Organizational Behavior Is Not Simply Common Sense Essay

In a way it is common sense, but it is not when it comes to the structuring of a whole organization with so many different people, and learning styles, and also the common goals and mission of the organization. It almost becomes a management science. And it has to be treated as such. Also, the OB will have to be a little more human than plain pure hard science, which is why it cannot be treated as all fact. Many organizations survive on the edge and the directors as well as staff think on feet to accomplish what in all good conscience they have to for upholding their companies’ agenda.

There are many books which discuss all this, in detail and there are always ideas that can help improve the work that organizations pride themselves in rendering. Organizational behavior is a very inter disciplinary field from economics to management and even to ethics of running a corporation. The curriculum OB course include case studies from various corporations. And that provides a good sense of organizational behavior to the students at college and graduate levels. In that sense, OB can be taught in a field work manner as well, where multiple fields come together.

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Organizational Behavior Is Not Simply Common Sense Essay
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