Organizational Culture In Gcc Business Essay

Organizational civilization has its beginning during the period of 1980s. The word civilization indicates the values, manners and knowledge those are shared among a group of people or society as a whole. In the similar lines, we can understand the organisational civilization as the values, manners and cognition that are shared among the people of an organisation. The employees of organisation have the civilization imbibed inside them and follow them without the consciousness of it. This civilization is frequently in the lines of the ends and aims of the organisation and helps it to accomplish them in a structured manner. This article takes the illustration of an organisation from UAE which is into building concern. It helps to understand the ends of the organisation by analyzing the vision and mission of the organisation. It analyzes the civilization that is present in the organisation with the aid of theoretical accounts and theories. It would concentrate on how the civilization in the organisation is helpful to accomplish the ends and aims. This will besides give some solutions which can be adopted in GCC for improvement of the cultural facets therefore lending to the organisational ends.

Gulf Contractors Company is one of the biggest companies in the state in the building industry. Construction concern is the dining concern in the gulf as the state has many oil militias. There is immense demand for the contractors as many authorities and private organisations want to build new workss to spread out or get down up their concerns. They are known for their work in countries like civil technology, edifice building and many other activities ( Rego, 2004, pp 210 ) . The company is established in the twelvemonth 1988 and it has a mix of immensely experienced people and fresh endowment combined with huge cognition in the building concern. This acts as an added advantage to the company because they were able to set about immense undertakings holding so many positive factors.

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Organizational Culture In Gcc Business Essay
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The company is located in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. The location ranks 2nd most thickly settled metropolis of the state and has a population of around 6.2 hundred thousand. UAE has big oil militias and this gives the company a location advantage. It expanded its concern into many authorities states which have undertakings in this sector. On an overall footing, the worth of all the building undertakings across the state amounts to $ 350 billion. Bing a 100 % local company, the company knows every spot of how to go on with a undertaking and what all external factors are involved in it. It would be a tough occupation for any rival to supply an terminal to stop concern solution to the clients.

The company presently has 2379 employees under its paysheet. All of the employees portion similar civilization of the organisation right from the manager to the unskilled labour. The forces are divided into three verticals called direction and Engineering degree, disposal degree, and executing degree. Each undertaking will be allotted with needed figure of adult male power from each degree. The company has 2200 employees in the executing degree and these employees are capable of set abouting undertakings necessitating highly skilled forces. Hence the company has plenty adult male power to set about all the current undertakings expeditiously.

The company is established in the twelvemonth 1988 and hence is holding an experience of about 24 old ages in the building concern ( Barhem, 2008, pp 130 ) . Throughout its journey, it has gained experience in many countries like civil technology, edifices building, grapevines building, industrial building, electrical, mechanical and instrumentality installings, Landscape and Irrigation. Besides over the old ages, it gained competitory advantage in this country by supplying an terminal to stop concern solution to every client demand in this peculiar country. As they are a 100 % local company, they know how to construct, where to construct and what to construct as per the local norms of the authorities.

Organizational Culture

As already discussed, organisational civilization is the values, manners and knowledge that all the employees of an organisation portion which would assist them in working towards the accomplishment of ends and aims. Let us analyze the organisational civilization with the aid of a theoretical account given by Hofstede et Al. harmonizing to this theoretical account, every organisation operates in a society and will be influenced by the social values. Thus organisations have to follow the values and norms of the society which shapes the civilization to some extent. The 2nd facet which influences the organisational behaviour is the personal values of people in the company and their undertakings towards accomplishing ends which require specific actions to be followed. Using this construct to the Gulf Contactors Company, located in UAE, the company will hold some values from the society because of the basic manners of the people those are developed during the upbringing in the same society ( Randeree, 2012, pp 70 ) . Hence harmonizing to Hofstede, society in which an organisation is embedded in will hold a cardinal function in finding the organisational civilization.

However the theoretical account discussed above is complex in its ain manner. In 1985, Schein came up with a theoretical account which replaces the complexness to a greater extent. The theoretical account looks like this.

It says that realisation of values helps to organize the artefacts of the organisation. Symbolization of artefacts helps to find the symbols. Interpretations of symbols help us do premises and manifestation of premises is nil but the values of the organisation. At the Gulf Contractors Company the employees portion many common values and manners. Like each employee is honorable and crystalline towards his work every bit good as the client that he is working for. Every concern dealing is conducted reasonably ( Lund, 2003, pp 225 ) . The forbearance of them to listen to the demands of the client and understand them better assist them to plan the solution efficaciously in a cost efficient mode. Availability is one of the cardinal characteristics at the company. Client can near any director that he would wish to speak sing uncertainties and issues at anytime irrespective of other factors. Delivering quality service is something which lies at the dorsum of the head in every employee and they are committed towards presenting high quality service. This has ever been the precedence at GCC. Every undertaking will hold a quality analysis that will be done at assorted phases throughout the undertaking. Achieving ends of the clients through a structured manner of design and execution agenda makes the company accomplish a placement in the heads of the client that the trade name is a dependable 1. Appropriate resources are used at the right clip for this intent.

Technological promotions are analyzed and implemented in the undertakings whenever a new engineering comes into the industry. As the industry is immense there is high range for research in countries like stuff research where more efficient natural stuffs can be used in the concern. As the company has a really effectual strategic manner in covering with the clients it has become a dependable and reliable trade name. This is non merely among the bing clients but besides has spread to most of the companies in the vicinity. So, today, many private organisations approach GCC for their building undertakings. Safety is the most of import issue in a concern of this sort. Because most of the unskilled labour plants on the site which is unsafe in its ain manner, the company will hold to supply safety steps to the employees. GCC has installed an Environmental and safety direction system for proviso of civil, electromechanical building and care services. It is a choice criterion that the employees are protected harmonizing to a standard ordinance from the authorities. Besides safety consciousness plans are conducted and employees are made to recognize that they are bound by some norms and they should non travel beyond those norms when it comes to work at the site. Besides they are educated about the “ Safety First ” policy of the company.

Sustainability and attention towards climate alteration issues are the top precedence among many organisations in today ‘s universe ( Garavan, 1997, pp 305 ) . Hence for any organisation to be sustainable in the long term it should take enterprises to protect the natural environment and milieus that it is located in. making concern in a sustainable manner and cut downing the C emanations are some of the ways through which a company can prolong in the long term. At GCC, similar schemes are being followed. They care about the natural environment and seek to heighten the nature by cut downing the C credits emitted every bit good as taking enterprises those are helpful for the nature. They are besides researching the thought of green edifice which is a recent development in the field and it has all environmental friendly stuffs those are used in the building procedure ( Bird, 2008, pp 22 ) . The company is besides flexible towards the fluctuations in the market. Even during the times when the market is non making good, the company is able to conserve itself with the aid of loyal clients that it has gained over clip.

Organizational Goals

Analyzing Mission

The basic and most of import end of GCC is to make an environment for the members of society as a whole which is vigorous and vivacious. The company wants to supply a really good return on the investing that is done by the client. It focuses on the returns that a client gets through its service and charges a really nominal monetary value from the clients when compared to its rivals in the market. The quality criterions that are delivered are high and through this they ought to go a good corporate citizen ( Rashid, 2004, pp 170 ) . The company ever wants to make and add new value to the client ‘s demands and run into them more efficaciously. This has proven to be successful and helped to derive the trust of many clients throughout the state. It respects the thoughts and positions of its employees every bit good as its clients and maintain upgrading the service with new larning and understanding. Today due to big technological inventions, the natural environment is being disturbed and the balance in the ecosystem is non maintained due to extended development of the natural resources like land, H2O, forests etc. At GCC, we care about the environment every bit good as the humanity that lives in it. Our patterns are largely green and have reduced our C emanations significantly over the past few old ages. We conduct energy audits inside our programs on a regular footing and maintain path of the energy that is being consumed. In this manner we are able to cut down on the energy being wasted every bit good as usage renewable energy beginnings wherever we can utilize them.

After all, the employees are the cardinal strength of any organisation and the company GCC has utilized its resources expeditiously to foster its ends. The company has 2379 employees on its wage axial rotation boulder clay day of the month and has a big assortment of machinery which is used for the readying of stuffs required during building undertakings. In July 2001, GCC has successfully became ISO certified company ( DESTER, 1995, pp 20 ) . Through this they were able to turn out themselves to the outside universe that there is a criterion and quality in the sort of work they deliver. They have ever emphasized on the cost effectivity of undertaking. They consider a undertaking separately and seek to better the costs without compromising on the quality which is possible with the aid of research. Hence they say that their nucleus values are clip, quality and cost effectivity.

Analyzing Vision

Harmonizing to the vision statement we can understand that the major end of the company is to be recognized as ‘best in category ‘ organisation in the industry. It wants to accomplish this through the technological promotions, constructive solutions and most significantly a cost effectual attack of covering with the undertakings. It besides emphasizes on the client satisfaction. A client will hold a perceptual experience about how the service will be and compares it with the existent service that is being provided. If they both match the client would be satisfied. The following term that the company focuses on is dedication. They believe that repute is really hard to achieve and easy lost. So it should cover with sensitively. So to keep the repute, they are ever dedicated to the paperss they sign and the regulations that they agree with. Besides they follow all the authorities regulations and ordinances while put to deathing a undertaking because that may besides damage the repute of the company ( Wetzel, 2001, pp 42 ) . The company ever aims to accomplish quality when compared to measure through the committedness degrees that they show while put to deathing a undertaking. Innovation through research is given importance. Through invention and new technological executions, they try to happen better concern solutions to the bing jobs through which they besides achieve cost effectivity. Human resources section employs the best people into the company as they believe that the best employees make an organisation as best. It besides assigns the work or undertaking to the employees based upon their accomplishment set and hence ensures the best individual is allotted to the undertaking. Team work as it works in any other organisation is besides believed to give best consequences in the company. The squad sentiment is preferred to single sentiments because the company as a whole comes before an person. They try to achieve above mean net incomes because all their concern operations are related to financials. With better fiscal place, they will be able to apportion more financess to the research section and besides enroll more endowment into the company.

Ethical motives are of import for an person to win in his life and in the same manner for an organisation to hold long term sustainability it should be ethical. They strive to go a extremely ethical and honorable house and besides promote its employees to be ethical in the work they do for the company ( Sanz-Valle, 2011, pp 60 ) . Besides as they knew the boundaries better, many local houses prefer coming to GCC for executing of their constructional demands. So with the aid of experient resources they strive to increase the market portion by supplying quality services.

Safety is one of the major aims of the direction at GCC. When it comes to safety, the direction should see three of import classs. They are people, belongings and equipment. The company is extremely committed towards the safety of its employees and resources which is clearly apparent from the manner it operates the undertaking. For this intent the company employed a dedicated safety leader who proctors and implements the safety plans like Injury and Illness Prevention Program and Gulf Contractors safety processs. The onsite safety coordinator will be responsible for all the operations that take topographic point at the occupation site. He will besides hold to analyse the possible dangers or jeopardies at the site and necessary precautional steps have to be taken. He should besides plan some methods to get the better of the jeopardies at the occupation site. Training plans need to be conducted for employees and consciousness has to be created on what has to be done in the instance of exigencies.

Analysis of relation between organisational civilization and Organizational ends

As per the analysis done boulder clay now, the civilization at GCC is to the full supportive of the ends that the organisation formulated. The civilization which has the basic values like honestness, quality and cost effectivity helps the organisation to work towards the organisational ends. With a good mix of human resources which consists of senior experient people and fresh endowment helps to accomplish the transparence in the work they do and efficiency in the quality they deliver. The accent on the research and development at the company helps it to happen and introduce new engineerings in the operations like developing a environment friendly scheme of building or implementing green constructing scheme in some of their undertakings. The company besides is doing good net incomes which help it to retain the endowment and apportion fiscal resources to every section. The particular safety officer who is appointed to look after the organisations safety measures helps it to accomplish the safety ends that they have put Forth. Besides this helps it to take precautional actions like put ining safety devices at the occupation site and forestalling accidents. The civilization of developing and protecting the nature in the state impressed many clients and improved its trade name image therefore trust of clients ( Lee, 2004, pp 350 ) . This besides made the organisation more sustainable in the long term. The accent on the cost effectivity of the undertaking helped the company to decrease the costs of the clients. Besides because of the quality of the work they deliver they gained the trust of the public and many private companies are nearing them for services. Bing a 100 % local company, they know the boundaries of the concern and can supply complete terminal to stop services to any client. They can besides supply design programs for their undertakings which the clients can utilize for their ain intents.


Therefore the decision is that the company is making reasonably good in the flourishing building concern in UAE and accomplishing good market portion and net net incomes through trust and trueness of its clients. It achieved them by lodging on to the basic values and ne’er compromising on their moralss. Some of the recommendations to the company through which it can function its clients better are listed below.

Better the resources in the organisation as many undertakings are in the grapevine and there might be a demand of human resources.

Better the accent on sustainability by enrolling a main sustainability officer and giving him responsibilities like developing sustainable schemes, turn toing climate alteration issues, H2O direction, energy direction which will assist to achieve the trust of the clients.

The civilization in the organisation should ever include some sort of recreational activities to the employees. Hence some sort of activities which enhances the cultural liquors of employees are needed which involves all the employees in the construction.


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