Organizational Behavior Internal External Forces Essay

Akron Children’s Hospital deals with internal and external forces that impact organizational behavior on a daily basis. Examples of these forces are: 1. Restructuring-With technology changing from year to year, the hospital has to keep with the latest and greatest in medical procedures and equipment. The outside communities dictate this because the hospital truly belongs to the community. Internally, the staff expects to be educated and trained with new innovations when first available.

They would look elsewhere for employment if there was little advancement in medical technology. 2. Organizational mission-The first line of the mission statement at Akron Children’s offers medical care to infants, children, adolescents, and burn victims of all ages, regardless of ability to pay (Children’s Corporate Corner: Mission Statement). Akron Children’s asks for $50 dollar co-pay like many hospitals, except when the patient’s family cannot pay at that time. They have the opportunity to pay later.

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Organizational Behavior Internal External Forces Essay
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Internally, the staff in the ER likes to see as many patients possible while they are on duty. They don’t want to see children turned away with medical care. 3. Fiscal Policies-Children’s promotes full compliance with all relevant billing and reimbursement laws, regulations and requirements (Corporate Compliance, Akron Children’s Hospital, Billing and Reimbursement). Insurance companies and patients families expect quick, accurate, and explanations on any billed services.

Inside staff desires expediency and accuracy because they can close the accounts effectively. 4. Competition-Because Akron Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in NE Ohio, there is little room for competition. However, the community demands the very best care for their loved ones. Much of the resources that the hospital acquires come from outside donations and the Children’s Miracle Network. Internally, medical staff has the education and experience to go to any hospital to work if they are not happy with the atmosphere where they work.


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