Oxfam Case Study Essay

AUSTRALIAN CHARITY RESPONSE – OXFAM AUSTRALIA. How does the work of Oxfam Australia satisfy a true definition of justice? Oxfam Australia was founded by Father Gerard Kennedy Tucker, who worked towards justice in post-war Asia, by developing campaigns to feed malnourished children. Soon after this, groups were formed in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney to organise campaigns to help people that are struck by poverty, hunger and injustice in over 26 countries around the world. Oxfam has many visions for their work. They aim to create a just world, in a wealthy world where poverty and injustice can be prevented.

They are trying to increase the number of people who live in sustainable communities, have access to social services such as hospitals,schools and counselling, have an effective voice in political and social decisions, hold equal rights and responsibilities, and are safe from the effects of war, conflict and natural disasters. They work with other Australians to educate the disadvantaged people so they can build a life for themselves, something which they could not do alone and acquire an active voice in the community.

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They fight for equal rights and treatment and they ensure that the environment where they live is healthy and sustainable. Oxfam fund long term projects which provide support for the poverty-stricken people, so they can improve their lives in areas such as sanitation, education and health. Oxfam believe that a world full of poverty doesn’t just necessarily mean that everyone is poor, they believe that it is also when powerful people make bad decisions which have negative effects on the whole community.

Oxfam partners with the Australian people to protest for the right policies in those communities, they empower the poverty sticken people to exercise their own rights and responsibilities and they work with governments to change the living conditions of those communities. Another way in which Oxfam work towards a just world is by responding to national emergencies such as war and natural disasters. They help the people to be prepared for such emergencies, they save lives and provide support and protection in times of need. Oxfam have four goals which they base their work around.

The first goal is economic justice which aims to free people from poverty and hunger. The second goal is Essential services which aims to provide people with access to clean water, healthcare, education and sanitation. The third goal is rights in crisis which aims to support people to live safe from war, violence and natural disaster. The last goal is gender justice which aims to provide men and women with the support to enjoy equal rights and live free from violence and discrimination. Oxfam work with over 15 countries in South Asia, East Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

Examples of their work include: working with Indigenous Australians to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non Indigenous mortality rates within ten years by ensuring that they are not exposed to alcohol and drugs and receive medical attention, working with Sri Lankan people to reduce the harmful effects of violence and poverty due to civil war, working with South Africans to reduce the amount of people who are victims of the HIV/AIDS pandemic by means of education and support, and in the Philippines where they aim to close the giant gap between the rich and the poor people.

These are just some examples of the generous work that Oxfam do to work towards a just world. They also respond to the harmful effects of climate change in poor countries, work with poor people to improve their rights in the workplace, provide poor people with education so they are not as likely to fall victim to HIV/AIDS, and provide infrastructure for communities which lack in the basic services needed for survival.

Oxfam satisfies the true definition of justice because they cover such a large variety of negative issues in poverty and disaster stricken communities by working with Australians, governments and the victims themselves to reduce those harmful effects. They work with the poor people to give them the right of feeling safe and feeling protected. They work for the same rights and equality of rights for poverty stricken people, in a world where injustice is present everyday.


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