Organizational Structure And Human Resource Practices Commerce Essay

This study presents an rating of the HRM related patterns of the selected organisation. For this intent, MDS Oman ( Mideast Data Systems Oman ) has been selected. The information to understand the organisational construction and patterns were obtained from the disposal.

The company provides its services in the sphere of Information Technology and Systems. Some of the major countries covered are package solutions, systems integrating, computing machine systems and networking, informations centre, substructure consultancy, stand-by power systems etc. ( MDS, 2010 & A ; Midest Data Systems LLC, 2011 ) .

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Organizational Structure And Human Resource Practices Commerce Essay
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Organizational Structure

Organizational constructions are an of import facet to picture the maps of the organisation. Proper organisational constructions are important for the efficient and effectual public presentation of the organisation. Daft ( 2007 ) highlights the three of import constituents of organisational constructions including figure of hierarchical degrees, grouping of persons in sections and the procedure of communicating. The organisational construction of MDS Oman has been presented in the appendix – A. The construction of the MDS Oman is ‘Functional ‘ in nature with both horizontal and perpendicular linkages. The company is headed by the President with a Deputy General Manager ( DGM ) oversing different functional sections of the company such as i.e. Systems & A ; Storage Department, Site Department, Unified Technologies Department, Finance Department, HRM Department and Procurement Department. Each Department is so headed by a Head of Department with different employees working at different degrees. The front line employees are so working at different degrees under the supervising of their directors. Overall, the organisational construction can be considered to consist of 4 hierarchal degrees.

The functional construction of the MDS Oman can be evaluated in different position. For an Information Technology services supplier such an organisation construction is helpful as the high degree coordination is required and this construction facilitates the perpendicular and horizontal coordination among sections. Each section has its ain complete set of guidelines and processs which can be followed to supply the services to clients. The determination doing in such a construction is decentralized with all sections working harmonizing to the set criterion operating processs ( SOPs ) . The ends and visions are directed from top to bottom. Organizations with this type of constructions are flexible to alter harmonizing to the unstable environment. Different section working in the organisation can easy alter the patterns owing to the altering demands of the markets. However there are some loopholes that hinder the effectual operation of the company ‘s operations in such a type of organisational construction.

One of the major drawbacks in this organisation construction is that it is really hard to accomplish economic systems of graduated table. As the functional sections are non integrated, the standardisation across the merchandise lines become hard and organisation is unable to bring forth customized solutions to big figure of clients. For an IT based company, customized services are really of import depending upon the demands of the clients. Therefore it is necessary that company should pull off to add the function of ‘project coordinators ‘ who can execute to incorporate the activities among these different sections.

Part 3: Organizational Activities

Strategic Planning

Today ‘s organisations understand the importance of strategic human resource direction attack to transport out the organisational activities. With the frequent and uninterrupted alterations in the concern environment, organisations now look towards human resources as the key participants to accomplish the competitory advantage in the market ( Seyedjavadin & A ; Zadeh, n.d. ) . Bing a strategic spouse HRM schemes are aligned to the remainder of the concern schemes. This finally helps the organisation to put to death its concern scheme efficaciously. Our purpose in this subdivision is to analyze that how MDS Oman is able to transport out its HR maps which are aligned to organisation ‘s concern scheme and therefore play a function of being a strategic spouse.

Link between HRM and Strategic Planning

The association of strategic planning with the human resource direction concerns the of import countries such as: how the HR maps build their HR schemes? How are these schemes linked with the organisational ends, policies and processs? Are the HR hiring and enlisting policies aligned to run into the organisation ‘s work demands? How the HR plans to hold occupation analysis and occupation design for the employees working in the organisation. These all countries must adhere to the organisation ‘s nature of concern and field of work.

HRM has an integrative nexus with the strategic planning in an organisation. In this the employees of HR section give strategic contrivers information about the company ‘s human resource accomplishments and capablenesss. These capablenesss are a direct response of the HRM scheme integrated with the concern scheme. HRM policies are developed which make the employees to work harmonizing to the company ‘s concern scheme. Previously HRM had an administrative function to play in an organisation. Then this followed with one-way nexus which includes the strategic planning giving the instructions to the HR section. Another attack practiced in organisation was ‘two-way linkage ‘ in which organisation ‘s strategic planning and HR section were able to include the component of feedback sing the policies and processs. In the current scenario the strategic planning division is the portion of the HRM map which work together to run into the organisation ‘s human resource demands. All HR policies i.e. occupation analysis, occupation design, undertaking design, choice and enlisting etc. are prepared harmonizing to this strategic planning. The figure below shows the four attacks with integrative linkage ( HRM map merged with the strategic planning ) as the most effectual one.

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20and % 20Strategy.png

Strategic Planning at MDS Oman as an HR activity

One of the chief challenge that HR section of MDS Oman faces is to engage the most competent and experient people who are capable to pull off the proficient work. For this ground, the HR employees involved in the hiring and enlisting of new employees have strong cognition and apprehension of the company ‘s concern. By this they are able to run the people with the right quality, right accomplishments and endowment that fits to organisational demands.

MDS Oman consists of 80 employees and the HR section during the recruitment procedure makes it certain that the right individual is being hired for the right occupation. This is because the company is proud of its experient and extremely capable employees who are working to accomplish the ends and marks. The concern scheme of MDS Oman consists of the ends for which the extremely capable human resource is important. Some of the of import points of this scheme are given as follows:

Fiscal duty and Entrepreneurship

Regional coverage and local presence

Strong market development and support capablenesss

A dedicated household of focussed companies

Efficiency, experience and expertness

It is clearly comprehendible that such a scheme can merely be carried out with the aid of capable human resource. During the choice and enlisting, HR section is required to do certain that the occupation analysis, occupation design and undertaking analysis are prepared in proportion to the existent demands for the occupation. This helps to enroll the right individual with right accomplishments to transport out a occupation. For illustration, to transport out the operations of the Finance section, the right individual should hold sufficient cognition about fiscal analysis and budgeting. For this purpose HR section carry out the occupation analysis which inside informations about the nature of the occupation, the right set of accomplishments required to execute that occupation and the on the job conditions. Once they have been designed the enlisting scheme is planned consequently. The demand for accurate and thorough occupation information lies at the Centre of every human resource activity hence occupation analysis is considered as the requirement for the effectual human resource patterns of any organisation ( Singh, n.d. ) .

Different features of the occupation at the MDS Oman will be analysed in order to see that to which extent they are contemplation of the concern scheme of the company. These occupation design features are some of the regulations and processs which freshly hired employees have to follow. These features have been designed sing the nature of the work, environment and working conditions at the MDS Oman. As the HR ‘s function has now changed and the HR scheme is aligned with the concern scheme, all HR related activities are designed and patterns consequently. For illustration if the on the job conditions are unsafe so organisation must supply the medical and life insurance installations in order to counterbalance for any possible loss.

Working Hourss: The Company ‘s working hours are from 08:00 am till 05:30 autopsy with one hr tiffin interruption. Two yearss in a hebdomad ( Thursday and Friday ) are taken as away. These are standard working hours which comply with the state ‘s labour Torahs. Besides these are official and formal working hours in which services can be provided to clients.

Performance Evaluation: There is simple standard which is being followed at MDS Oman to measure the public presentation of an employee over the period of a twelvemonth. The public presentation is evaluated by the immediate supervisor or the Division ( section ) caput. However there are no complex standards such as marks, mileposts etc. which help to measure the employee ‘s public presentation. As the company provides IT related services and its concern scheme focuses to spread out the growing, such an rating standards can non be considered sufficient. One of the of import missing factor is the feedback from client which should be catered in the public presentation rating of the front line employees. Similarly feedback from the subsidiaries about their supervisors is an of import facet of the public presentation rating of the directors. These factors are missed in the public presentation measuring.

Medical and Life Insurance Policy: All Oman based MDS employees are entitled to 24 hours group life insurance against given conditions such as decease, inadvertent decease, lasting sum or partial disability from accident, impermanent disability and any other repatriation disbursals. The life insurance policy besides follows the standard labor Torahs. Apart from the life insurance the company provides the medical coverage to the employee, partners and three dependants up to the age of 18 old ages. Medical and life insurance policies comply with the regional and international criterions for the HR policy.

Intercity, local and Air travel: Company facilitates to supply the abode and local and international travelling for its employees. Employees are capable to avail the grants in their local and international travels. These going installations are different for the concern and other intents. Employees are required to do a travel petition in order to avail these services.

All employees at MDS Oman follow these regulations and ordinances as portion of the company policy. These regulations and processs as portion of the occupation design are prepared harmonizing to the nature of the work performed at the organisation. Similarly at the clip of choice, new campaigners are provided with the demands of the occupation, accomplishments required to execute the occupation and brief scenario of the on the job conditions and organisation ‘s HR policy i.e. wage graduated tables, medical allowances, benefits, etc. The company attracts the possible human resource from all around the universe. Keeping in focal point the occupation demands and the organisation ‘s ends, the enlisting and choice activities are carried out which helps to test out the possible campaigners who have the right accomplishments to execute the needed occupation.

Part 4: Decision and Recommendations

MDS Oman strives to execute its HR patterns which must follow with the organisation ‘s vision, mission and ends. The employees who work at MDS Oman are capable to execute their occupation responsibilities and duties. HR policies are designed harmonizing to the nature of the work, the concern demands, working conditions and the occupation environment. However there are some countries in which organisation needs to better its schemes in order to pull and retain the most efficient employees. This finally will take to a smooth running of organisational activities.

The public presentation rating mechanism at MDS Oman must be improved. Presently the public presentation is being evaluated in a really simple manner in which employee ‘s immediate supervisor or division caput works to do an rating. This rating is carried out on annual footing. Wagess and fillips as a consequence of the public presentation rating after a twelvemonth does n’t promote employees to execute good and make extra-ordinary. The motive degree of employees is non increased and they follow certain set processs and regulations to execute their occupations. On the other manus, in modern twenty-four hours organisations, employees are being empowered with certain powers which helps them to remain motivated towards work.

An of import facet for the effectual HR planning is that the compensation and benefits given to employees must be fit harmonizing to the organisation scheme. Compensation schemes consequence the organisation ‘s growing schemes. A growing scheme ‘s focal point on the invention, hazard is straight linked to the HR ‘s wage scheme that portions risk with the employees and gives them chance for higher future net incomes by holding their portion in whatever the organisation will hold. Associating HR scheme with the organisational scheme proves to be truly effectual as the employees trace a mark to follow. At MDS Oman, there are no such patterns followed by the HR section. However harmonizing to the nature of the concern the employees can be given tonss of chances to do effectual parts which will finally assist the organisation to accomplish bigger marks.

To be invention and creative is one of the of import factor for the efficient working of employees in an organisation. Different organisations across the Earth provide chances to their employees in which they come up with the new and originative thoughts which can assist to do the work more effectual. For illustration, at Microsoft, applied scientists are given a certain twenty-four hours to make whatever they want. And in this manner, employees do come up with new things which organisation uses in its concern. For an IT related concern provide, invention and creativeness are of import for the fast growing.

The organisational construction of the MDS Oman hinders to hold effectual coordination among different sections. In the functional organisational construction employees in each section have knowledge about their ain sections. However for a company like MDS Oman, the inter-department coordination is an of import factor. The company should add the coordination mechanism in the construction. HR schemes like occupation rotary motion and occupation enrichment can be used to do the employees know and understand the working of different sections.


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