Outline Living In The Environment Principles Essay

On the other hand, environmentalists and many leading scientists believe we are: disrupting the earth’s life support system for us and other species and doing so at an accelerated rate planetary management worldview We are the planet’s most important species, and we are apart from and in charge of the rest of nature. The earth has an unlimited supply of resources for use by us through science and technology. Economic growth increases human well-being, and the potential for economic growth is essentially limitless.

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Outline Living In The Environment Principles Essay
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Our success depends on how well we understand, control, and manage the earth’s life-support systems for our own benefit. Environmental wisdom worldview We are part of nature and nature does not exist Just for us. The earth’s resources are limited, should not be wasted, and should be used efficiently and sustainable for us and other species. Some forms of technology and economic growth are environmentally beneficial and would be encouraged, but dome are environmentally harmful and should be discouraged.

Our success depends on learning how the earth sustains itself and adapts to ever- changing environmental conditions and integrating such scientific lessons from nature (environmental wisdom) into the ways we think and act. IV. Skeptics about the use of technology call for us to use our economic and political systems: to encourage environmentally beneficial forms of technology and economic growth to discourage environmentally harmful forms of technology and economic growth


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