Organization structure provides the framework for organizational activities Essay

1.1 Introduction

Organization construction is the form of relationship among place in the organisation and among members of the organisation. It provides the model for organisational activities and the direction of them.

They can demo us the organisation design, work specialisation, concatenation of bid, span of control, grade of centralisation and departmentalization. It consists of four chief constructions — — — — entrepreneurial construction, functional construction, divisional construction and matrix construction.

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Organization structure provides the framework for organizational activities Essay
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A company with proper organisational construction from the beginning will sketch a growing way and concentrate on following that way. Without the construction, the sections could do their ain regulations to follow. This will impact the growing of the company and make market place confusion.

A strong organisational construction can assist a company to pull off the company good, salvaging the clip to make same things and derive assurance to make the undertaking. It will besides increase the clients ‘s desire to make concern.

A proper construction will allow the employees know how to turn to company issues and jobs. Salvaging the clip to see who will be in charge of this.

In all, a good and proper construction will better the communications and cut down the clip to make the undertaking. So it is rather of import to hold a proper organisational construction.

1.2 BODY

Event direction is the procedure by which an event is planned, prepared, and produced. As with any other signifier of direction, it encompasses the appraisal, definition, acquisition, allotment, way, control, and analysis of clip, fundss, people, merchandises, services, and other resources to accomplish aims.

It is more likely to be a agent which help others to set up their nuptialss, meeting and party as their desires. They have their ain sections and a series of squad. What they are traveling to make is to complete the require of clients.

My company named & amp ; acirc ; ˆ?Anything Goes & A ; acirc ; ˆA? , which is a medium company that aid you to pull off your nuptialss, birthday party, conferences. Our company provides the planning, fixing and bring forthing the activities you need. For illustration, a nuptials we need to fix for Miss Wu. Firstly we will speak to them and make a research that what sort of marrying they want. We will make every bit possible as we can to run into their demands. So we need to look for a topographic point that they want, and set up the environment around the topographic point. Meanwhile, we will see the dishes they are needfully to order. In all, we are merely a topographic point who help you to plan you r marrying as you like.

The section that my company has is marketing section, human resource section, fiscal section and operations section. They are the chief sections under my control. Marketing section is used for advancing our services, human resource section chiefly tends to command the employees resources. To fiscal section, it is concerted with obtaining and pull offing fiscal resources. Operations section combines activities straight related presenting a service. They have played of import functions in my company.

Basically there are four chief types of organisational construction — — — — entrepreneurial, functional, divisional and matrix construction. Entrepreneurial construction defined as line of authorization for all degrees of direction and has a extremely bureaucratic process. Functional construction divides the activities of the organisation into different functional countries. Divisional construction focal point around a merchandise or a geographical country. Matrix construction is a complex construction which involve multiple lines.

Different construction is fit for different organisation, merely the right construction and the right organisation will do a great part to the direction. An entrepreneurial construction tends to be used in a medium and big size organisation which has sufficient resources to warrant divisions. Normally the little and average size houses need the functional construction which can assist them pull off the house good. A MNC needs the divisional construction to assist pull offing different states ‘ company. While, there are non many organisations utilizing mature matrix construction. Normally the impermanent sheathings phases are progressively used, peculiarly in the signifier of impermanent and lasting cross-functional squads.

To my company, it merely has a medium size. I am supposed to utilize the functional construction as it has a really clear section chart and tantrum for the medium size company. Meanwhile my organisation merely has three events, so can be controlled easy by utilizing the functional construction. Here is the diagram of my company ‘s construction:


Vice President


Vice President

Operation s

Vice President

Human Resource

Vice President


Cordial reception




































The ground why I choose this construction as the three chief advantages of the functional construction.

For one thing, employees have a really clear calling waies within their peculiar map. They know their functions in the squad. Then they merely necessitate to make the same work everyday. For illustration, you work in marketing section as a publicity director, you merely necessitate to steer and pull off the advertisement and publicity activities.

Another advantage is that there are minimize duplicate in the construction as people merely concentrate on their ain country. It is merely like you are the human resource director, you merely necessitate to command the labour resource and no demand to care about the selling and make other occupations. It is really specialised, the work is merely done one time. One section is duty for one country. For illustration, our company has three events — — — — – nuptialss, birthday party, conferences. When we are traveling to make the publicities, it will be done by marketing section one time. It does n’t necessitate to put up three selling sections for each services in order to advertisement. This has saved the fees and resources.

In add-on, it create individuality for persons in similar places. Because a functional construction groups people executing similar undertakings that require certain accomplishments, more experient or talented group members serve as illustrations and wise mans to persons with less experience. Therefore, the people can larn more cognition about their undertakings from their group. Once they change their occupations, they could be in charge of the similar occupations as they already have the ability.For illustration, if a individual works in human resource section as a enlisting director for a long clip. He must hold gained a batch of information about the human resource from others and experiences. Once he resigns and seeks for another occupation, he could work in the labour direction to pull off labours in other organisations.Unlike squads where members serve in drastically different capacities, like a in writing interior decorator and copywriter working together, group members in a functional construction have expertise in similar countries, and can force each other to greater highs. So persons has gained a batch in the construction.

Of class, it besides has failing to the functional construction.

First of wholly, employees may go stray as they have a hapless communications among the section. In one country employees can reach with each other easy as they have accomplishments and jobs to portion. However, to different section they may non necessitate to commncate as they have no modus operandi to acquire toghter. For case, you are the director of accounting direction. Once you get job, you will merely discourse inside fiscal section or inquire the foreman. You wo n’t inquire the selling equals how to work out it. So in fact, you do n’t hold contact with others sections, so employees become stray.

Besides, there are excessively much specialisation. Because maps are separate from one another, employees may hold small apprehension of and concern for the forte countries outside their ain functional country. A good illustration for this is Mrs Wu has worked in fiscal section for15 old ages. Suddenly he is fired for large errors and she ca n’t work in similar countries as other companies has known her already. On her manner seeking new occupations, he could n’t happen occupations in human resource section or selling section as she does n’t hold the ability and cognition about them. So this has limit their picks to work.

Last but non least, jobs are pushed around. Strategic jobs are non given important focal point in this construction because the top direction is ever busy happening the solutions of coordination jobs. For illustration, the fiscal direction merely have clip to work out the shor-term capital job. It does n’t hold energy to work out long term capital programs.

1.3 Decision

In a short, functional construction is the best tantrum for my event company. As it has a really clear calling waies, minimise duplicate and create individuality for persons in similar places. Besides it can allow employees work easy. Meanwhile it can salvage the cost for company and better the accomplishment of employees without the preparation.

In my sentiment, the foreman should set up more activities and activities for all sections in order to acquire more connexions and better their occupations. Employees should take portion in parties more and seek to larn the cognition from other sections. The top direction should hold a long term program of work outing the job and program the objedtives.


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