern clients. It offers its services to little graduated table every bit good as big graduated table retail mercantile establishments in the signifier of packaged drink. And for the concern community, it has contracts with assorted concerns like McDonalds and Burger king etc. and provides them with peddling machines. It has paced itself good in the industry and ever meets the consumer demands. The operation deductions of Coca Cola involve a high tech drink mill that produces high quality drinks and works 24 hours a twenty-four hours and seven yearss a hebdomad. A steady supply of natural stuffs is managed at a gait harmonious to the production procedure. A proper storage and stock list control system is besides maintained in order to help the supply concatenation facets and so the supply of drinks to the terminal user is ensured at any cost.

Tesco, on the other manus, is in a supermarket concern. It focuses more on its mercantile establishments and the services it provide to the clients. Furthermore, a cardinal fact non to be neglected is its on-line shop named as Tesco Direct. As the name suggests, the bringing is made direct to the defined topographic point. All the deals that Tesco offers are available online on Tesco Direct. This facilitates the consumer even before sing the shop hence adding value. Apart from covering in the consumer goods, Tesco is besides a cardinal participant in assorted other Fieldss. It operates in Garden centres, for fiscal services it runs its ain bank viz. Tesco bank. In add-on to that, it has its ain trade name of electronics merchandises known as Technika. Other services offered include its presence in the telecom and energy sector as good.

Section C

Evaluation of Mix

Today, carry oning operations in an environment in which if one does n’t germinate from crude ways, it will travel disused. Changeless invention in operations model and choosing a client focused attack is really of import.

The operations at Coca Cola Corporation are in coaction with their long and short term ends. Through their staunch schemes and their strict execution, Coca Cola has been able to better itself in footings of fiscal growing every bit good as the market portion. A better logistics system has helped it make out to his clients at a rapid gait. And with the execution of a better and more advanced production works, it has benefited its ain growing by increasing the production capacity and entree to multiple productions at a clip.

The quality criterions are maintained harmonizing to the universe accredited standards like ISO and environment friendly criterions. They have shifted to utilizing CFC free machinery in their hair-raisers and ice chests which are much healthier. With acceptance of supply concatenation direction system, the company has enabled a systematic attack to operations. The direction of supply concatenation and operations has helped the company to supply the clients with the needed satisfaction degree they wanted.

Coca Cola is one of the leaders in waste direction system. It has laid a three factor phenomenon i.e. cut down, reuse and recycle the packaging. It has introduced a new bottle design which is 20 % lighter and it has slashed C emanations by 2,200 metric tons ( Coca-Cola, 2010 ).

Tesco besides has a smart stock list control and direction system. From aggregation of goods till their sale, everything is scrutinized and put under cheque to guarantee free flow through proper channel. This has facilitated them to pull off and calculate the demand of goods that are demanded more and the 1s that are demanded lesser frequently.

Coca Cola provides an first-class client services programme by presenting new drinks harmonizing to the gustatory sensation of the clients and by making this they are really successful in keeping the bing client ‘s trueness and catching new clients. Coke besides introduces a coke wages programme. My Coke Rewards is client trueness selling run for the Coca-Cola soft drink. Customers enter codifications found on specially marked bundles of Coca-Cola merchandises on a web site. Codes can besides be entered “ on the spell ” by texting them from a cell phone. These codifications are converted into practical “ points ” which can in bend be redeemed by members for assorted awards.

On the other manus Tesco ‘s Club card trueness strategy is designed non merely to honor members based on their spend, but besides to enable Tesco to better understand and run into the demands and penchants of its clients by entering and analyzing their purchasing behavior.

In each Club card mailing, Tesco uses the information gained from its trueness strategy to supply clients with offers that are as appropriate to them as possible. In fact, as a member, when you receive your Club card verifiers, you ‘ll besides have one of over 80,000 different combinations of other particular offers and verifiers, allocated to you based on your old purchases and shopping wonts. So alternatively of holding to throw half of the excess verifiers off, you should be able to salvage money by utilizing them all!

Tesco was one of the first 1s to follow the RFID system in pattern. What intent does it function is that conventional saloon codifications are replaced with computing machine french friess or smart tickets. And this makes usage of radio engineering to track stock list.

However, Coca Cola patterns a spot simpler stock list direction system. It gathers the needed natural stuffs like dressed ore etc. from assorted defines beginnings harmonizing to the demands and shops them for operations. Particular natural stuff is selected and sent to the work in procedure.

By implementing supply concatenation direction construct, Coca Cola has reduced its stock list costs and production functionality. This has besides enabled the company to guarantee a rapid bringing of their merchandises to the mercantile establishments and finally the consumers. One more facet that urges Coca Cola to invariably better its supply concatenation system is its belonging to the fast moving consumer goods ( FMCG ) sector.

The thin processs have devised employee authorization and led both Tesco and Coca Cola to cut down every bit good as manage its wastes and finally the costs attached to it. Coca Cola has deployed big waste bins in the metropoliss to promote recycling and patterns recycling and recycling waste excessively. Tesco is besides really focussed to employee authorization and gives off inducements to the 1s who show public presentation. Additionally, value is non something that is merely attached to monetary value, quality or service but it is related to the experience every bit good. Layout be aftering dramas a acute portion in carry throughing this demand of the client. This satisfaction is achieved when the perceived value goes relative to the quality provided. Hence, the value is added at every measure of production of goods or services.

Procedure mechanization in the fabrication of Coca Cola merchandises and in-store mechanisation of Tesco has reduced the costs a great trade and has added worth to the companies. The schemes and techniques for production of goods and services are invariably adding value to the agencies of production every bit good as to the client norms which is making a bond between organisations and the clients.

By tracking public presentation on a regular footing, both the companies can place countries that are executing good, every bit good as those that need to be improved and worldwide aims non merely to retain clients. They a bigger portion of each client ‘s ‘wallet ‘ – the sum of money the client has to pass on their merchandises.


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