Overview of Centrica PLC Essay


Originally the British Gas plc demerged to organize two spread companies which is Centrica plc and BG plc. Over the old ages Centrica plc took over the gas gross revenues and trading services, retail concern along with the gas production operations in the North and South Morecambe gas Fieldss. In 1998, Centrica’s provider monopoly for gas came to an terminal. Centrica maintained the British Gas retail trade name but is merely allowed to utilize this trade name name in the UK.

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1998 to 2010

End of 1998, harmonizing to company CEO and Chief Financial Officer Roy Gardner Mark Clare, Centrica ‘s effort dispersed – foremost through the development of a goldfish recognition card, and so in 1999 through the acquisition of the AA 1.1 billion lbs. 2000 to further diversify Centrica in the UK, residential telecom operators to purchase OneTel of self-interest. Shortly thenceforth Centrica ‘s acquisition of Dyno franchise group. Centrica besides entered the energy supply markets in North America, through the acquisition of the Canadian company Direct Energy in 2000 and 4.06 million lbs. Direct Energy ‘s concern, followed by a series of important acquisitions further expanded, including 4.37 million lbs Enbridge services company, in January 2002.

Diversified concern scheme alterations occurred in mid-2003, there may be force per unit area from the large metropolis of stockholders in order to supply a better return and / or may be at the nucleus of the UK energy supply concern is expected to coerce. Changes in concern scheme began selling goldfish to Lloyds TSB Bank in 2004, followed by the sale of the AA Centrica two private equity houses ; Luxembourg house CVC and Permira UK 1.75 one billion lbs. Then in 2005 Centrica to sell their concern OneTel The Carphone Warehouse.

Since 2005 Centrica has announced the consolidation in the energy sector, both upstream and downstream, including the enlargement of abroad concern scheme. New president Roger Carr replace retiring president Sir Michael Perry in 2005, and the new CEO of Sam Laidlaw picked up the reins from retiring CEO Sir Roy Gardner 2006. Sam Laidlaw bring important ‘upstream ‘ operational experience, to guarantee the supply of energy can so be sold Centrica ‘s consumer concern.

January 2006, it was believed that the Russian state-owned power company Gazprom is seeking to get Centrica ‘s. This caused a contention in the media, and the Department of Trade and Industry said that any dealing will be capable to “ rigorous examination. ” Blair announced in April that he would non barricade any possible trade.

2010 to show.

November 17, 2010, Centrica hard currency acquired heat pump installing company Cool Planet Technologies Ltd. Assets 050,000,000 lbs. This will advance the development of a broad scope of low-carbon engineerings and confer withing company scheme.

February 2011 Centrica has signed Qatargas has purchased 2.4 million dozenss of LNG a twelvemonth, 2 ? one billion three-year contract. March 2011 Centrica agreed to sell its Dutch subordinate Oxxio the electricity and gas supply concern to ENECO BV Company 72 ˆ million ( 63 million lbs ) in hard currency. Centrica issue to finish the sale of electricity and natural gas supply in Continental Europe, following the earlier sale of the supply concern in Belgium and Spain.

November 2011, Centrica National Oil Company agreed to buy from the Norse continental shelf eight bets deserving 1.6 billion. In the 2nd dealing, Centrica ‘s consent, from the same company to purchase 5 billion three-dimensional metres of natural gas from 2015 to 2025, tantamount to 5 % of natural gas ingestion in the United Kingdom.

Centrica German trade sector of Energie GmbH in CENTRICA closed in April 2012. July 2013, it announced that it will get Centrica Hess company ‘s selling unit of energy to $ 1.03 billion. In March 2014, Centrica ‘s acquisition of the retail sector and belongs to the Irish state-owned Bord Gais other assets of about one billion ˆ 110 fee.

Vision of Centrica PLC

Our vision is to be the taking incorporate energy company, with clients at our nucleus.

Aim of Centrica PLC

Our purpose in to run into our customer’s energy demands and present long-run value to our stockholders.

Mission of Centrica PLC

Management and commissions

  • Rick Haythornthwaite

Rick HaythornthwaiteChairman

  • Sam Laidlaw

Sam LaidlawChief Executive

  • Margherita Della Valle

Margherita Della ValleNon-executive Director

  • Mary Francis CBE

Mary Francis CBESenior Independent Director

  • Mark Hanafin

Mark HanafinPull offing Director, International Upstream

  • Lesley Knox

Lesley KnoxNon-executive Director

  • Michael Linn

Mike LinnNon-executive Director

  • Nick Luff

Nick LuffGroup Finance Director

  • Ian Meakins

Ian MeakinsNon-executive Director

  • Paul Rayner

Paul RaynerNon-executive Director

  • Chris Weston

Chris WestonPull offing Director, International Downstream

  • Grant Dawson

Grant DawsonGeneral Counsel and Company Secretary

  • Jill Shedden

Jill SheddenGroup Director, Human Resources


Management accounting is defined as “ … the procedure of designation, measuring, accretion, analysis, readying, reading, and communicating of fiscal information used by direction to be after, measure, and command an organisation and to guarantee appropriate usage of and answerability for its resources” . ( Statements on Management accounting, 2008 )

2.1Business Review ( Page 29 )

Investing for value in power

“In offshore air current, our 270mw Lincs undertaking has now generated first power and is expected to to the full operational in the 2nd half on 2013. We have invested over ?3 million in a new operations base at Grimsby docks to function Lincs and other possible Centrica Energy wind farm developments, a significant investing in the local area.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.2Business Review ( page 29 )

Integrated our natural gas concern, linked to our nucleus markets

“The gas market is going progressively planetary. We have made advancement in diversifying our beginnings of gas, including understandings to import grapevine of gas from Norway and LNG from Qatar through our regasification capacity at the Isle of Grain.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.3 Business Review ( Page 31 )

Strong public presentation in disputing market environment

“Centrica Storage performed good in 2012, with strong commercial public presentation procuring the benefits of higher summer/winter monetary value derived functions seen in the first half of the 2012/13 storage twelvemonth. The Rough plus achieved dependability of 92 % in the twelvemonth ( 2011:96 % ) , with public presentation in the first half similar to that experienced in the first half of 2011 but with the 2nd half impacted by a little figure of production outages had limited commercial impact and across the twelvemonth plus handiness was good when required to run into client demand.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.4 Business Review ( page 31 )

Challenging economic sciences for new undertakings

“We attain the option to put in out Baird and Caythrope gas storage undertakings. However, the go oning comparatively low degrees of summer/winter monetary value derived functions and decreased monetary value volatility, combined with an unsure longer term mentality, mean that market conditions remained disputing for these chances. With the state going progressively dependent on of import gas we believe that more seasonal storage in required in the UK.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.5 Financial Statement – involvements in joint ventures and associates ( page 104 )

“During November 2009 the group acquired a 20 % involvement in British Energy for ?2,255 million and NNB Holding Company Limited for ?32 million. The Group’s portion of net income arising from its investing in British Energy for the twelvemonth to 31 December 2012 as set out.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.6 Financial Risk Management – Transactional and Translational Currency Risks ( page 111 )

“It is the Group’s policy to fudge material transactional exposures utilizing frontward contracts to repair the functional currency value of non-functional currency hard currency flows, except where there is an economic hedge inherent in the transaxtion. At 31stDecember 2012, there were no stuff unhedged non-functional currency pecuniary assets or liabilities, house committednesss or likely prognosis transactionas ( 2011: nothing ) , other than transactionas which have an built-in economic hedge and foreign currency adoptions used transactional exposures.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.7 Financial Risk Management – Liquid Risk ( page 112 )

“The Group has a figure of exchequer and hazard policies to supervise and pull off liquidness hazard. Cash prognosiss placing the Group’s liquidness demands are produced regularlyand are stree-tested for different scenarios, including, but non limited to reasonably possible additions or lessenings in trade good monetary values and the possible hard currency deductions of a recognition evaluation downgrade. The Group seeks to guarantee the sufficient fiscal headway exists for at least a 12-month period to safeguard the Group’s ability to go on as a traveling concern.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.8 Financial Risk Management – Market Risk Management ( page 130 )

“The Group is exposed to trade good monetary value hazard in its upstream assets, energy procument contracts, downstream and properness energy trading activities and uses specific bounds to pull off the exposure to trade good monetary values associated with the Group’s activities to an acceptable degree. Volumetric bounds are supported by Net income at Risk ( PaR ) and Value at Risk ( VaR ) prosodies in the UK and in North America to mensurate the Group’s exposure to trade good monetary value isk. Limits are besides set on PaR and VaR measurings as a farther control over exposre to market price.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.9 Financial Risk Management – Currency Risk Management ( page 131 )

“The hazard is that the functional currency value of hard currency flows will change as a consequence of motions in exchange rates. Transactional exposure arises from the Group’s energy procurance activities in the UK and in Canada, where a propotion of minutess are denominated in euros or US dollars and on certain capital committednesss denominated in foreign currencies. In add-on, in order to optimize the cost of support, the Group has, in certain instances, issued foreign currency denominated dept, primirily in US dollars, New Zealand dollars, euros or Nipponese yen.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )

2.10 Financial Risk Management – Interest Rate Risk Management. ( page 131 )

“In the normal class of concern the Group borrows to finance its operations. The Group is exposed to involvement rate hazard because the just value of fixed rate adoptions and the hard currency flows associated with the drifting rate adoptions will fluctuate with alterations in interst rates.the Group’s policy is to pull off the involvement rate hazard on long-tern adoptions by guaranting the exposure to drifting involvement rate remains within a 30 % to 70 % scope, including th eimpact of involvement rate dericatives. A sensitiveness analysis that is intended to exemplify the sensitiveness of the Group’s fiscal place and public presentation to alterations in involvement rates is provided in note 25.” ( Centrica PLC Annual Report 2012, 2012 )


Modern Management Accounting refers to a more formalistic assemblage of precise and right information to supply the nearest relevant methods for work outing the subsisting jobs. ( Kulesza.M.G, Weaver, & A ; Friedman, 2011 ) . Nowadays the direction accounting, including categorization, proposed, functional analysis and reading of informations.

3.1 Planning

In direction accounting, be aftering stage is expected to run in order to develop a elaborate fiscal and operational studies. This includes finding which merchandises should be made, which, when the sum of which is to be produced. It besides covers the stuffs, labor and other resources needed to run into those planned sum.

This is being see in the determination taken that I have written above in 2.2 they integrated our natural gas concern, linked to our nucleus markets, it is said that “The gas market is going progressively planetary. We have made advancement in diversifying our beginnings of gas” .

3.2 Making Decisions

Decision refers to the coordinated development, to account for the completion of the concluding end of the method farther ends, execution agreements and regulations. Decisions of authorities operations, and the chief work of each degree of direction. Case analysis, decision-making into the public presentation assessment to set up programs and agreements to pull off the company ‘s bookkeeper and managers to run into the full concern.

This determination devising is shown in determination 2.3 as said that strong public presentation in disputing market environment. This is because of the determination implemented on “strong commercial public presentation procuring the benefits of higher summer/winter monetary value derived functions seen in the first half of the 2012/13 storage year.”

3.3 Problem Solving

Solving jobs related to the fiscal and non-financial, direction accounting informations needed to work out the job with a smooth and successful operation of the nonsubjective logic.

This determination is shown in 2.5 where the involvements in joint ventures and associates were work outing job in “November 2009 acquired a 20 % involvement in British Energy Group, ? 2,255 million and ? 3.2 billion NNB Holdings Limited. The net income attributable to the Group are set to December 31, 2012 from the UK generated one-year energy investment.”

3.4 Hazard

Risk direction is the investing hazards are identified and where there is the best manner to cover with these hazards is made in a two-step procedure. Risk direction occurs everyplace in the fiscal universe.

There are a batch of hazard direction being shown by Centrica in many instances, for as “transactional and translational currency hazards, liquidness hazard, market hazard direction, currency hazard direction, and involvement rate hazard management.”

3.5 Controling

Management control can be possible merely with the direction accounting maps. Management accounting in the usage of different cost, gross and investing Centre is responsible for the accounting tools. Appropriate budget is maintained at each Centre. The existent recording of public presentation analysis and standard divergence of public presentation and comparative appraisal. This will assist mend the company ‘s decision-making on the incorrect side rapidly. Therefore, the company can successfully make direction control.

This affair of commanding is really much shown by the Managing Director of Centrica Energy sector. The determination made is shown in 2.1 and 2.2 for “investing for value in power and incorporate natural gas concern which linked to the Group’s nucleus markets.”

In short, modern direction accounting has changed and will go on to alter over clip, the latest charge maps. As for the universe economic system due to the advancement of engineering, the rapid globalisation of the company will go on to trust comprehensively on the uninterrupted development of the direction accounting. Management accounting, continue to turn and transcend the public presentation of the company is to supply a more effectual method. Centrica PLC is in its efficiency and productiveness, every bit good as fine-tuning the production procedure depends on the company ‘s direction accounting intervention of the instance. Currently, the board adopted the new alterations, the impact of the economic recession experienced, even though the group is to develop and better its public presentation, it is expected.


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