Operations Management Tools In State Engineering Corporation Construction Essay

The building industry is a really competitory high-risk business.It is non unjust to state that late the building sector economic system of Sri Lanka has faced a terrible and unprecedented downfall.Reasons for this are of class diverse.The universe was undeniably heading towards a recession and Sri Lankan economic system was on a slippery route from the past decennary or so get downing from extra-ordinary outgos for the war attempts, loss of consciousness to work the unfastened economic system, general sense of hopelessness in an alarming ambiance of turning corruptness, junior-grade political relations and ill-conceived economic policies and mishaps.

As the professionals in industry big figure of employees in all degrees of the building sector from the architecture office, contractor ‘s houses, valuers and measure surveyors officers all have been laid away and go on to gnaw the work force in the building sector.Clients have begun to rub the underside of their pockets and have postponed paying for the services already done.This has been the general background of the building industry in Sri Lanka.

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Operations Management Tools In State Engineering Corporation Construction Essay
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The State Engineering Corporation ( SEC ) really was non that unfortunate to undergo all of the above issues mentioned.The province backup was ever provided when of all time there was a crisis.Most significantly all most all of the undertakings offered during the recession period was from public sector.As shortly as the war ended there was a immense chance specially in the Northen state. The Government of Sri Lanka ( GOSL ) was chiefly responsible for execution of the major undertaking proposals, funded by the IMF, World Bank and ADB.The authorities establishments coming under different ministries has offered big sum of undertakings changing from medium to big scale.But to be the Premier Engineering Enterprise in Sri Lanka the SEC should look for more chances and need to acquire a competitory advantage as it ever can non depend on the authorities backup.

I am confident that the advanced direction patterns proposed will surely heighten the public presentation of the SEC and thereby puting taking illustration for the building industry in Sri Lanka.

State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka in Brief

State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka is a State sponsored corporation established under the State Industrial Corporation Act. No 49 of 1957, on 1st January 1962 by the Ceylon Government Gazette, and maps straight under the Ministry of Housing and Construction. It has been systematically ranked as one of the top Engineering Construction Organizations in Sri Lanka.

The State Engineering Corporation ( SEC ) was established to carry through a most ambitious undertakings of set abouting the design and building of a figure of monolithic industrial composites which were a major constituent of the development plan of the state at that time.In fulfilment of this function, the corporation successfully completed the largest and most impressive array of undertakings, a individual organisation has of all time been responsible for in modern Sri Lanka.These include more than 40 mills such as steel, Sur, cement, paper, fabric, plyboard, hardware, ceramic etc. , complete with substructure services such as sewage, H2O supply, electricity, roads, drainage and air conditioning. These undertakings commissioned and now working are memorials to the accomplishments of the SEC.

Subsequently, the development programs of the authorities besides necessitated the building of a big figure of multi-storeyed edifices such as secretariats, Bankss, infirmaries, schools, lodging undertakings etc. , spread throughout the island. The corporation has been responsible for the design and building of the bulk of these projects.The harnessing of the river vale for agricultural and hydro-electric development was another of import facet of the authorities ‘s development program.The State Engineering Corporation has been a major spouse in the building of dikes, hydro-electric undertakings, channels etc. , notably the Polgolla Diversion Project, Ukuwela Power House, Kalawewa, Dambulu-Oya, Kirindi-Oya Spillway and Radial Gates etc. , which comprised of Phase I of the Mahaweli Scheme, and the Lunugamvehera Scheme.

During the last decennary, much accent was placed by the province on the building of lodging, the corporation was mostly involved in the design and building of several major authorities lodging strategies and a big figure of smaller lodging undertakings in Colombo and suburbs.In the recent yesteryear, SEC has diversified its activities and had under taken Technical & A ; Project Management of several big undertakings in the state. Besides it has acted as local adviser to foreign patterns excessively.

Our Vision

To be the Premier Engineering Enterprise in Sri Lanka

Our Mission

To accomplish excellence in design, building, fabrication, fiction and undertaking direction services in supplying advanced and incorporate solution that exceed the client outlooks, with the engagement of a competent and motivated work force within a comfortable endeavor and thereby lend to the National development.

The chief aims are as follows:

Planning, probe, design and building of industrial undertakings in the populace sector.

Training of Engineers, Architects and other technicalA staff necessary for carrying-out the planning, probe, design and building of industrial and technology undertakings in the populace sector.

Functioning as advisers to State Corporations and Govt. Departments with respect to planning, probe, design and building of industrial and technology undertakings.

Transporting out research with a position to bettering bing building stuffs and techniques, and methods.

The industry and selling of precast concrete, pre-stressed concrete and other similar merchandises.

With the blessing of the Minister, the transporting out ofA the planning, probe, design and building of Industrial and Engineering Projects in the Private Sector.

To advance, take part in, set about any undertakings or ventures associating to or conducive to the above objects inclusive in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, and for such purpose if necessary to take part in the formation of a Company, or to buy portions in any company.

The operation as Agents of or for any Company or CorporationA or individuals transporting on the concern of industry of equipment or machinery of any type or any parts thereof or any tools used for proficient intents.

As the Prime Minister Engineering Organization in Sri Lanka, State Engineering CorporationA is engaged inA the undermentioned subjects of Engineering.

Engineering Design



Undertaking Management

Information Management

The principal concern activities of the Corporation are handled by four chief groups, each headed by a Deputy General Manager ( DGM ) , who reports straight to the General Manager.The four chief groups are.

Building and Civil Engineering Construction Group

Building and Civil Engineering Consultancy Group

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Group

Construction Component Group

Each group is geared to set about undertakings falling within their domains or to work together with any or all other groups to supply a complete design and construct technology package.These groups are assisted by service sections, which handle Computer Services, Personnel, Administration, Finance, Legal, Supplies & A ; Security Services.

The State Engineering Corporation today is the lone local technology organisation in Sri Lanka, which offers the widest assortment of Architectural and Engineering services under one roof, with odd experience and capableness. The organisation chart of State Engineering Corporation foregrounding the cardinal forces is attached on following page.

Organization Chart – State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka

Building & A ; Civil Engineering Construction Group

The Civil & A ; Building Construction Group carries out all types of heavy and light civil building work and edifice building work for the province and the private sector.Every building undertaking undertaken by this group comes under the prevue of an experient hired applied scientist who functions as the director ( building ) , who reports to the DGM ( building ) .Currently there are five building directors covering the undertakings in southern, western, cardinal, northern and eastern states in Sri Lanka.There are all big and average size building work sites headed by hired applied scientists, while little work sites are manned by alumnus engineers.The plants undertaken by this group include industrial composites & A ; industrial estates, lodging strategies, irrigation & A ; hydro-power strategies, athleticss composites, multi-storeyed edifices for offices, stores, infirmaries, schools, roads and Bridgess, H2O intervention workss & A ; distribution strategies, sewerage & A ; waste H2O intervention workss & A ; disposal strategies.

Building & A ; Civil Engineering Consultancy Group

A The Consultancy Group headed by the Deputy General Manager ( Consultancy ) employs to the full qualified and experient staff of Architects, Civil, Structural, Mechanical & A ; Electrical Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. This group is equipped with modern computing machine assisted design and drafting installations and geared to offer complete consultancy services in the undermentioned Fieldss.

Industrial – Factories, Warehouses, Assembly & A ; Production lines, Community Theaters, Religious Buildings, Police Stations, Museums, Pharmaceutical Factories

Educational – Primary /Nursery /other Schools, University Complexes, Training Colleges, Physical Education ComplexesA

Residential & A ; Sports – Luxury, Medium and Low Cost Housing Schemes, Hostels, Staff Quarters, Stadiums

Recreational & A ; Health – Sports Centers, Indoor and Outdoor Stadia, Swimming Pools, Hospitals, Community Halls, Libraries

Commercial & As ; Office – Banks, Super markets, Secretariat Buildings, Office Buildings, Shopping CentersA

Mechanical & A ; Electrical Engineering Group

The Mechanical & A ; Electrical Engineering Services Group headed by the Deputy General Manager ( Mechanical & A ; Electrical ) exploit alone resources and capablenesss in the design and development of merchandises and systems while at the same time supplying the advantage of experience in the industry and installing of industrial workss, steel constructions, pre fabricated edifices etc. This Group operates two to the full equipped workshops, for steel fictions and machining, and for heavy building works care. It besides operates A welder Training School with a preparation class for high class welders, complete with non destructive testing installations Training School for Plant Mechanics, Fitters, Boiler Makers etc. under the supervising of qualified staff.

This group is besides the defender of broad assortment of heavy building equipment for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering activities.Skills have been developed over a wide spectrum of activities.

Mechanical installing of works and machinery

Industrial Electrical installing ( power and exchange cogwheel )

Design and fiction of heavy welded steel constructions to international codifications.

Design and fiction of force per unit area vass, storage armored combat vehicles, heat money changers and procedure systems

Design and building of stuffs managing systems and constituents

Design and building of heap foundation and infrastructure for multi-storeyed edifices, breakwaters, Bridgess etc.

Construction Component Group

The Construction Components Group headed by a Deputy General Manager ( Construction Components ) operates three big pre-cast concrete mills, one of which is equipped with a big panel constituent mill for pre-fabricated lodging. It besides operates brick and block devising mills and two big modern woodworking shops The pre-cast and pre-stressing techniques used by the Corporation are the most advanced in Sri Lanka and compares favourably with international standards.A

The precast concrete constituents manufactured by S.E.C. autumn into the undermentioned classs: Bridge Beams Concrete Building Components – Beams, Columns, Column Pockets, step instances Floor lab units, roof frames, eddying etc. Standard Building Frames up to three narratives of different spans Domestic H2O armored combat vehicles ( wire con ) , infected armored combat vehicles Electrical & A ; Telegraph Poles Kerb Stones and Paving Slabs Concrete Drainage Pipes Wall & A ; Floor Panels. Other constructing stuffs manufactured by this group includes high strength cement sand blocks of assorted sizes, high strength criterion technology bricks and Dolomite calcium hydroxide.

This group besides has installations for drying and force per unit area impregnated intervention of lumber for usage in structural constituents in edifices. It besides manufactures doors Windowss, door and window frames, larder closets, family furniture etc.

Current Management Practices of State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka

1.SWOT Analysis:

It is of import to place the internal and external factors that are favourable and unfavourable in accomplishing organisational aims of an organization.Therefore SWOT analysis strategic planning method is used to place the strengths, failings, chances and menaces involved in the concern activities of SEC.

Strength: The handiness of multi-disciplinary group of professionals employed by the province is the highest strength of the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka. At present the divisional offices are located at every strategic topographic point covering the full island.Specially with the terminal of the war new divisional offices were established in mannar and vavuniya to manage the new building undertakings in those areas.Also the section officers could be deployed really rapidly for the aid of any authorities organization.The section is provided with some minimal support and as a consequence professional advices with some fiscal aid to authorities organisations in constructing infinite jobs could be extended at catastrophe state of affairss.

Failing: Rigid regulations and ordinances have affected the bringing procedure of work plans and Information and Communication Technology will be used to get the better of this state of affairs.

Opportunities: Government ministry or organisation can obtain the services of the SEC utilizing amalgamate fund for the building programs.The duty of constructing building plans can bemaintained throughout its life-time since we are a authorities building organization.Most of the clip we work with inhouse lasting staff so that deployment of staff to work under highly high security and confidential countries is possible.

Menaces: The SEC is required to follow Financial Regulations, Treasury Circulars, Inland Revenue guidelines and assorted other processs in procurance, enlisting, direction duty which are clip consuming, whereas the private sector is non bound by any ordinances. As a consequence authorities organisations prefer to utilize private sector in implementing building undertakings.

2. Performance Management

Pull offing people for public presentation is ever of import to accomplish organisational objectives.Each division has their ain aims and Top Management will guarantee that the quality aims including those needed to run into demands for undertakings are established at relevant map and degrees within the organization.The quality aims shall be SMART. i.e.specific, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic and seasonableness.

3. Resource Management

The State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka has gained ISO 9001:2000 enfranchisement for all its service divisions.Each division will find and supply the resources needed to implement and keep quality direction system and continually better its effectiveness.This would besides heighten client satisfaction by accurately placing client demands.

4.Competency Training and Awareness

The SEC will find the necessary competence for personel acting work efficiency conformance to project requirements.By heightening preparation installations to develop accomplishments of all building trades would profit to run into the national accomplishments standards.Currently SEC has preparation installations for steel fictions and machining, and for heavy building works care. It besides operates A welder Training School with a preparation class for high class welders, complete with non destructive testing installations Training School for Plant Mechanics, Fitters, Boiler Makers etc. under the supervising of qualified staff.

5.Internal Communication

Top Management will guarantee that appropriate communicating procedures are established with the organization.The communicating takes topographic point sing the effectivity of the quality direction system.Both Oral and written communicating will be used in order to convey the message clearly to others.

Advanced Management Practices for a Better Managed Organization

Construction undertakings represent a alone set of activities that must take topographic point to bring forth a alone merchandise. The success of a undertaking is judged by run intoing the standard of cost, clip, safety, resource allotment, and quality.The intent of advanced direction is to accomplish ends and aims through the planned costs of resources that meet the undertaking ‘s quality, cost, clip, range and other requirements.The following advanced direction patterns would be applicable for a better managed organisation.

Making Partnerships

Partnering is possibly one of the most advanced developments in presenting a undertaking expeditiously and cut downing building disputes.It provides a sound footing for a ”win-win ” clime and teamwork.This competence is achieved by originating and making chances to work with others across the organisation to maximise single and organisational effectivity and working efficaciously across organisational boundaries to carry through a shared objective.It requires developing webs and confederations across the different sections in the organisation to construct authorization and support for ideas.Improved apprehension between different people in different sections could ease the root causes of hapless undertaking public presentation and uneffective communication.It could ensue in significant public presentation betterments in footings of clip, cost, and quality as a whole to future projects.Partnering is designed to minimise occupation costs and agenda overproductions which is really of import in today ‘s building business.The partnering procedure efforts to set up good working relationships between undertaking interest holders. This would accomplish through a reciprocally developed partnering procedure.

Partnering derives many benefits to the client, advisers, undertaking directors, chief contractor, subcontractors, and on-site employees. Although partnering may non decide all the jobs encountered in the building procedure, it creates an effectual construction to cut down struggles and thereby better communicating and cut down legal problems.Indeed partnering requires committedness at all degrees and each undertaking interest holder can roll up benefits in partnering.

2..Creating a Learning Environment

Normally people tend to see what is familiar to them as normal and frequently take for granted that different civilizations exist, and possibly may see others as unnatural since they are so much used to the bing civilization within their environment.It is of import to acquire people focused on adaptative alteration to believe in new ways and and promote them to larn new values and attitudes to run into the quickly altering environment.By making so it would prosecute non merely immature people but besides people over 40 old ages of age in placing and work outing jobs, alteration and improve.Obviously this would increase organisation capacity to turn and accomplish its intent.

Increasing competition, go oning alterations in the market environment, rapid alterations in engineering, globalisation ; all these have fashioned for an highly volatile environment. Customers expect the upper limit for every cent they spent, highest quality, and lowest monetary value together with other benefits. All these factors have planted extra force per unit area on companies in the market today. Therefore, to go order victors, the companies should be more flexible and adaptative to unpredictable external alterations.

It is of import to do alterations in all subsystems of the organisation to advance uninterrupted learning.This can be achieved by switching to a squad based construction authorising employees and sharing information.In larning organisation although squad leading is of import traditional foreman is practically eliminated.people in the squads should be given the accomplishments, information, tools, motive and authorization to do determinations and respond creatively to new challanges or chances that arise.Traditional direction which tries to restrict employee should be eliminated and employees should be given an chance to employee engagement groups every bit good as determination makin authorization, preparation and information so that people can execute their occupations without close supervising.

SEC should upgrade their IT system in order to heighten sharing information within and outside the organization.Most of the employeesshould be given an electronic mail reference and the direction should direct of import and valuable information in the industrial context and besides of import proclamations to everybody so that everyone is kept updated on the current facets of the company. In a manner, this has contributed to the civilization, since employees tend to utilize the same set of words while daily work and everyone negotiations about the same current events.

3.Driving Innovation and Creativity.

Driving invention requires to further a clime that encourages creativeness and invention. This is a really of import competence that need to pattern and could detect in most of the taking private houses but barely could see in public sector.People who are effectual at driving invention allow others to dispute and disagree.They take prudent hazards to carry through ends and assume duty in the face of uncertainness or challenge.Also they champion new, unseasoned thoughts and construct support for those thoughts among stakeholders.Finally they celebrate successes and worthy efforts at invention and learn from failures.Effective invention directors build and maintain unfastened channels of communicating for the sharing of thoughts and knowledge throughout their organizations.We should promote and acknowledge them when they suggest inventions and improvements.Take deliberate hazards to accomplish of import aims and take prompt actions to implement a promising ideas some of the advanced thoughts supported in an originative environment. Creates and reinforces a civilization of being proactive and taking enterprise to better bing procedures and processs.

4.Developing Top Endowment

This is to systematically pull, choose, develop, and retain high performing artists. With this competence directors raise the public presentation saloon for his or her work unit or squad so that it consists of top performing artists and provides people with the chance to develop new accomplishments, carry out ambitious assignments, and accept new responsibilities.This competence require directors to keep people accountable for their performance.They should fleetly turn to the public presentation problems.Some frequently believing that what they consider of import is the really of import while sing others as unnatural situations.By holding an unfastened lines of communicating and provender back, it would enable employees to discourse jobs and to happen advanced solutions to them.Providing coaching and aid is besides indispensable to better squad and single results.Identifying the gifted people in different sections and do maximal usage of them would decidedly good to the organisation in accomplishing their objectives.Also Provides people with the chance to develop new accomplishments and accept new duties

5.Managing Peoples for Performance

In a cultural system, though the members portion common values and significances, the being of subcultures is besides a outstanding characteristic. In the same mode, within SEC besides this is seeable. Some divisions topographic points more of import value to proficient facets while some may value different direction techniques such as 5s and interrupt through believing more than proficient facets and some may see fiscal facets as more of import, frequently believing that what they consider of import is the really of import while sing others as unnatural state of affairss.

Pull offing people in different bomber civilizations for public presentation is of import and it is achieved by puting ends which are SMART.i.e. particular, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic and seasonableness. And conducts periodic public presentation meetings with direct studies to reexamine advancement against ends and guarantee that ends are relevant and realistic.Also it is critical to supply balanced, specific feedback on a regular basis.This includes look intoing on the advancement and quality of the work and supplying specific feedback on a regular footing so others understand what they have done good and how they can better in the future.It means turn toing public presentation jobs by garnering information and scene ends for betterment in a just and consistent mode. Addresses public presentation jobs in a timely and just mode by clearly specifying where outlooks are non being met. Develops a sense of committedness in others to run into ambitious, yet realistic, public presentation marks.


Construction Industry is a competitory high-risk concern faces many challenges, stemming from a assortment of sources.The advanced direction patterns would decidedly benefitial if the employees were given the chance to set them in to practice.Such an designation of patterns could good explicate effectual schemes for minimising building struggles and in taking the SEC in to a new skyline.


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