Panic Attack Essay

Topic:Panic Attack General Purpose:To inform Specific Purpose:To inform my audience the cause of panic attack and how it can be pre cure. Central Idea:There are several factors that cause panic attacks which can be overcome when appropriate steps are taken. Introduction. “Maszalina Hamdan”. Suddenly you heard that your name is called by your lecturer. You have to give a talk in front of the class. You feel right now you are freezing and cooling. Your heart keeps on pumping and pumping very hard and fast. You thinking that you have a heart attack, but you know you did not have it.

You feel that there is no blood in your face and your body right now. Your face become so pale and you are sweating. Why? What has happen to you? Did you know that all of this is the symptoms of panic attack? This will happen to you when you have a panic attack. What is panic attack? Did we aware and know how does it work? As you know, I also have been through to this problem of panic attack. Today, I would like to inform and share about the panic attack, how does it works and the simple steps to overcome the panic attack. Let’s start with the meaning of panic attacks. Body. 1)A panic attack is a condition of adrenaline being released into your bloodstream. A message of fear sends a signal to the adrenal glands that there is an emergency. The adrenal glands are pea-sized organs that sit on top of your kidneys. They are filled with adrenaline that when released into your body, gives you heightened abilities to respond to emergency situations. This emergency response cause physical symptoms that many people misinterpret as a heart attack or other serious physical conditions. Misinterpreting these symptoms can cause the fear response to continue.

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