Overpopulation in India Essay

Population Explosion in India The Factors and Effects of Population Explosion in India, and Steps to Control Population There are many factors contributing in the population explosion in India, and the increased population has led to many others consequences. Anyhow, steps are taken by the government of India to control this predicament. First and foremost, the high birth rate in India is the main root of the overpopulation. The high fertility rate is due to the impecunious of the country. To counter this, the nations give birth to more children, hoping that there will be more income resources.

Besides, the people count upon that the survivability of their children is low and thus they keep producing more children. Moreover, most of the people stick to the antique cultural norms which indirectly cause the population to increase. In addition, boy child is more preferably among the families. As a result, they may have more children than they actually want. Furthermore, youth girls tend to be more fertile and since the culture norm is for a girl to get married during childhood, thus, they can have more children throughout their lifetime.

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Overpopulation in India Essay
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This cycle goes on as long as they remain uneducated. Secondly, the death rate is low in India. The medical field in India is quite developed. This advancement has further boost the growth in population. With good medical facilities, the average lifespan of the nations has increased. Besides, abortion is prohibited by the religions of the people there. Thus, the population rate has further increased. The third factor will be the immigration. The migration in India is low and is dropping further. The growth of population has led to many pollutions and side effects in India.

First of all, the air will be polluted. Demand for habitats and fuel sources rise as population grows and eventually deforestation will occur in order to fulfill these. Consequently, trees which used to help us in deteriorating the air pollution now have no longer functioning. In addition, air pollution will causes respiratory diseases and headaches, dizziness, breathing difficulties or even mass illness to the people. Not only that, the national heritage and the ancestral monuments will be damaged by the air pollution.

Besides, carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons increase as the population grows and result in air pollution and depletion of ozone layer. Eventually, temperature of earth will rise and the ultraviolet radiation of the sun will be able to penetrate over the ozone layer. Global warming occurs as greenhouse gases trap the heat in the earth’s atmosphere. High temperature will hamper the harvest of crops and further deteriorate the economy in India. Additionally, the climatic changes will lead to increase of tropical disturbances.

People themselves will be in danger as well as the pollution goes critical. The next pollution will be water pollution. This pollution comes from factories, automobiles’’ exhausts and mines, which dump sewage directly into the water. Moreover, as an Agrarian country, the usage of pesticides for agriculture in India calls for water pollution too. Excessive usage of organic matter by farmers will also lead to the same consequent. As mentioned, deforestation will occur as population increase and the forests are stripped, soil erosion will happen and further cause sediments in water.

Furthermore, people in India bathe in river for spiritual rejuvenate. However, as they warding off their sins in water, body wastes are excreted into the river as well, leading to river pollution. Religious act of dumping corpses into water does the pollution too. The third impact will be high unemployment rate and illiteracy. The jobs obtainable in India are very inadequate. As the number of people increase, the struggle for the most basic jobs is also terrific. Thus, the rate of unemployment tends to rise even greater.

The consequent is richer classes of the society will exploit the poorer. This lack of resources promotes the shortage of educational resources. Eventually, parents cannot pay for the higher level of education for their children because basic education is very expensive in India. Thus, Illiteracy causes even more unemployment, also brings more poverty. Because of uneducated, people can only work on minimal which cannot support their daily live. Last but not least, overpopulation will cause scarcity of food.

According to an article by World Bank Group, most of the children under the age of four are malnourished, and 30% of newborns are severely underweight, and 60% of women are suffering from anemic. Children often fight for food even if it is only a small piece of bread. Food has become a privilege but basic necessity for people in India. The India government has taken immediate steps to control the population. Several programs for limiting the population growth have been structured and millions of dollars has been exhausted on controlling the birth rate.

Anyhow, some of the programs have been successful, and the rate of growth has also decreased, but has still to reach to the sustainable rate. The government’s emphasis falls on lessening the birth rate. Several government-funded agencies expend hundreds of thousands of dollars on promoting family planning. The aims of these originations are to encourage family planning as a basic human right and the norm of a two-child family on a voluntary basis, to attain a balance between the population size and resources, to set up young people for responsible attitudes in human sexuality, and to grant education and services to all.

The birth control methods provided by the family planning program are condoms, diaphragms, cream tubes, foam tables, and oral pills. In addition, free abortion is available in institutions recognized by the government for this purpose. In conclusion, the success of family planning programs depends on many factors. However, this does not change the fact that birth control is really significant in order to improve the life of the future generation in India in terms of better availability of resources and a improved and a sanitary world.


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