Other Communication And Liaison Activities Construction Essay

Executive Summary


Today the universe is really busy. Peoples have to make their woks on clip ; otherwise they will loss in this competitory universe. To accomplish the marks and do success their lives they must hold quality installations. The installations like Bridgess, roads, edifices play a large function to do Easy their lives.

To construct these installations people have to utilize quality buildings. to make a quality and effectual building.contractor has to give the hundred present his wok.also he has to pull off the clients cost good and efficaciously.

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Other Communication And Liaison Activities Construction Essay
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In this assignment I have discussed about cost controlling, cost planning, estimation cost, existent cost, how manage the site, authorities intercession.i discussed about these things imaging under building site in a matara metropolis country.

Prefering this assignment prefer can acquire anal thought about the things.

Undertaking 01

Determine the grounds for difference between existent cost and estimated cost

Actual cost

Estimated cost

A multi storied shopping composite was deigned in centre of matara town. The undertaking measure surveyor finds the job sing existent cost and estimated cost. The undertaking measure surveyor finds the grounds for that.

The grounds for the difference between existent cost and estimated cost.

The monetary value of some stuffs has increased after commence the undertaking

Estimated cost is doing before commence the plants of the proect.estimated cost made by based on past stuff monetary values. In this undertaking. At the start of this undertaking, need cement for the structural portion. At that clip when looking for purchase the cement monetary value of cement had increased, because of that had top bargain the cement for the present monetary value. Some of stuffs like sand did non plenty for the woks and besides so looking for by more there providers did non hold adequate stock. As a consequence of that they had to purchase those, stuffs for another provider for higher cost.

Some alterations of the program

During of the wok in the site, civil applied scientist had found few jobs sing the design. This shopping composite was designed in centre of matara metropolis ; matara metropolis is usually a really busy topographic point ad besides this undertaking land was surrounded by a batch of edifices. Because of that they have to plan the site o a suited for the topographic point. Besides sing besides sing some regulations of the authorities they have to redesign the site. And it ‘s made big cost harm.

Some stuffs had wasted

During the undertaking stuffs like sand had wasted due to rain. Because in the sand stored in the out-of-door topographic point and it was non covered. Besides some sand had rejected by the civil applied scientist, because there quality non suited for the work. Besides some cement bags had stolen.

Conveyance and labour cost increased

When the providers providing their stuffs like sand, cement they had increased their rates because addition of the gasoline and Diesel.

Labors besides hard T found for expected rates.because of that contractor has to utilize the labour for higher cost.

Some excess disbursals for medical interventions

When the building is traveling on some labours non obey the regulations sing safety and it do a some accident to some workers. Because of that excess disbursals happen to the medical intervention.

Using cost planning, cost controlling and monitoring to this site

Cost commanding

Cost control is the entire procedure which ensures that the contract amount is within the clients budget O cost bound

Purposes of cost control

To restrict the clients outgo to within the sum agreed.

Guarantee the cost is distributed across the elements to run into the client and interior decorators expenditure

To supply hundred present for clients money.

In this undertaking to go on difference between existent cost and estimated cost undertaking measure surveyor reveal ground sing alterations of the design. To avoid these sort of state of affairs to command the cost can take remedial actions sing before stat ht building.woks like alteration the program, maximise the infinite, change the plumbing system etc… . Have to guarantee that outgo is contained within the sum agreed between client and the contractor.

In this multi storied shopping complex site they had a job with the providers, quality and their high conveyance cost.to avoid these sort things when the estimation devising they can do an understanding with those providers to acquire their services as the estimated monetary values

Besides they had a job with quality of the sand, and some of sand stocks had ejected by the civil applied scientist. To command the cost with this sort of job before bargain these stuffs have ti look into the quality and can command the cost.

Cost planning

Cost planning is a method of supplying cost informations which will help the designer in doing design determinations. Cost planning must supply the information in a signifier which is easy understood by all the design squad members.

Purposes of cost planning

To guarantee that the client bound is non exceeded.

To guarantee the client obtains good value for money

Using cost planning to this undertaking

To use cost planning to this shopping composite undertaking has to do the realistic first estimation. This estimation must covered the all the countries of the undertaking. Besides it is better to include the per centum monetary values of the stuffs and services. Besides it is better to concentrate of future monetary value alterations. Besides, by spliting this estimation to different portion of the undertaking like planing, civil technology portion, tiling, etc.. .we can happen exact cost to each portion.

In this undertaking, to avoid the difference between existent cost and estimated cost, when cost planning have to place the client ‘s money handiness and besides has to give the hundred per centum for the clients money.

When during the cost planning period, to avoid the cost harm, we can take the provider for the lowest rates. besides when cost planning we have to plan our stuffs we are traveling to se, besides when cost planning we can look for redesigning parts of the site and so we can besides use cost planning for that redesigned parts.

Cash flow

Cash flow is a hard currency concern active between client and contactor. The contractor ever tries to finish his work harmonizing to understanding with the client. Any successful undertaking besides may be loss due to ad hard currency flow.


Undertaking 02

Apply program agenda and mange the supply of resources, stuffs, use of stuffs, works and labour and sub contractor.

In the bottleneck undertaking, undertaking crew ‘s most major duty is compete the undertaking every bit shortly as possible and efficaciously. This multi storied shopping composite besides has to plan rapidly and efficaciously. Because client ‘s thought is to stat the shopping composite every bit shortly as possible. The contractor duty is give 100 per centum to the client ‘s, money.

To make this shopping composite undertaking in a efficient manner have to schedule and pull off the supply, stuffs, use of stuffs, works and labour and sub contractors. Because this every thing connect with each other.

First we have ti plan a efficient work agenda, so has to pull off the agenda and supply, stuffs, use of stuffs, works and labour and sub contractor.

Divide work marks for each clip period.

Before commence the work of the site, poject manage or relevant individual has to schedule the wok marks for each hebdomad. As a illustration, first hebdomad plants, 2nd hebdomad plants can split for the site, giving these sort of clip marks the undertaking can easy finish on clip.

To make this we can use gannt chart. Using a Gantt chart we can easy look the advancement of the site.

Using a Gantt chart we can easy establish these advantages

All undertakings seeable to the every workers

Can demo progress easy to the officers and clients

Deadlines are shown

Every worker can easy place his plants

Mange the stuffs

In this shopping composite we have o use assorted sort of stuffs. There are cement, sand bricks, metal… .

In this undertaking foremost making building portion of the edifice. Because of that we can hive away stuffs like cement, sand foremost. After stuffs like cement, sand based building we can hive away other stuffs for following degree building. Like tile, plumbing equipments.becaus of that we can easy manage the shop.because this site is placed on centre of matara metropolis.regarding that we can non look for big shop for the building sing the infinite.

Mange the labour

The labour is the most active individual of the site. It they adapana we can non trust a speedy and efficient undertaking. When we are utilizing the workers for the site we have to deicide the right figure of labours for the relevant work. Using the gannt chart we van ideientify that. Then we can use exact labours for the relevant work.

Then we have to inform the labours, about their on the job yearss. Otherwise they will be at any other work at that clip. Besides we have to take most suited individual for the relevant work, it will be helpful to establish an efficient undertaking without cost damaging. Besides tungsten has to pay the payments and other benefits on clip to the labours to do them happy about the plants.

Pull off the workss

This is a multi storied shopping composite because of that w have to utilize assorted sorts of works and equipments for this site. as a illustration, we have to utilize big figure of scaefolders.we have to make up one’s mind right clip t apply scarefloders to the site. Then we have to take all the sacrefldes need woks one clip.

Besides we can utilize reentered workss for the plants ; if we are traveling to purchase a new works it will do a big cost. Besides when we are utilizing a works we have to acquire it before commence the relevant work. When we are utilizing the workss we have to look into their quality.

Manage bomber contractors

In this undertaking we can utilize assorted sort of bomber contracts.there are contorting, plumbing, tiling etc… . because they are really specialised for each work. Using sub contractors we can make our undertaking efficaciously and efficiency. When we are choose subcontractors, foremost we have to compare the rates with of other sub contactors. Besides when taking subcontractor we have to see about our estimated co0st.

After we choose a subcontractor we have to inform them about their working locale and their relevant clip period and client ‘s specials request with this bomber contact portion. Besides when subcontractors making their plants on the site we have to use a our officer to inspect their plants.

Pull off the supply

At the supply we have to acquire the stuffs and other equipments on clip. because if it is non go oning it will harm our working agenda. in this site undertaking measure surveyor said a difference between existent cost and estimated cost, in hat affair conveyance disbursals besides help to increased that difference. to avoid a state of affairs like that we have to pull off the supply efficaciously. First we have to come up with an understanding with providers about their rates sing conveyance. Besides these rates have to suitable for the estimation.

To pull off the supply good, we have to inform them about our demand measure of stock, and relevant twenty-four hours to provide the stuffs and other equipments.

Undertaking 03

Government intercession to this undertaking sing the blessings governments.

In Sri Lanka some authorities intercession and blessings are desiring to the building. In this multi storied complex besides got some authorities intercession and governments.

Needed to acquire the blessing for the design

When architecture finish his design, before commence the work we have to acquire the blessings form the design from municipal council. This undertaking is traveling to do vitamin E in centre of matara metropolis, because of that design has to suitable for the topographic point. At the municipal council the relevant officer will inspect those things.

Some blessings sing beach and historical topographic points.

Matara metropolis is placed on near beach and some historical topographic points like garrison, some times this shopping composite will approach for those topographic points. Because of that we have to acquire the blessings by the werala sanakshan adikariyen.in this state of affairs most of import thing is distance between beach and the edifice.

Historical topographic point like garrison some times can put near to the edifice, because of that we have to acquire the blessings from the puravidyadeparthamentuwa.

Government intercession sing workers payments and other benefits.

In this poject we have to pay our payments and other benefits like ( etf, epf ) on time.kamkaru departamentuwa is inspecting about this affair. If we ae non making this well we wiil found some punishments. It will be excess cost and besides I will do to decelerate our undertaking velocity.

Government intercession sing wellness and safety background.

In this shopping complex undertaking we have to use big figure of workers. Besides in the site ever we can establish a busy working environment. Because of this busy working environment sometime we can establish any accident to a worker.

Because of that we have to supply a quality safety and wellness policy to the site to protect the workers and maintain the site working velocity.

Some times authorities can inspect our safety background and its quality. Because of that we have to keep it right.

We can supply these things to avoid accidents.

Quality personal protection equipments

Medical installations

Training to utilize new machines

Quality workss

Other communicating and affair activities

To acquire infustractions

To this shopping we need electricity. To acquire electricity we have to discourse with electricity board and have get the blessing to acquire the electricity. Then we have to inform to electricity Board about our capacity and the day of the month to link their root to our undertaking.

To acquire the H2O to our shopping complex undertaking we have to discourse wit the H2O board and has to pay their payments and so hold to inform the day of the month to link their sys tem to our undertaking.

To let go of our sewerage

This shopping composite was designed in centre of mataa metropolis, besides this edifice is surrounded by batch of edifices.also we do non hold adequate infinite to do our ain sewerage system. Because of that we have to utilize ha matara sewerage system. To make this we have t acquire the blessing from H2O board.

Police affairs to transport stuffs.

This shopping composite was designed in centre of matara metropolis. Because of that we have to transport our stuffs t o inside the matara metropolis. In that matte constabularies make perturbations to that when we are transporting sand, Wood. Because of that we have to acquire the constabulary affair conveyance those stuffs.

We have to acquire the blessing from the cardinal environment authorization. To cut some trees to our wood plants.


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