Osiris-Greek Essay

Osiris-Greek Essay BY tef104 12/21/12 English 9H Critical Lens Essay Heroism and courage go hand in hand. Courage is a feeling that urges a person to do risky, but great things. Courage is found everywhere, including in heroism. Being a hero is being acknowledged for doing a good deed or simply by making the smallest positive impact on someone’s life. According to Henri Amiel, “Heroism is the dazzling, glorious concentration of courage. ” I strongly agree with this quote. Ancient and modern day literature exemplifies heroism in unison with courage.

The heroes in these pieces of literature are recognized because they have the courage to do the impossible. Osiris, from the ancient myth Osiris, was truly a hero to many people. Osiris brought many different objects and ideas to the people of Egypt, some of which helped to make Egyptian civilization more advanced. Osiris brought wheat, barley, wine, and fruit in hopes that the Egyptians would stop being cannibals. He also introduced the ideas of worshipping different gods and having laws in place to try and create a more organized society.

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Osiris-Greek Essay
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Without these important changes to their civilization, the Egyptian people would not have been as advanced as the other cultures and territories were. Because Osiris helped Egypt to become a better civilization, they worshiped him. Osiris showed that he had courage by reclaiming the Egyptians from savagery knowing that he might not have been able to reconstruct or save their civilization. He took a risk, and as a result an advanced Egyptian civilization was born. With his courageous and intelligent actions, Osiris was able to help many eople and be remembered as a hero.

Another character, Isis, from the myth of Osiris, is also known as a hero based on her actions after the death of Osiris. When Osiris dies, Isis decides to cut up the remains of his body into pieces so she can distribute them in various places. She does this in order to preserve her brother’s impact on civilization even after he was gone. Isis distributed his body parts in different places so Osiris would be worshiped through all of Egypt. Isis was a hero to her brother because she helped him to be emembered as a hero to the people of Egypt.

She also contributed to the Egyptian civilization. By ensuring that Osiris was worshipped as a god she allowed for the Egyptians to have beliefs and belief systems. Isis was a hero to not only her brother Osiris but to many citizens in Egypt as well. Both Isis and Osiris had similar attributes such as perseverance and intelligence. They loved each other unconditionally Isis and Osiris loved each other in more ways than one throughout the myth. They had a special connection as brother and sister s well as husband and wife.

Because they were so in love, they persevered to help each other no matter what. After Osiris died, Isis made sure that he was remembered one way or another throughout Egypt. She didn’t give up on making Osiris a great God who was worshipped by many people. Both Osiris and Isis were very intelligent. They knew what the people of Egypt needed in order to create a strong, unique, successTul clvlllzatlon. Wltn courage ana tne cnaracterlstlcs to nelp recreate civilizations, Isis and Osiris are still well known as heroes and Gods today.


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