Outline for Ap Us History Dbq Essay

To what extent had the colonists developed a sense of their identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution? 1750-1776 Notes Documents: A) Gazette cartoon: The colonies need to be united against England or they will die. B) Why should Parliament rule the American Colonies as if they are small towns in England (no representation), when the colonies are bigger than England itself and are an ocean away? American colonies are not European because they are separated by the European Continent by an ocean, and due to this they have their own culture (156 years of England ignoring them).

Americans are different (sense of unity). C) Parliament either wants to make the colonies to obey England with no opposition, or ruin both countries trying (what it seems like to the colonists). All the colonies with the exception of the Tories are united against England. (Shows unity) D) (Tory) One tyrant 3000 miles away, or 3000 tyrants 1 mile away? Shows that there are still some loyal colonists. E) (Year before Revolution) the colonies are taking up arms because of England, and no matter what they will defend their liberties—they’d rather die as free men than live like slaves (hyyyypocriiiites).

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Outline for Ap Us History Dbq Essay
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Shows unity. F) America was under British law for years, yet allowed to go their own way (to a point). The colonies became spoiled little children and rebelled against the parent (England). Loyal colonists (Tories). G) Colonies united to help Boston after the harbor was closed— Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Sense of unity. H) Americans are different from Europeans: descendant of Europeans. I. e. Families are a mix; “…family whose grandfather was an Englishman… wife was Dutch… son married a French woman…” No (European) prejudice in America, ecause they are American, not European. Americans are different (sense of unity). Groups: 1) doc. s D, F—Tories- not all the Americans had the sense of unity. 2) doc. s B, H—Americans are different (different b/c of Salutary Neglect) 3) doc. s C, E—Unification. Sense of unity. Doc. s not used: A, G (G could fit in group 3). Salutary Neglect- from 1607-1763 (156 years of being ignored) Proclamation of 1763 ended Salutary Neglect—beginning of enforcement of laws on the colonies.


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