organisms such as plants, that make their own food are called
give an example of an autotroph
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adenine, ribosome, phosphate
what are the three parts of an ATP molecule
a phosphate group is removed
Energy is released from ATP when
Gas given off from a plant in bright sunlight, the gas being collected is probably..
oxygen and high energy sugars
Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into
Plants gather the sun’s energy with light-absorbing molecules called
Stack of thylakoids
A granum is a
The stroma is the space that surrounds the
In the thylakoid
Where in the chloroplast is chlorophyll found?
In the thylakoid membrane
Where do light-dependent reactions take place?
Pigments in photosystem II absorb light
Which step is the beginning of photosynthesis?
light-independent reactions
The Calvin Cycle is another name for
The Calvin Cycle takes place in the
High-energy sugar
What is the main product of the Calvin Cycle
Fewer sugars will be produced
If carbon dioxide is removed from a plants environment, what would you expect to happen to the plant’s production of high-energy sugars?
It is transferred directly to electrons to be used in the Calvin Cycle
What happens to the energy that is absorbed by Chlorophyll in the first stage of photosynthesis
(Know steps of light-dependent reactions)
(Know steps of light-dependent reactions)
chemical energy
The process of photosynthesis ultimately coverts light energy into
capture sunlight to produce sugars
Algae and multicellular plants are autotrophs because they
Oxygen began to accumulate in earth’s atmosphere after the appearance of living things with the ability to
produces oxygen
Photosythesis is important for almost all life on Earth bv=c it
the energy in the food produced by autotrophs or taken into the bodies of heterotrophs must be changed into a form that cells can use. The energy-transferring molecule used by cells is
Unlike plants, fungi cannot make their own food bc they don’t have
Organism that can capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use it to produce its own food from inorganic compounds
Define Autotrophs
Reactions of photosynthesis in which energy from ATP and NADPH is used to build high-energy compounds such as sugars
Define Calvin Cycle
Principal pigment of plants and other photosynthetic organisms; captures light energy
Define Chlorophyll
The step of photosynthesis that includes photosystem I and photosystem II
Define ETC
A stack of thylakoid
Define Granum
reactions of photosynthesis in which energy from ATP and NADPH is used to build high-energy compounds such as sugars
Define Light-Dependent Reactions
Process by which plants and some other organisms use light energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen an high-energy carbs such as sugars and starches
Define Photosynthesis
A light-absorbing molecule
Define Pigment
The region outside the thylakoid membrane in chloroplasts
Define Stroma
Saclike photosynthetic membrane found in chloroplasts
Define Thylakoid

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