Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians Essay

The first reaction to the Three Musicians piece, is that it is a very distinctive style and linear. It puts off an energetic bright feeling. The colors used are very warm with only cool and dark colors used to seemingly describe the characters within. The texture seems very unique and helps with the style of the shapes. The piece is representational and asymmetrical in balance. Colors, texture, lines, spacing, just about all the elements are used in this work to create the mood of this painting. Implied lines are used to help create the images of the people being depicted.

It was likely an open palette used, and each color is used to help balance and define the rest of the painting. Warm colors are very dominate in this piece and are very important in the meaning. The positive shapes are three men playing music each with different roles. The negative shapes are surrounding them appearing to be a box or room. I believe the unity is in the meaning and their actions. There is no distinctive imagery used as unity that I can see. The point of emphasis is the guitar player in the middle. The clothing of the outside characters leads you into the middle where the guitarist is wearing plaid, very colorful clothing.

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Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians Essay
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I believe the meaning of this to Picasso is that people of very different walks of life can come together with such a simple idea or action. In this three very different looking characters are enjoying playing music together despite their differences that once may have influenced them to think they had nothing in common at one point. The artist likely thinks of the world as a very unique place with tons of different influences, but similarities across the board no matter who you are. I would think this also depicted his life in some ways and had sentimental meanings of its own to Picasso.

The format is easily described because it’s during a time when Picasso was into collage style or overlapping images or colors. It came during his Synthetic Cubism stage in his artwork. This piece is very effective once one really takes time to take apart the elements involved. At first the meaning seems somewhat simple, and then the interpretations begin to soar as you look closer. The painting now means a lot more to me now than my first impression, because I do agree that sometimes we let the little differences divide us as a species.

It isn’t just about being energetic and having fun, but also about being open to new ideas, styles, or lifestyles. This is a very well done piece. Its depictions of such a simple hobby as to the meanings provide a very educational piece for many. It also is effective in creating a happy atmosphere although all the images may not be the ideal definition of cheerful. This is a great example of why Picasso was one of the most innovative and impacting artists of the 20th century. He’s working on a whole new style and still creates the exact imagery mentally and physically that he aims for.


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