Own Philosophy on Education Essay

My Philosophy on Education I admit that writing my own philosophy on education had me thinking for quite some time. There has been a number of questions that emerged In my mind while pondering on coming up with my own philosophy. I asked myself why I want to teach, who I am going to teach and how I will become a future educator to these students. Hence, I first defined what an education theory means to me and imagined a teacher I had that I look up to. Consequently, I hope I can express my philosophy with the thoughts I have gathered. Personally, I consider the teaching profession as an honorable profession.

It Is through this profession that millions of learned men have become great professionals excelling on their own fields of expertise. With this, I can say that the teaching profession is a vital part of our system as it acts as the vehicle where one imparts knowledge to others. Furthermore, I see learning as acquiring knowledge or experience. This said acquisition is not only limited within the four corners of the room but is also experienced right outside the school – the environment. Students – I believe that these are beings with Innate knowledge. They are not empty vessels. UT are bodies that have this “natural knowledge”.

Realizing that they have this what I call “natural knowledge”, it is l, the future educator, to come up with strategies and techniques that will trigger in awakening this knowledge and provide activities to have this developed into something bigger, better, more productive and essential for the learner. When I was still a student, particularly In the university, I was more motivated to teachers that were very friendly and approachable In and outside class, Moreover, I was motivated with a classroom environment where I could feel a friendly imputation among my classmates and cooperation and participation were both highly practiced and valued.

Thus, I can say that I am motivated with having a friendly teacher that creates a competitive environment focused on cooperative learning in class. With regards to learning, I do not expect students to have a full understanding of a certain lesson within a forty-minute or an hour class. I expect that they understand, but the absorption of such information should be reinforced by giving short tests and quizzes on the following days to come. Running a class is a difficult task. When I run my own class, I will make it sure that there is a friendly environment between me and my students.

However, I will not let respect and the importance of discipline be compromised with the environment I will be creating. Inside the class, I will let students be exposed In learning environments where they can easily grasp the Ideas by providing them meaningful and real life activities. As an educator, I believe that I have the responsibility in shaping the minds of the young, developing their cognitive and psychosomatic skills, and making them into expansible individuals of this country. My goal for my students is to have them develop the “love for learning”.

I strongly believe that when students love learning, teeny well learn to appreciate any lesson regardless AT Its let. For me to talon this goal, I will have them do activities that are connected and useful in their daily lives. I want to create a classroom environment where students have the equal chance to learn, be heard, and participate in any classroom undertaking. In a nutshell, as a future teacher, I am somebody who will see every potential Roth in students that they can be the best.

I believe that every student has the responsibility over themselves that they can do their very best in surviving in the world. I see students as free beings; however, they have to be responsible enough to stand on their decisions because in anything that they do, it is their choice that they have made and they should know the pros and cons of it. I firmly believe that every individual can learn and one’s knowledge is developed through the educator and the environment around him or her.

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