part 2

Question Answer
Behavior a response to external and internal stimuli.
Biome A large, relatively distinct terrestrial region, encompassing many interacting ecosystem, and characterized y similar climate, soil, plants, and animals, regardless of where it occurs on earth. A biome is commonly named for its plant cover.
Biotic Features of the environment of an organism arising from the activities of other living organisms, as distinct from abiotic factors.
Boiling point the temperature at which a substance in its liquid state changes into a gas state.
Canyon A deep, narrow valley with steep sides.
Cast A fossil formed in a rick showing the organisms outward shape. It formed after the organism dissolved and the space in the rock was filled
Celestial Pertaining to the sky or visible bodies in the sky.
Cell The smallest unit of life capable of carrying on life's functions
Cell respiration A proces by which energy is stored in molecules is released within plant and animal cells.

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