Organisational Management In The Financial Services Commerce Essay

With mention to the last board meeting and my assignment as Director of Human Resources Management a determination was taken that the late merged fiscal services administration will a follow a new manner of making things which will be good to all its stakeholders.

This study discusses how organisation design, construction and civilization can develop an attack this is capable of accomplishing board ‘s schemes. It besides discusses the cardinal elements of hazard direction within assorted sections and besides a procedure for the development of a successful new merchandise. The findings, decisions and recommendations are discussed and outlined in visible radiation of the research made.

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Organisational Management In The Financial Services Commerce Essay
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Executive Summary

The purpose of this study is to ideal solution is to increase the net income by understating the hazard. Hazard has ever been associated with the negative because that does the most harm, but there is besides the positive component of hazard as taking deliberate hazard can frequently ensue in net income. If an administration does non take hazards it will non gain net income. Risk must be minimised but sometimes the more the hazard the higher the net income will be.

3.1.1 Findingss Question A

The human resources section is cardinal section in every administration hence imagine its function and importance in a incorporate administration. The section will be responsible to guarantee that cultural issues, administration design and construction issues will non upset the integrating between the two administrations.

The construction of the administration is one of the first things that have to be set. Mabey, Salaman & A ; Storey ( 2001 ) ‘describe the construction of an administration as the form of relationships between functions in an administration and its different parts ‘ . They see the purpose of the construction as to function, apportion work and duties and to make a model of order and bid so that administration ‘s ends are achieved.

Staff redundancy is something that has to be taken into consideration since two administrations are unifying and in some instances you can hold two sections who before used to make the same occupation like for illustration human resources and finance sections.

Every administration has a alone civilization therefore the merged administration will hold its ain values, beliefs and behavior. Schein ( 1988 ) views civilization as “ a form of basic premises invented, discovered or developed by a given group as it learns to get by with its jobs of external adaptation and internal integrating that has worked good plenty to be considered valid and hence is to be taught to new members as the right manner to comprehend, believe and experience in relation to these jobs ” . In a incorporate administration what Schein said is really relevant since at the get downing the administration will hold to get by with the integrating of the staff from two different administrations and therefore the directors here will hold a great say since they have to take their sections out of this state of affairs and create stableness within the section.

3.1.2 Conclusion Question A

McNamara ( 1999 ) commented that “ organisation alteration must include non merely altering constructions and procedures, but besides altering the corporate construction ” . Having said that, the construction of the administration must be set in a manner that it wo n’t impede the advancement of the administration particularly in the hereafter. For illustration at Banif Bank Malta plc the topographic point where cubic decimeter work which started to run in Malta at the beginning of 2008, most of the back office work such as updating of histories, directing and having payments, fixing countenance letters, honing security related to loans and issues related to garnishees are all made through Operations Department, as this is how the construction of the administration was set at the beginning. The effects are that although we are using many people and many hours of overtime are being worked, the section can non acquire rid of the backlog of work and besides we are non get bying with the day-to-day work which it is non a good think as it affects the image of the administration. All this happened because the construction that was set in get downing was non good or they did non conceive of the administration will turn that fast in a short period of clip.

McMillan ( 2002 ) “ argued that if the construction of an administration and the implicit in design rules which construct it are non in melody with the nucleus intents of the administration and its many environments so it is improbable to successfully last ” . This statement shows clearly the importance of the merged administration holding its ain regulations and procedures together with the footings and conditions in topographic point every bit shortly as possible so that the staff will be cognizant of the alterations within the administration, so that they adapt to alterations and besides that staff can hold a clearly counsel of what the administration truly wants to accomplish.

The civilization within an administration is what makes one administration different from another. Apart from the less seeable degree of civilization such as values and beliefs of the employees there are the seeable 1s such as the frock codification that due to the amalgamation the administration must make new uniforms so that it separate itself from the 1s the administrations had before. Job rubrics must besides be set foremost of all to distinguish the employees hierarchy degree between themselves and besides the degree of duty and authorization that the occupation rubric that an employee is given brings with it, together with the wage bundle which must reflect the duty 1 has within the administration.

3.1.3 Recommendations Question A

The construction adopted must enable the directors to organize, program, direct and command their several section within the administration. It is recommended particularly in the beginning non to hold a high rate of staff turnover as besides damaging the image of the administration it can besides consequence the motive of the other employees and besides the administration working environment. Social events are besides of import as staff get to cognize each other better in such events particularly in this state of affairs were two administrations are being merged. Directors will besides confront new challenges and will hold a batch of duty as besides maintaining their section focused to accomplish the administrations ends they must besides maintain their staff motivated and make a productive working environment.

As mentioned in subdivision 3.1.1 in relation to redundancy a solution has to be found to apportion the excess forces you have into other sections or else for illustration, early retirement strategies can be made for those over a certain age. Another possible solution is that alternatively of outsourcing some undertakings the administration can utilize these employees to work on these undertakings. Another instance in point is the state of affairs were you have more than one single capable of making a peculiar occupation, in order non to lose good people the administration must seek to divide where possible a section into two subdivisions or else make new sections and therefore extinguish the hazard of losing good people. Every person should be placed in a section were he can be of an plus to the administration and can assist accomplishing the board schemes.

Since both administrations before had different on the job manners and civilizations, while developing the new set of values and the cultural alteration, it is recommended that both civilizations are respected and taken into consideration as altering completed the civilization of the new administration might make confusion. Staff might defy alteration which might consequence a batch the administration and it might besides impede its advancement. Therefore it is really of import that the directors communicate efficaciously with all their subsidiaries, to set up a common model and guarantee that openness and equality are ever adhered as these are critical to fit the gait of alteration and acquire the gait right towards administrations aims.

In relation to the seeable degree of civilization mentioned in subdivision 3.1.1 the new logo and the corporate coloring material of the administration must be oculus catching so that when clients see the logo they will instantly tie in to the merged administration. For illustration Banif Bank to rebrand take a centaur with an pointer pointing upwards which means taking high and as corporate colour the bank opted for purple and both were a great success, as they helped a batch the bank to present itself in Malta. This can assist the freshly merged administration particularly for its new trade name.

It besides of import that clients feel welcomed and are treated the same in all the subdivisions of the administration and that they are given choice service and advanced merchandises so that the client gets a positive image of the merged administration. The amalgamations between Nations Bank – Bank of America and BancOne – First Chicago NBD are illustrations of wider geographic spread amalgamations. A benefit of such amalgamations was the fact that the Bankss were in different parts and hence more clients could be reached in different parts but the quality of the service was the same in all the parts.

Stockholders are instrumental in amalgamations as they must do certain that the board is driven by cardinal people that can take to success and this can be achieved if managers choose particularly the right caputs of sections as they have to pull off the administration towards success.

3.2.1 Findingss Question B

Risk direction is seeking to place and pull off the menaces that could strictly consequence the administration. Hazard is an event that will bring forth loss whilst it will consequence negatively on the administration ‘s ability to accomplish its strategic aims. A deficiency of clear vision of what the incorporate administration should accomplish, ill-defined marks, a lacking administration construction and unsolved cultural issues are among the grounds for failure.

An organisations civilization is of import in hazard direction as an administration with a positive hazard civilization can take persons to follow the regulations and processs which particularly in a merged are really of import as they give a clearly indicant to the staff on how they can carry through their occupation and what is required from them to be done and therefore employees will take personal duty to follow them and supports hazard taking determinations.

Fitch ( 1997 ) province that “ recognition hazard is caused by the exposure of moneymans to fiscal losingss that arise from alterations in the debitors ‘ recognition worthiness and their inability to run into contractual payment footings ” . This is really hazardous as if a client defaults and is non able to refund back a loan which is unbarred this can complete as bad debts and hence impacting the administrations net income. Concentration hazard is a type of hazard that can be associated with recognition hazard but it can besides be an organizational hazard in general.

Hussain ( 2000 ) defined operational hazard “ as any loss originating from human mistake, which occurs in the class of mundane concern activities such as signifiers or informations processing, informations exchange, confirmation and transmittal of minutess ” . Such hazard can go on in assorted sections within the administration as an person can easy input something falsely into the administration system by error.

Conformity is the hazard of fiscal losingss due to breaches of jurisprudence, ordinances, codifications of behavior and legal contracts. This type of hazards is one of the most common hazards that more than one section can confront. Staff working in subdivisions faces this sort of hazard daily as nowadays marks are really of import, sometimes these in order to be achieved might coerce an employee to sell a merchandise for illustration a visa recognition card without measuring the person right.

Technological hazard can be associated to the fact of non doing effectual usage of the engineering, while information security in pattern harmonizing to Fawcett ( 2003 ) is “ concerned with safeguarding informations because this automatically safeguards the information, this is called informations protection and includes informations security and informations privateness ” .

3.2.2 Conclusion Question B

As mentioned in subdivision 3.2.1 regulations and processs are at that place to be followed therefore it is of extreme importance that first of all the board assess them right and seek to extenuate the hazard as much at possible before them and so it is the employee duty to implement them. Rules and processs can avoid that certain work is non duplicated and hence avoid wastage of clip, which is really cherished for an administration as it means money hence if processs are non set right they can ensue in employees working overtime and hence excess costs being incurred by the administration.

Recognition hazard can besides be associated with environmental hazard as a client can complete unemployed and hence he is non in a place to run into his refund footings which can ensue in a default state of affairs. In relation to concentration hazard in subdivision 3.2.1 this can be really hazardous for an administration holding all its hazard concentrated in one sector like for illustration what happened in Malta a batch of Bankss are non imparting on belongings developments since belongings is non being sold due to the economic crises and a batch of concern are non refunding back in the stipulated period.

Staff turnover is an operational hazard which a merged administration particularly in its early phases due to miss of communicating and uncertainness can hold a high rate of turnover and besides there is the hazard of losing good people that could be of an plus to the administration.

Confidentiality is compliance issue that must be adhered as confidential information leaking out of the administration can earnestly impact the image of the administration and this is a reputational hazard that should be avoided as it can take to the populace non holding any longer trust in the administration particularly in the state of affairs of a amalgamation were clients will increase.

In relation to subdivision 3.2.1 sing Technology and Information security in other words it is protecting the administration from loss or harm of informations and guaranting that it can be accessed when required and that the informations held on the system is accurate, consistent and up to day of the month. Data privateness is another of import factor to forestall hackers and viruses from deriving entree to the system or besides employees utilizing each others work station is besides hazardous. Technological hazards can besides be associated with the fact of the administration doing unequal and/or inordinate investing in computing machine systems.

3.2.3 Recommendations Question B

If the administration does non take it determinations professionally with a robust direction construction, hazards which are non calculated and evaluated right can frequently turn into loss therefore the regulations and processs of an administration are of extreme importance and these besides being implemented the administration must do certain through internal audits the processs are being followed and applied by the several section and besides if needed updated or even changed for the benefit of the administration.

Recognition Hazard is reduced if the recognition hazard policy ensures clear guidelines on the exposure that clients can hold, for illustration monthly refund can non be higher than 25 % of the gross monthly income and if recognition hazard bounds are moderately and eventually if clients offer securities like for illustration a fixed sedimentation as collateral. Hazard directors measuring loans of significant values have to do certain to measure attentively the loan proposal particularly repayment feasibleness and besides cheque clients past path record by look intoing the statements to see whether the histories were conducted satisfactorily.

Concentration hazard can be reduced through variegation, chiefly by distributing the hazard for illustration of loans between personal, mortgages and belongings development and of the administration by offering assorted types of merchandises such as insurances, loans and investing merchandises so that if one merchandises it non so profitable the administration still has other merchandises from which it can do net incomes.

Operational hazard can be decreased if employees are concentrated on the occupation they are making and follow the administrations regulations and processs and besides be cognizant of what is go oning in the market. For illustration Banif Bank has a process that before an employee opens an history in order to extenuate the hazard if the client is deceitful he checks on Credit Info ( this is a system that gives all the names of people that have garnishees in Malta ) and on World Check ( this is a system that gives all the names of felons or deceitful people in the universe ) . Double checking and four eyes rule are besides of import so that human mistakes can be identified and arranged.

In order to extenuate conformity hazard employees have to be sensitive to the demand for information on the clients and one of the tools that can be used is cognize your client, which requires the duty on the administration to go familiar with the fiscal personal businesss of the client. For illustration at Banif Bank a client before opening an history has to make full assorted signifiers one of them is the statement of personal businesss, in which the clients declares all the assets and liabilities that he holds. Thankss to this the employee can forestall from selling inappropriate merchandises or investings to the client such as a visa card to a client that has high monthly committednesss. Know you client is besides related to statute law affairs such as money laundering.

Information security hazard bar methods include fault tolerance were of import constituents are duplicated to restrict the hazard of hardware failure and encoding, watchwords and entree security so that the hazard of malicious action such as staff utilizing each other ‘s working station is limited and entree to administrations system is restricted. Backups and checkpoints are besides of import as they allow the recovery of informations and package in instance that administration has to retrieve lost information.

3.3.1 Findingss Question C

Financial services administrations presents have to invariably maintain updating their merchandise portfolio and they must besides be advanced and develop new merchandises in order to fulfill their bing clients but besides to pull new clients. A freshly merged administration in relation to merchandise portfolio and the development of new merchandises has assorted determinations to do.

First of all the administration has to make up one’s mind which merchandises to maintain from the merchandise portfolio that both administrations had before since the administration will hold a duplicate of merchandises in certain sections therefore merchandise planning and development precedences should be to a great extent weighted toward integrating across merchandise lines. This determination will be effected a batch by the determination made before in relation to the administration information engineering system chosen between the systems both administration had before. Sometimes fiscal administrations have many thoughts to develop existing merchandises but non ever the advanced thoughts are possible unless certain captivations are made to the system.

Another factor to maintain in head as already mentioned in subdivision 3.1 is the fact the administration will be faced with cultural differences ensuing from the amalgamation between the two administrations that will impact the bing merchandise portfolio and besides the launching of new merchandises.

3.3.2 Conclusion Question C

The administration after corroborating which merchandises it will retain in its new merchandise portfolio must do certain to undertake the jobs that every administration is faced when developing a new merchandise particularly after a amalgamation.

One of the jobs that a freshly merged administration faces in relation to merchandise development is communicating. Many administrations face this job as higher managerial degrees do n’t pass on efficaciously with their subsidiaries the cardinal elements of the merchandises. The merchandises have to be explained good to the employees since they are intangible and hence in order to sell the merchandise in the appropriate manner employees have to understand the cardinal characteristics of the merchandise. This job could easy take to another job which is the merchandising of the merchandise as employees will happen it difficult to explicate the merchandise key characteristics to clients particularly those employees which are non familiar to the new or bing merchandise.

Another issue is staff opposition to alter particularly alterations related to the new merchandise portfolio. The administration must manage this state of affairs with great attention as employees particularly those who have direct contact with clients can impact the image of the administration in a negative manner. In add-on clients can besides acquire confused because they no longer cognize who their chief contact individual is following the amalgamation. This can be large issue for the administration particularly if both administrations before built their repute on quality service and advanced attack to its clients.

3.3.3 Recommendations Question C

It is recommended that before that the administration starts to discourse a new merchandise development foremost of all the administration must hold an administration construction and civilization together with a flexible direction construction that supports a new merchandise development. It is besides really of import for administration to hold a diversified merchandise portfolio therefore before developing the merchandise the administration must travel through its bing portfolio and aim a sector in which it is non so competitory or else mark a sector in the market harmonizing to the demands of the administration by developing a differentiated merchandise.

After holding identified the targeted sector the first phase of the procedure is thought coevals. These thoughts can be internal 1s such as thoughts by employee suggestions or informal direction suggestions or else an thought by the selling research section, but they can besides be external thoughts such as thoughts by clients, or through suggestions from market research bureaus or even copying rivals merchandises. For illustration many retail Bankss here in Malta their chief thought coevals is by modifying a rival ‘s merchandise in the market which is really competitory such as what happens annually with term sedimentations merchandises.

The 2nd phase is the testing procedure of thoughts which is divided into two phases. The first phase is primary showing, which will extinguish the thoughts which are non compatible with board schemes. The secondary showing is a elaborate rating of the merchandise thought such as costs involved, rating of competition, length of the merchandise life rhythm, if the merchandise can easy be copied and how long it will take for the merchandise to bring forth the jutting net income.

After the showing procedure merely a little per centum of the original thoughts will continue to the following phase which is concept development. This phase involves the transportation of the merchandise thought into characteristics and attributes that the consumers will be offered through the new merchandise and how it will be marketed to the populace.

The following phase is proving. Through this procedure the administration will be able to place any alterations that the merchandise needs and it will besides supply indicants if the merchandise will be successful in the market. For illustration Banif Bank Malta tested its recognition and debit cards by administering the cards to the directors and caputs of sections to prove them in the market. After a hebdomad all minutess were verified and checked and the terminal consequence was satisfactorily.

Comprehensive concern analysis is the following phase. The administration already has an exact merchandise construct, together with an identified market section that can take to a full concern analysis being undertaken. In this phase the administration can look into greater item those points mentioned in the secondary showing phase such as merchandise growing rate and rivals with more truth. For illustration during this phase Banif Bank before establishing its Visa cards calculated its gross revenues prognosiss, cost estimations and calculated its break-even point which was that 75 cards had to be sold hebdomadally.

The concluding phase is the merchandise launch of the freshly developed merchandise. In this phase the merchandise moves from the development phase into the debut phase of the merchandise life rhythm. Here it is really of import the timing of the launch, and besides that it is supported by the necessary publicity to back up the launch. For illustration Banif Bank in Malta introduced the Visa cards at the same time with the gap of a new subdivision and people using for Visa cards from this peculiar subdivision were given the Visa free of charge without paying the usual processing fee.

The Organisations hazards of failure are minimum by following with the mentioned procedure and it can look frontward for a successful launch of the new merchandise.


A Deloitte & A ; Touche survey ( 2002 ) “ found that merely one tierce of companies could state that the amalgamation was successful. Chiefly the grounds for failure were people and civilizations being ignored, slow integrating, deficiency of communicating and failure to clearly specify functions, duties and inducements and a clear construction ” . Therefore in a merged fiscal services administration construction, civilization and organizational design are indispensable together with a clear selling scheme, advanced merchandises and calculated hazard in order for board ‘s schemes to be achieved.


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