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Parent Hood Single mothers can raise children as well as two parents and men cannot be trusted to be a faithful father ( Bzestek, Sharon, et. al. ). Mothers Just have that caring and parenting instinct. Mothers can know what their children need unlike fathers who are more likely to procrastinate and don’t take care of their children’s well beings. Like my mother, she was a single parent for a long time. She raised us by herself financially and physically. As with my father, I don’t even have a relationship with him. He left when I was young and not even taking care of me financially.

Women are Just naturally connected and bonded with their children. They have that natural instinct of parenting and physically taking care of their children. The roles of fathering and mothering are way different now from back then. Both parents had a duty to take care of with their children. Men take care of things outside the family, while women take care of things inside the family (Chen, Wei- Wen, et. al. ). That was just the typical family taking care of responsibility. Now days it is common that that the women are doing both roles for her children or her family. The father has usually abandoned the family or is unemployed.

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For rich homes it could be the opposite and the man is doing his financial part for the family. Mothers taking responsibility inside the family was a common duty or role amongst the people. It was said by Chen and Wei- Wen that “It’s better for women with children not to work outside the home if they dont have to financially’. This comment will be a decision mostly for the rich and wealthy. Now with unemployment rates going up for regular paying Jobs, it is likely for both parents to be working. Parent responsibility means showing love and efficient, financial care and giving your children the best path for success.

Mothers are responsible for parenting their children regardless of gender (Hoffman, Charles, et. al. ). There could be a difference on how a mother raises a boy and a girl because she can relate more to the girl than she can the boy. But she can show the right and wrongs, and what a man does. Mothers will still show support and care for both child genders better than a father with a son. Proof shows that mothers rated higher for physical care and emotional support than did fathers (Hoffman, Charles, et. al. ). With fathers and their daughters’ interaction (hugging their child) Hoffman and Charles ound that they have the lowest data scores.

This shows who has the better parenting skills. Fact shows that Children born to unmarried parents are likely to live with new father fgures during their formative years ( Bzestek, Sharon, et. al. ). Single parenting can sometimes be better than two. Sometimes children of single parents do better than children of married parents. For example, a study of hundreds of 10- to 14-year olds and their parents showed that in their day-to-day lives, single parents were friendlier to their children than were married parents (Hoffman, Charles, et. al. ).

The children of single parents also spent more time with people in their extended families than did the children of married parents. Single mothers can raise children as well as two parents (Bzestek, Sharon, et. al. ). This can the United States. Most mothers think as themselves of being independent because of their first relationship going bad and think there better off without a father fgure for their kids. But mother and father relationships can affect the children in a bad or good way. If a woman is in a good relationship where the man is a good provider the consequences for mother and child are positive.

Also a father who has a good elationship with the mother of their children is more likely to be involved and to spend time with their children and to have children who are psychologically and emotionally healthier. Being a single parent can have a way more effect on a child. They may turn out to have anger issues, maybe confused in life, or even being sad all the time because of no two parents. Fathers may have greater freedom to choose when and how they are involved in their children’s lives. It was shown that fathers are improving on involvement in childcare significantly (Rina, Elizabeth, et. al. ).

Fathers do have good sides to parenting though. Fathers may have influence on their sons more than mothers. Like Hoeve and Machteld said in article, “We expect that fathers’ parenting will be more strongly linked to their sons’ delinquency and mothers’ parenting styles to their daughters. Without a father in the family, men take care of the disciplinary problems of the children. Such as bad school work and home discipline. Fathers are almost like role models if they are antisocial more likely their children will be. Fathers have a direct impact on the well-being of their children. They are better confidants for teenagers seeking advice.

They have this tremendous esire to connect with their sons and daughters but more likely their sons. Although mothers and fathers are equally capable of caregiving, mothers continue to serve as the focal point for parental activity, maintaining responsibility for almost all child-care roles (Hoffman, Charles, et. al. ). The research even indicates that fathers are generally less directly involved in everyday lives of their children. And at the end of the day women show more emotional, physical, and sometimes financial care in some situations. Taking care of children is mainly a women’s role and it will always be a womens role.


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