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osslt BY tnsltn078 Self reflection This the end of this course, I really have to say, it is my pleasure to be Ms. Sangs student, my language strategies had improved a lot during this course. Firstly, we don’t have lots homework, and Ms. Sang is really nice, she always close the homework internet system on next day, which really had help me a lot, because I can have enough time in order to finish my homework properly. My English is not really good, so I really need time to study.

But sometimes, I’m still not good enough, I got a zero or an assignment, the reason of it is because I didn’t understood the assignment’s question, so my homework is totally out of control. I learned a lesson after this zero, if I’m not good enough, if I am not able to follow the instruction, the only way I can solve this situation is to spend more time than others, I remember my grand mother said before: “the slow one need to start early, in order not to fall behind. ” Secondly, an important reason why I improved my English, I need to found a large number of information in order to finish my homework.

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Of course, the language of those information is English, while I was reading those information, my vocabulary had increased. And from some example paragraphs, I can study how to write a paragraph in a right way. I have to say, my favorite homework is Reading Comprehension Questions, I love to read those articles, they are interesting and attractive to me. My writing ability improved, it is true that reading can enhance your writing ability. Lastly, I will like to thanks my teacher, even I don’t really know her. But like I said efore, she had show her understanding and sympathy on us.

I have summer school to go, so I can’t assume much homework, the amount of homework teacher gave to us are bearable. Also, my teacher is a really patient, remember I didn’t know how to go on to the website, my teacher phoned me and taught me step by step. I have to be thankful that I have a such great teacher. In conclusion, this course will be end soon, I had learned a lot from this course. My reading and writing strategies improved by this course, also my vocabulary. Anyw???ay, this will be a great part of my summer.


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