Owning a Car: Benefits and Drawbacks Sample Essay

Besides these advantages. having a auto has some drawbacks. First of all. having a auto can do you to pass a batch of money. Apart from a big amount of money to buy a auto. you have to pass money keeping it. You have to purchase fuels such as gasoline. gasolene. a auto uses much more gasoline than a minibike on the same kilometres. it means that you have to pay more for the gasoline. There are other disbursals to be considered excessively. such as auto insurance. auto maintainance. fixs every bit good as parking fee. The monetary value of these service in the large metropolis is rather high. Second. holding a auto causes a batch of emphasis and concern. Although it allows people to travel about freely. it is really draining and nerve-racking to be driving in heavy traffic jams in first-come-first-serve hr or on the expressway.

There is the changeless fright and emphasis of being involed in an accident or doing one. Besides that. if you leave your auto in the street at dark. it might acquire stolen or its parts might acquire stolen. Last but non least. autos add to the environmental pollution degrees. Smoke let out from the exhaust pipes of autos over the universe contributes to increase the air pollution and to raise the temperature everyplace. And pollution has immense impact on our heath. In malice of some disadvantages. personally. I think having a auto is indispensable for acquiring about safely and freely in a large town and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

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Owning a Car: Benefits and Drawbacks Sample Essay
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