Organization leadership and motivation in goldenstate manufacturers Essay

As mentioned in the transition provided to us, the organisation Goldenstate Manufacturers ( Pvt. ) Ltd. is a humungous textile-manufacturing organisation established for over 30 old ages in Australia using more than 1700 employees which places it in the list of the top five fabrication corporations across the state.

Harmonizing to me the intent behind the startup of such a humungous fabric fabricating corporation can be all of the three grounds ( options ) given to us viz. economic, societal, and personal.

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Organization leadership and motivation in goldenstate manufacturers Essay
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The mere fact that the organisation was established thirty old ages ago and today it employs over 1700 persons brings in the economic ground behind the Organization ‘s colony as being one amongst the top five fabrication organisations in the state and using so many people the organisation as a whole decidedly supports the economic system of the state because of the tremendous productiveness and bring forthing employment.

The organisation accommodates different sections in itself stressing on expressed undertakings such as accounting and finance, gross revenues and selling, operations, quality control etc. which add up to the diverseness or the mixture involved every bit far as the undertakings or the skill sets of the employees are concerned. Furthermore being a merchandise based company which means that the full organisation emphasizes on the fabrication of fixed merchandise ( fabrics ) merely thing being that it is passed on to all the sections and eventually one time the quality control division approves its quality it is finished and ready to be shipped, an first-class degree of communicating and coordination has to be between these sections for the smooth operation and elevated productiveness in the organisation. This is where the societal ground behind the constitution of the company marks its presence.

As we can clearly see from the name of the company itself the term “ Pvt. Ltd ” implies to the fact that the company is a private organisation set up on a larger footing but by a fixed group or groups of persons irrespective of the evidences or conditions on which the company was inaugurated. This is the ground why I think there were certain personal grounds behind the constitution of the corporation besides the economic and societal grounds.

Chief executive officer ( caput ) Organizational chart of Goldenstate Manufacturers:






Deputy General Manager

Middle and First line Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Technical and Non- Technical Workers

Research and Development

Human Resources


Quality Control


Gross saless and Selling

Accounting and Finance

General Managers of:

Effectiveness of the Organization:
Goldenstate Manufacturers is a corporation suiting the power civilization and construction in its direction. As we can see from the Organizational chart of Goldenstate above there exists a cardinal hierarchy in the construction merely because of the mere fact that the full company is controlled and monitored by its caput who is the Chief Executive officer ( CEO ) on the top. The CEO being accountable for the full corporation ‘s operation and advancement is responsible for General Managers of all the seven sections ( Accounting and Finance, Gross saless and Selling, Operations, Quality control, ICT, Human Resources and R & A ; D ) .

This cardinal Hierarchy on the top and so the diverse sections below executing expressed undertakings controlled by their independent Deputy General Managers harmonizing to me is the anchor of the efficient operation and elevated productiveness in the Organization.

But as mentioned in the transition provided to us since the last 18 months the company has suffered a ruin as a consequence of factors such as deficiency of efficient communicating and coordination, overstaffing and discrepancies in the turnovers of different sections ( for illustration the turnover in the Knitting and Finishing subdivisions is higher than that of the other sections which brings a kind of variability in the productiveness of the organisation ) .

The production in the company is wholly handled by the operations section ( besides responsible for the 20 % bead in the production ) consisting of six sub-departments viz. Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing, Cutting, Stitching and buying. First the figure employees in the Operations section ( the largest section in the company with over 1500 employees ) should be limited to a fixed sum and should be every bit distributed in all of its sections. For a section as diverse and busy as the Operations section at that place should be an first-class degree of communicating and coordination between their caputs and employees and besides between the six different sub-departments to avoid any hold-ups in the production or scarceness of natural stuff. Furthermore an outstanding degree of communicating between the all the sections and the cardinal board ( dwelling of the caput who is the CEO and all the General Managers ) would wholly eliminate any such defects in the production of the organisation non burying the optimistic ( merely focused towards the advancement of the company ) mentalities of all the higher functionaries would every bit lend to the company ‘s success.

2.1 Leadership Manners:
Speculating the fact that the company has been traveling through losingss since 18 months and the production has dropped by 20 % during the same period, harmonizing to me the leading manners incorporated by both Adam and James are inappropriate or more briefly would move as hinderances in the productiveness and concern public presentation of the organisation.

Harmonizing to the information provided to us in the transition, Adam the knitwork director has incorporated his ain kind of chesty doctrine of “ My manner or no manner ” ! this clearly unleashes his technique of direction and his personality which is dominated by narrow-mindedness. By integrating this doctrine he is non merely barricading coevals of alone thoughts and feedbacks from his employees but besides degrading the employee ‘s involvement and satisfaction every bit far as being a portion of the company is concerned. Hence the grounds mentioned above brand Adam ‘s leading manner inappropriate the change being the alteration in his doctrine to being unfastened to feedbacks and alone thoughts from his employees by following the Democratic leading manner which would profit company ‘s production.

The Delegative manner of leading is depicted from James the Dyeing director ‘s working technique. As given in the transition James the Dyeing director does non maintain path of the undertakings under manner or already accomplished by any of his workers which is besides non appropriate harmonizing to me and is slightly impeding the company ‘s production therefore responsible for the losingss and besides for factors such as overstaffing in the Dyeing section. In the current state of affairs the company is in Delegative manner would non be the most appropriate as some of the drawbacks encountered following the Delegative manner are carelessness towards responsibilities by employees and deficiency of sufficient coordination between employees and higher functionaries. Alternatively of caring about being liked by his employees James being the director of a section every bit busy as the dyeing section the accent should be more on run intoing the production and clip deadlines to do up for the losingss encountered by the company as a whole.

2.2 Motivation Theory:
As stated in the transition the Leadership manner adopted by Adam the Knitting director is the Autocratic 1 where he allocates undertakings to employees but is non unfastened to feedbacks or thoughts from them. So, to fit his leading manner the theory of motive that Adam should follow in order to convert all of his employees to remain back in the company harmonizing to me is the Maslow ‘s theory of motive which is besides known as the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands. This is the most appropriate theory of motive as it involves the fulfilment of all of the demands of his employees which would decidedly keep them back in the company in malice of the chesty and shockable doctrine of Adam.

By utilizing this theory Adam will be able to carry through all of his employee ‘s demands including their psychological demands ( nutrient, slumber. Sleep, effort, etc. ) , safety demands ( Security of employment, of resources, of morality by hiking their ethical motives on a regular basis, of wellness, of household, etc. ) , love or belonging demands ( friendly atmosphere or socialistic environment in the company between all employees and between employees and higher functionaries, household, etc. ) , esteem demands which includes factors such as esteeming fellow employees and acquiring equal sum of regard at the same clip from the remainder and eventually self realization demands which include creativeness and spontaneousness that needs to go around between all of the employees for efficient productiveness.

Harmonizing to me foremost to get down with Adam should broaden his head and be unfastened to his worker ‘s suggestions and thoughts which would besides do certain that there is an outstanding degree of communicating between him and his employees and would besides promote the degree of comfort and belongingness between all the employees. Communication and interaction are like the cardinal elements to Adam ‘s success as a director and to the fact that Adam would expeditiously carry his employees to remain in the company. Friendly and socialistic ambiance in the section would help company ‘s advancement to a great extent as so the employees would acquire the best out of themselves while working if they are invariably talked to or kind of pampered. Psychological demands at the underside of the Maslow ‘s pyramid would outdo guarantee the employee ‘s satisfaction as they include the fulfilment of all of their basic or primary demands such as nutrient, H2O, slumber, sex, effort, etc.

2.3 Deputation by Ron, the Finishing Manager:
The transition tells us that Ron, the coating director besides follows the same doctrine of “ My manner or no manner ” ! merely like Adam, the Knitting director which means that even his manner of leading is the bossy obstructing any kind of autonomy that the employee should acquire in executing undertakings their ain manner.

As per the demands of Carl, the CEO of the company Ron should follow the delegative manner where he would depute responsibilities to his employees and ventilate and excite autonomy amongst all the employees to make undertakings allocated to them by the manner they feel is the easiest, quickest and the most convenient. The deputation that Ron needs to expeditiously make in order to guarantee first-class productiveness and employee satisfaction at the same clip involves five stairss viz. answerability, duty, authorization, authorization and procedure.

First in the accountability measure of deputation harmonizing to me Ron should merely depute responsibilities to his employees by taking the answerability on his shoulders which means that in malice of the fact that the employees have the autonomy to execute undertakings in their ain manner but finally Ron is the individual who will be accountable for any positive or negative consequences and effects and besides for their completion. This would bring forth a degree of comfort and assurance between the employees as they would cognize that they have the autonomy but at the same clip they know that they do non keep the answerability for the undertakings.

In the duty measure of deputation Ron should depute the duty of the operations and completion of undertakings guaranting optimistic consequences to his employees. Here the duty of executing and finishing undertakings is on the shoulders of the employees but they are non accountable for them. So, one time he has delegated the duty of undertakings with their several clip deadlines he should wholly bury about them until the deadlines come up.

Harmonizing to me the authorization and empowerment stairss of deputation are slightly similar as in both of these stairss Ron is giving his employees the authorization of the undertakings which in a manner besides implies to the fact that he is confering power ( authorising ) his employees to execute and complete undertakings by their ain ways but before the clip deadlines. He should authorise or authorise his employees to utilize their ain thoughts or techniques which would salvage clip and cost of production and other such factors and merely anticipate positive and coveted consequences every bit far as the completion of responsibilities is concerned.

The procedure measure is where Ron should really travel through a fixed and profitable procedure of deputation where he wholly delegates responsibilities to his employees giving them the needed autonomy for them to be as advanced and originative as they can towards elevated productiveness and concern public presentation of the section and the organisation as a whole.


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