Organization Structures And The Prevailing Cultures Commerce Essay

The literature has suggested that construction and civilization in organisations exist in close alliance. Structure is one of the determiners of civilization ; conversely, civilization has been shown to hold an influence on the organisational construction and operational systems in an organisation ( Martins & A ; Terblanche 2003, p. 70 ) .

Both are mechanisms for the coordination of organisations: construction as an integration mechanism for organisational activities, and civilization as an integration mechanism concerned with the behaviour and values within organisations.

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Organization Structures And The Prevailing Cultures Commerce Essay
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Every organisation has its ain set of civilization and construction depending on the ends and aims of the organisation. A civilization is or can be:

A set of common apprehensions around which action is organized, happening look in linguistic communication whose niceties are curious to the group ( Becker and Geer 1960 ) .

A set of apprehensions or significances shared by a group of people that are mostly silent among members and are clearly relevant and typical to the peculiar group which are besides passed on to new members ( Louis 1980 ) .

A system of cognition, of criterions for perceiving, believing, measuring and moving that service to associate human communities to their environmental scenes ( Allaire and Firsirotu 1984 ) .

Organizational construction is the manner in which the interconnected groups within an organisation are set up to let them to work swimmingly from a big base point. The two chief intents of successful organisational construction are to guarantee the effectual communicating between assorted parts of the company, every bit good as to increase coordination between the different sections.

Culture and Structure of Alokozay group of companies:

The portion that civilization and construction portion in an organisations success is critical. Different organisations have different construction and civilization. Harmonizing to the organisation that I have chosen to stand for, in this organisation there is non a specific civilization as it is a multi-national organisation therefore people of assorted civilizations work for them. They hence make a friendly civilization which is up to their demand through the different civilizations that their employees bring and besides with a small spot of influence from the civilization of the environment they are in. A civilization does non ever remain the same it changes with the environment it is in, as it gets influenced by that peculiar civilization. In the above mentioned organisation the construction used is the matrix construction. This construction is used in big organisations as they have multiple and complex undertakings which requires the matrix construction. Matrix construction creates double lines of authorization and combines functional, merchandise, procedure and client departmentalization. Advantages of this construction is the efficient allotment of specializers, nevertheless a construction ever has its defects as nil is perfect and in this peculiar construction the disadvantage is that it does non follow the integrity of bid construct hence taking to confusion and struggle. The decentalisation procedure is besides followed by this organisation. Decentralization is the grade to which determination devising is consistently distributed and delegated throughout the organisation, i.e the center and lower degree. Advantages of decentalisation is that actions are taken rapidly to work out the jobs and when employees give input in determination devising they consider themselves as a portion of the organisation, hence maintaining them motivated. Therefore, the motive of employees plays a polar portion in an organisations success in today ‘s universe.

Factors act uponing the Organization:

The civilization and construction is a really of import portion in an organisation, without these an organisation can non be allow entirely be successful. A good civilization provides a good friendly environment in the organisation which is helpful in adhering employees with each other and helps them be motivated and therefore the relationship between the employees and the directors will stay good. A good construction in the organisation helps them to work rapidly instead than taking clip, which helps them in accomplishing their ends fleetly and more expeditiously. In this sort of an organisation, less struggles arise as the communicating degree between each other is healthy due to them sharing positions and thoughts with each other and besides every bit good as holding a friendly environment. However no organisation nor its civilization or construction are perfect, everyone has its defects.

M2: Discuss what attack of direction adopted by the organisation, with focal point on direction maps, functions and authorization.


Ufone is a entirely owned contributory of PTCL ( Pakistan Tele Communication Limited ) , established to run cellular telephone. The company commenced its operations, under the name of Ufone, from Islamabad on January 29, 2001.

During the twelvemonth, as an terminal consequence of PTCL ‘s denationalization, 26 % of its portions were acquired by Emirates Telecommunication Corporation ( Etisalat ) . Bing portion of PTCL, the direction of Ufone has besides been handed over to Etisalat. During the twelvemonth July 2005 to June 2006, Ufone started to tale paces towards the way of success. The Company farther spreader its coverage and has added new metropoliss and main roads. Ufone has web coverage in more than 3475 locations and across chief main roads of the state.

Nature of Managerial Authority: –


The primary duties of direction towards the proprietor is to guarantee a just and sensible rate of return on capital and just return on nest eggs can be firmed on the footing of difference in the hazards of concern in different Fieldss of activity. With the growing of concern, the stockholders can besides anticipate esteem in the value of their capital.

Duty towards employees:

Duty towards employees relate to the blue-eyed rewards and wages, satisfactory work environment, labour direction dealingss and employee involvements. Fair rewards should be based on labour efficiency, the bing pay rates in the same or surrounding countries and comparative importance of occupations. Manager ‘s wages and allowances are expected to be related with their duty ingeniousness and accomplishment. The spread between minimal rewards and highest wages should be sensible. Employees are expected to construct up and keep good relationships between superior and subsidiaries. Another facet of duty towards employees is the proviso of public assistance installations like safety and security of working conditions, medical installations, and lodging, canteen, leave and retirement benefits.

Managerial function in Ufone: –


Directors of Ufone take studies and roll up the information from different beginnings sing the rival ‘s, wants of the clients. Directors collect all these informations from different newspaper, magazines, etc. Directors are the internal and external information suppliers to their organisation.


Basically a interpreter is he who speaks on the behalf of his organisation. Spokesperson of Ufone has the duties to convey the information, information, policies and instructions of the organisation to the foreigner ‘s.

Functions of direction: –


Directors of Ufone have the duties to look into on the employees of the organisation and give them undertakings. Directors give orders, direction ; denote the policies etc to their subsidiaries. All of them obey their orders/instructions decently without any expostulation.


A director has to execute the function of a leader, he has to be an graven image for the employees so they look up to him in times of demand and obey him. He has the responsibility of maintaining the employees motivated at all times. He has to hold the ability of deciding struggles whenever they arise and he besides has to hold an effectual manner of communicating between him and his employees so he gets to cognize how fleetly everything is running.


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