Organised Religion Has Done More Harm Than Good Essay

“Organised religion has done more harm than good” When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion. A very good morning to one and all preset here. Today I Abhimanyu Verma stand before you all to strongly oppose the notion that “Organised religion has done more harm than good” Before I start my debate today I would like to ask you all a very basic yet a very basic question. Who created this thing called ‘religion’?? Hinduism is based on upnisdeas, vedas …. timeless scriptures , written thousands of year back Jesus and Bible

Proffet Mohammad and Koran Buddha, Mahavira and Nanak They and many more such enlightened souls, actually gave birth to religion. They achieved the biggest treasure achievable by any living soul, inner peace, and then used this power to unite billions of people together to achieve something so great, something so peaceful, something so priceless. They abolished all caste, creed, gender and created a new world a world without misery, jealously or greed. Religion is very powerful, and effective…. t’s timeless actuallyAll the major religions have survived for thousands of years Do you know the name of no 1 best seller book? No its Harry Potter Its Bible…. for centuries now it has beat the record of any literary book. Why?? Because it has something very very beautiful about it. Its basic essence and nature has kept it alive even today. And this is what religion is. Yes there is a little problem; some people use the name of religion to attain their own objectives. They spread the hatred and terror, which is wrong and should be weeded out.

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Organised Religion Has Done More Harm Than Good Essay
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But look at the bigger picture. Organised religion has saved so many lives, actually made them so much better than ours. It has done what science has failed to do, achieved something greater than anything we can ever have imagined. It has brought so many people together and united them as one. And trust me this is not an easy thing to do!!! We human need the religion to keep the world peaceful….. More today… then ever in the history. It’s our only hope. Because facts prove that religion is magical and that’s exactly what we need today.


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