Our County's Demand for Oil Essay

Full Sentence Outline Because of our countries demand for oil, we have allowed drilling to take place in US waters for many years now. This has created many environmental problems over the years. The latest oil spill has opened the eyes of the people and now they are willing to fight to keep the environment safe for their families and future generations. There are many people that would like to see oil drilling come to an end, but that will take a lot of work for us to make this happen.

The US will have to come up with another plan for energy usage, which can be done if the politicians will allow for it. I. The United States has a big demand for crude oil. A. Our electricity here in the US depends on oil to maintain production. B. Automobiles need gasoline to run. 1. The U. S. needs to come up with another way for automobiles to run. 2. There are many hybrid automobiles, but we need to stop the production cars that run on just gasoline II.

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Our County's Demand for Oil Essay
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The oil spill has affected human and animal health. A. Animals are dying from the oil in the gulf. B. Human health is affected because we depend on the Gulf as a source of food. 1. Fisherman can’t fish from the Gulf because the fish are contaminated. 2. Humans that are involved in the cleanup process in the Gulf are exposed to chemicals. III. The oil spill cleanup process will take many years to accomplish. A. There are many workers and volunteers involved to help with the cleanup process. 1.

The people are helping clean animals that have come to land to get away from the oil. 2. There are special rigs they have in the Gulf to collect the contaminated water. When the United States learns their lessons and realizes that having such a high demand for oil in our country will be the cause of many more problems in our environment, then perhaps they will make better choices for the country. As long as the U. S. still depends on oil for our way of life, then we will not see a change and many more environmental issues will arise.


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